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Hobbies: Violin

playing an instrument as an adult

violin lessons as an adult
Striped Tee// White Jeans

Last winter, I started taking tennis lessons. I was a total beginner and loved the added exercise and learning something new. It was a bit of a step outside my comfort zone! I'm a believer in being a lifelong learner. I love learning and always want to know more.

When I was in third grade, at 8 years old, I started playing the violin. At my elementary school, we would have lessons several times a week! My parents were big supporters of this because my grandfather was a musician and played the violin. 

I ended up playing the violin all the way through high school graduation. I also took up piano lessons along the way. I was never 1st chair or anything fancy, but I could pick up my violin and play most things with ease. In high school, we played very difficult pieces and our orchestra was known for being extremely talented. We played everything from intense classical pieces to showpieces for our high school's yearly musical. 

When I reached college, the only time I have picked up a violin since is during the holidays when we do our annual sing along and in the past 5ish years, I haven't picked it up at all. 

So, this year, I decided to start back up with violin. I'm a huge fan of classical music in general! Being able to play an instrument and read music is something I value and think is important. Now, at 28 years old, I play for fun, but I also play in hopes that this type of thing is exercising my brain and will help to keep me on my toes (this is such a great article on playing an instrument as an adult)! 
playing a musical instrument as an adult
My violin is extremely special to me, too. It was my grandfather's (on my mom's side) and when I was old enough/big enough to start using Pappy's violin, my parents had it refurbished and that is the violin I play today. It's extremely old- an antique and has such a smooth sound. 

I take a 45-minute lesson once a week and I would say I practice about 2+ hours each week. It's very casual and there is no pressure.

Right before my first lesson, I pulled my violin out of the case and pulled up some music. I was absolutely shocked by how much I was able to play. The ability to read music never left me and I was easily able to pick up a piece and start playing. I wasn't good by anyone's measure, but I was relieved to know that I wouldn't have to start from the very beginning. 

If you know anything about string instruments, you start off with 'tapes' that mark the finger positions of your left hand so you are able to get the notes correctly and I was so happy that I didn't even need to put tapes back on my violin! 

With my lessons, I focus on getting everything perfect and correctly before I move on. It is important to me that I grasp both reading music and truly understanding everything as well as being able to actually play it. 

We started on level 1 books and in only a few weeks, I was so happy with my progress. I am now working on a classic: Pachelbel's Canon in D. I played this in early high school and remember loving it and excelling with it, so I am working hard to perfect this one. This is a great piece, too, because you can start out with an easier version and then move on to much more complex versions to build on your skill. 

Over a year ago, I wrote about how I took a calligraphy class and loved doing calligraphy as a way to kind of unplug and reduce stress (a bit like an adult coloring book). When I play the violin, this is a very similar feeling. It forces me to unplug, focus, learn, and it's extremely calming. 

Do you play an instrument and if so, do you keep up with it?

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Try-On

Below you will find the try-on photos from the big order I placed for the Nordstrom sale! Today is public access so I wanted to re-share this post for those of you who will be shopping public access today! You can also find my first impression post, here

I am adding this collage to the top to let you know what I will end up keeping from my order! It's always so hard to decide, but for me personally, assessing what I loved the most and what I needed the most was the easiest way to make my decisions (although let's be real, I needed nothing).  I recently majorly purged my closet so I felt like I could do with a few replacements of well-worn items. I noticed I got rid of a lot of white silk shirts because they were either stained or just looked too worn-in. Hence why I decided it was fine to get a new silk shirt

I really do like shopping in stores because you can see the items, touch, them etc. but for this sale, I find it easiest to place a big order and try on at home. This is because you can style these pieces with shoes and clothes that you already have. This will help you to decide if these items are things you need or things that will work well with what you already have. 

The worst is when you buy something in a store and then get it home and it sits in your closet for a long time because you don't actually have anything in your closet that pairs well with the item or you realize it is really not your style! 

I also think you should shop this type of sale without the influence of a sales associate or friends because you really want to make your own decisions. Otherwise, you'll end up buying way more/spending more than you wanted to. This sale tends to make you feel like you need to buy and spend, but let's be honest- that money is always better in your pocket so be scrupulous with your choices!

For example, I loved this cashmere cardigan and the quality and color were perfect, but I have too many similar items in my closet already so it got sent back! 

What I ended up choosing was all neutral, no prints, and many of them were pricier pieces that are well-made. These are pieces that will get a lot of wear in a lot of different ways through the fall and winter. They are also timeless and are sure to last for years to come. 

The candles are for my gift drawer because they make a luxe, chic gift and if you price them out individually, they only come out to about $11/candle! I also got this Charlotte Tilbury Palette because it is one of my favorite makeup brands and I loved the colors. I was in need of a new blush and I thought this would be a fun purchase!

Another thing I wanted to share within this post is my try-on video. I think video translates so much better than photos with this type of thing so you can watch my try-on stories on my instastory highlights, but I also uploaded it to YouTube for those of you who may not be on Instagram. The quality is not great- I took it on my iPhone but my commentary is kind of the most important! I tried to translate it below for all of you! 

Today I'm sharing my Nordstrom Try-on session with you! My photos look a bit different than usual because I did them at the lake! For each image, I'll be sharing the fit/sizing of each piece as well as the level of quality! 
Fit: The sweater and denim both run true to size. I am wearing a small in the sweater and a 27 in the denim.

Quality: Both pieces are impeccable quality. The cashmere sweater is my favorite thing from the entire Nordstrom sale! 
Camel Cashmere Sweater// Camel Skirt (other colors available)
Fit: The skirt is something I ordered specifically to go with the camel sweater and the camels could not be more perfect together! It is gorgeous and would work casually as well as for work. The price is unbeatable. You can wear this with booties/boots in the fall, too, when it starts to get chillier.
Quality: The price for the quality is really nice. I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Fit: The silk blouse is true to size, I'm wearing a size small. It has slight drop shoulders and a textured crewneck and sleeve hems (3/4 sleeves). The denim has absolutely no stretch to it. I ordered my typical 27, which was fine, but for comfort reasons, I plan on exchanging and going a size up!

Quality: The price for the jeans is incredible. They are such high quality and have a great fit. The blouse is pricey, which is why I have shown it styled for work and for casual weekends. It's a classic, high-quality basic. 

Fit: This skirt runs true to size. I am wearing a size 2. It is high-waisted. I am 5'6" and it hits just above my knees. The fit is very modest and would be great for a conservative workplace. 

Quality: The skirt is really nice for the price. The quality is not the best in the world, but for a classic basic, this is a nice price. 

Fit: This runs true to size, it has slight drop shoulders. It's roomy and cozy and the stretch and fit leaves room for a bit of layering. 

Quality: This cardigan is made of incredibly soft cashmere. The color is a beautiful neutral and the fabric is thick. The shawl around the neck is doubled up for durability. This is something you'll get a ton of wear out of and have for years to come. 
Navy Cashmere Sweater (available in many colors)// Brown Leather Booties

Fit: The sweater runs true to size and has a classic crewneck, no drop shoulders. It has a tunic length and has cute ties at the hips with a split hem. The booties run true to size. 

Quality: I was so shocked and impressed with the quality of this cashmere. I can't get over the fact that it is under $90. I am very picky when it comes to cashmere and this is truly a quality piece. I would stick with the neutral colors as the actual colors are a little bit 'off' to me. The navy is a gorgeous, deep blue. This is such a good find- one of the best 'deals' of the sale in my opinion. The booties are also impeccable. High-quality and comfortable, plus very classic but also stylish. 

Fit:I have had one of these cardigans for years. They usually come out with this every year. It's a classic cargidan that you can also wear as a robe with your pajamas. Either way it's roomy and cozy. It runs true to size and I am wearing a size small. 

Quality: The quality for the price is wonderful. It is made of alpaca and wool which means it is high quality. The nylon in it will ensure that the fabric keeps its shape and doesn't wear as quickly as pure wool or cashmere sweaters. This is a gerat deal, even at full-price. 

Fit: This dress runs true to size, I am wearing a size small. I love that from the top half of the dress it looks like you're just wearing a classic crewneck sweater, but then the bottom half has a cute, flirty skirt. The skirt is plenty long and it just feels SO comfortable. 

Quality: Beautiful, quality cashmere. It's thin, but it doesn't feel cheap. It just feels like something you won't 'overheat' in. I think it will look so cute with a vest come colder weather! 

Fit: This runs true to size, however, if you have a larger chest or wider hips, I'd suggest sizing up. This is a true, classic sheath cut so it's meant to fit tailored and fitted. If you are between sizes, I suggest sizing up and taking it to a tailor to have it fitted perfectly to your body. It's a conservative knee length which, in my opinion, makes it look very elegant and sophisticated. 

Quality: Great quality, good fabric, a gorgeous, deep navy color that almost skews black. 

Fit: This runs true to size. I am wearing a size 2. It is a very 'sheath' style on top so if you are larger in the bust, size up. If you are wider in the hips, don't worry because it widens at the bottom! This is a true midi length. 

Quality: The fabric is textured giving it some depth and making it look much pricier than it is. The seams and cut of the dress are gorgeous. The hem is finished and the fringe is added so the craftsmanship is really high quality. You cannot go wrong with this dress! 

Fit: This brand runs small, I sized up one size. It's very comfortable, roomy, soft. 

Quality: The fabric is beautiful and the grosgrain button placket on the back is a nice touch. I want to love this SO much, but I'm not sure if it is my style or not- what do you all think?!

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Lately 7/19/2018

How has everyone's week been?! Mine has been absolutely blissful! If you didn't know, I am on my family vacation. We are in Georgia at the lake and it's so nice to just relax. I'll be back next week to post about my trip but right now, I'm trying to live in the moment!

Wearing: If you saw my Try-On post from the Nordstrom sale, you saw this striped dress. I was personally unsure about it. I love the idea of it, but I'm not so into clingy dresses and I thought the length might have been weird. But as I was trying everything on and getting everyone's opinions here at the lake (we are here with 18 people), everyone said they loved the dress, so it's a keeper!
Drinking: Wolffer Estates Dry Rose Cider. I bought this when I was in North Carolina and realized how good it is... like SO good. It's perfectly crisp and dry. I actually prefer this to rose wine! 

Reading: 24 Things Millenials Haven't Thought About In Years. This list is such a gem!!! I remember everything!

Watching: We watched the movie A Quiet Place here at the lake and it was so creepy! It's worth the watch because it kept my attention the entire movie and it was really suspenseful, but the storyline was so bizarre and the end was a little disappointing.

Listening: Have you seen Harry Style's cover Shania Twain? SO good. I was obsessed with Shania Twain when I was little and I am soooo in love with Harry Styles, haha! 

Loving: My car is only a year old, so I don't have a 'need' for these, but I think if the interior of your car starts to show wear, these custom mats are brilliant! They're understated and give a nice touch while keeping your car looking good!

Loving III: Ok Williams-Sonoma is one of my all-time favorite places to shop. However, they have fall stuff ALREADY?! Fall is my favorite season and I'm all for enjoying it prematurely, but this is a bit crazy, no?! 

 Umm.. THIS DRESS. It looks so different from things that I normally go for, but it's just so fun and such a great summer white!
Shop Candles on Sale:
Smelling: There are so many candles included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I have a major soft spot for candles and some of my favorites are included! Shop the widget above to see my faves, including this Dyptique set

Traveling: Next up? Ohio then Nashville! I'm headed to Ohio two weekends in a row for weddings and then headed to Nashville to visit one of my sorority sisters (we are going to the Taylor Swift Concert!!). 

Quoting: "We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” –Jonah Lehrer // See more of my favorites, here. 

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The Best Eye Creams

The Best Eye Creams
Last week on Instastories, I mentioned that I was about to run out of one of my favorite eye creams! It's thick and creamy- just what I love to use at nighttime. I'm all about taking care of my skin- it's one of my favorite topics to read about, too!

The photo above was taken on a day that I was particularly tired/ with puffy eyes and I think that I hid it well. Between a good eye cream regimen, cold products/ice, and concealer (the one linked is the best ever), I think it's truly possible to hide tired eyes! 

Since I love to try new products, I reached out to all of you to suggest eye creams that have been your favorites. Below I have listed what were the top 8 recommended products. The Kiehl's was by far the most recommended and the rest of the list is also in order based on the number of recommendations! 

I am also sharing with you the eye creams that I have tried and loved and then some that I have tried and not loved.

Top Reader Recommended Eye Creams:
- Kiehl's Midnight Recovery// This was the #1 most recommended eye cream. I literally might buy this one because it's not in a tub. I wish nothing came in a tub- it's not sanitary!!! 
- Origins Ginzing// I tried this once but I can't remember what I thought of it. I love the face cream so I feel like this could be a really good one! This has a really affordable price tag.
- Tata Harper// I never jumped on the TH bandwagon but I'm interested in trying the brand. It has a big cult following. The price on this is really $$$ in my opinion... $100 for half an ounce!
- Dr. Dennis Gross// Very intrigued by this. Anything with Vitamin C in it is my absolute favorite. 
- Fresh// Love this brand. 
- Ole Henriksen// This is another vitamin C eye cream so I am intrigued!
- Clinique// This is a really inexpensive option and has good reviews. There is a set included in the Nordstrom Sale!
- Skinceuticals// I'm surprised this was not mentioned more. This is one of my favorite skincare brands in that there is nothing fancy about these products. They usually smell terrible, too. But they truly work and I see very clear results. But it's a very pricey brand! 

Eye Creams I have used and loved:
- Aveda Tulasara// Extremely rich and creamy. Perfect for before bed. The tub design is kind of annoying when dipping your finger in- because of the angular shape when you are trying to get the last bit of product out, it gets hard to really use every bit. 
- Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone// I used this for years in college. It's thick- but it does have a fragrant scent that I don't love. It gets insane 5-star reviews, so it's not just me that loves it. 
- Tula Eye Cream// Light enough for both day or night. No scent. Just an all-around great eye cream. I prefer something thicker for nighttime! 
- Olay Eyes// This is the best in the mornings. It's a lightweight gel that cools down your eyes and depuffs them. I keep this in my refrigerator for an added cold zap! I use it any morning I have even remotely puffy eyes and it truly works. Even though it's a gel, it isn't too watery and soaks into your skin nicely.  
- No More Baggage// This one isn't a cream, but it's something I use in the mornings to help with puffiness. This tingles slightly. I usually use it after the Olay Eyes and it noticeably reduces puffiness quickly! 

Eye Creams I have tried and didn't like:
Sharing these so you don't waste your money! Surprisingly, all of the brands with eye creams I don't like are brands that I actually love almost every other product I have tried. 

- Drunk Elephant Eye Cream// It's a cream but I found this was too watery and I felt it didn't do anything. 
- Ole Henriksen Eye Gel// Way too watery, sat on my skin instead of soaked in.
- Kate Sommerville// I felt like this one actually made my eye area dry!

Products Mentioned and More:

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What to Buy on Amazon

What to Buy on Amazon
I always love seeing what people are buying on Amazon! Today is Amazon Prime Day and there are lots of deals to be had! I thought I would share my most recent purchases with all of you! They're oh so random, but I think that is what makes it fun to share!

Do you have any good Amazon finds?! Would love to hear some unique/fun recommendations! Also, I'm always down for trying new cleaning products! 

Scrub Daddy Sponges// I sing the praises of this sponge all the time!! I have so many on-hand at all times. I use them in the kitchen to clean but also clean my bathroom with them! I also give them as gifts because a lot of people don't know about them! 

Clear Plastic Shot Glasses// We are doing a wine tasting at the lake this week and I ordered these because they are the perfect size for 'just a taste'! 

PVC Ice Bag// They have these at the Four Seasons and I just loved the concept so I ordered a few. They look like plastic wine gift bags, but you can fill them with ice and then plop in a bottle of wine/bubbly/sparkling water/ whatever! It's a great thing to have while sitting by the pool/beach/lake.

Ice Roller// This has been floating around social media for forever so I finally decided, what the heck! It feels SO good when you roll it on your face. Even if it doesn't 'work' it feels great so it's worth it in my opinion. I do think icing your face does help with puffiness, though! 

TSA Approved Clear Bag// This is somewhat like a Truffle bag but for way less! I love using this for travel. I put my travel skincare in this bag!

Invisibobble Hair Ties// Holy grail of hair ties! The only thing that securely holds my hair! 

Pet Hair Remover// This is the best! I use it on upholstery in my house because Henry sheds like a crazy dog! 

Car Cleaning Wipes// If I am ever just sitting somewhere in my car, I clean it with these wipes! I'm a neat freak and these help me to keep my car spotless!

Sharpie Pens// Best. Pens. Ever. Super thin tip and doesn't bleed through paper! 

Microfiber Cloths// I use these to clean my apartment. They really do trap dust better and they wash easily! 

64 GB SD Card// I swear I order one of these every week. Always reliable. 

Taco Holder// I always have this on my instastories and get flooded with questions! I got it as a joke! It makes a funny gag-gift! 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday Shopping: Gifts to Have On Hand

Jewelry Case// State Rocks Glasses (great gift for someone who moved to a different state!) 

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! After putting in some serious hours this week, I'm at the lake! I could not be happier and am fully ready to embrace being OOO! 

Today I thought I would focus the Saturday Shopping around gift ideas included in the Nordstrom Sale. As many of you know, I am a big fan of the 'gift drawer'. If you don't know what I mean by that, I always have hostess gifts, thank yous, birthday gifts, etc. on hand should something come up! things like candles, cheeseboard set, coaster sets, vases, etc. 

There are always a lot of cute little gift ideas in the Nordstrom Sale that I stock up on. It really comes in handy as Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc. approach! Scroll through the widget above to shop the best items. 

My best tip is to get sets like this Dyptique candle set. Then you can break them down into smaller gifts! I like to do a mini Dyptique candle with a matchbook wrapped beautifully as a hostess gift! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Lately 7/13/2018

Navy Lace Dress (under $100)// Scarf  (blog post here, here)
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Happy Friday the 13th! Today's 'Lately' post is a day late due to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale post that went live yesterday. Who shopped it and what were you most excited about?!

This week was such a doozy but still really great! I was either glued to my computer with work or running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done before today (like getting my car inspected and oil changed- woof) because I am en route to the lake in Georgia! We're there for 10 days (with a packed house) and I want to be able to spend as much time unplugged and relaxed. Needless t say, that required an intense amount of prep work (and a little work while on vacation)!

Wearing: So many of you have been requesting I style a wedding guest look, so here it is! I came across this gorgeous navy lace dress and thought it could be a great dress to have on hand. At under $100, this is one of those dresses that could work on a multitude of occasions and is just nice to have something like this on standby in your closet! It's not super formal but great for a summer wedding, date night, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. Plus, since it is navy blue, it will work in the fall and spring, too! I jazzed it up with one of my favorite scarves!

Eating: I'm partnering with Dole next week to share their Acai bowls on social media and you guys- you NEED to try these (this is not sponsored). You store them in your freezer, take them out and in 20-30 minutes they thaw into a perfect acai bowl. It comes with granola and fruit so you literally can grab this and go. Genius. 

Drinking: I'm on vacay mode as we speak and two drinks that Peyton and I are going to try and make during the week are the Paloma and a spicy margarita! Both are tequila-based cocktails and they are two of my favorites! 

Reading: You can see what I am currently reading, here

Sale-ing: Nordstrom Sale, but that's a big 'duh'. My picks are here, and there will be a try-on tomorrow!
Longchamp// Barbour Jacket// Skinny Jeans (all time favorite)
Shop the Sale:

Sale-ing II: So as much as the Nordstrom Sale is a fun time of year, I do think that it can get blown out of proportion. So, I wanted to highlight some sales elsewhere with high-quality items at great prices! Like this navy blue crew neck alpaca sweater. It's such high quality, a classic cut, and a great neutral shade... you get an extra 15% off if you use the code SALEFINALE15.

 Southern Charm season finale. Who is SO excited to watch the reunion?! 
Loving: I mentioned this recently, but Lake Pajamas are the BEST. I got a lot of questions about them, so I'm answering them here! They run true to size. When you receive them, they'll be big, but once you wash them, they shrink just a small bit. I would suggest sticking with your usual size. They're meant to fit roomy and comfortable. They have specific washing instructions. I don't follow them. I literally just wash them with everything else and dry them, and I have never had an issue. I have had a set for years and they're as good as new! They're insanely soft. Pricey, but worth every penny!

Loving II: I stumbled upon this Etsy site that makes stunning errands reminiscent of Rebecca de Ravenel! I love RDR earrings but they're super pricey! These have the same look but for so much less! These ones even have an Oscar de la Renta vibe!

 What do you guys think of this beach visor? I like to shade my face when I am out in the sun and I feel like this could either be soooo cute or downright nerdy! What do you think?! I have also been eyeing this classic black dress. It seems like it would be a closet staple and there is nothing I love more than a LBD!
Pittsburgh-ing: Last week, my parents and I headed to a Pittsburgh institution: The dirty O, for hot dogs and fries. If you are in Pittsburgh and have never been to the O, can you really say you're a true Pittsburgher?! This place is dive-y and has been in Oakland for forever. It has the best hot dogs and fries around!! 

Quoting: 'I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.' - Vincent Van Gogh// See more of my favorites, here. 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale First Impressions

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018
Similar Diamond Necklace (there are 3 sizes, I am linking to the best value)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018
Better Sweater// Leggings (only $35)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018
Nano Puff jacket (aww Mac. This photo made me tear up a bit)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Today marks day 1 of early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and you're all probably sick of all of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts coming at you from every blogger. I totally get it!

The feedback that you all gave me from filling out my survey was SO helpful (THANK YOU!). It seems like we are all on the same page (knew I loved you guys!!).

Most all of you said that you want to see pricier, high-quality items and not the same $15 tee shirt that everyone else posts about. I'm so with you because while I'll buy a tee here and there, I'm also buying (and more focused on) the expensive pieces. This is where you are going to get the best deals. I purchased a black Vince cashmere sweater from last year's sale that was still a splurge even on sale and it was one of my most worn pieces during the fall/winter.

You all also let me know that you love a try-on session with quality and sizing details. I will be doing one of those this weekend on Instastories and then translate that into a blog post, too! 

I shared this info last year, but in case you are wondering, bloggers, go crazy posting about this sale each year because it's a big money-making opportunity since so many people shop the sale.

I personally love the sale and shop it every year. Nordstrom is one of my very favorite retailers and plus, I know from the survey that literally 99% of the thousands of you that filled out my survey will be shopping the sale and want to see content surrounding it.

So- instead of trying to show you all the 'popular' items in the sale or the least expensive, I am going to share with you my true first opinions just like I did last year and what I am purchasing.

At first, I was worried because I wasn't really loving anything I saw in the catalog. But, overall, I was impressed with the full selection. 

I'll post more on Instagram (including giveaways!!!) and if you do like reading about the sale, I will have posts more often here on my blog, but they'll just be 'bonus' posts and my usual content will stay the same!

I suggest shopping by category. The big tickets for me are shoes, handbags, coats, and beauty! Here are my top choices...

There are 35 pages of clothing. I was SUPER discerning and picky as I went through everything. I considered the sale price and how much you were saving but also the quality and classic-ness of the item. I'll speak to some of my top picks below. And I just have to say the Vince selection is stellar but I was underwhelmed with a lot of the other clothing choices.

Barbour Waxed Jacket// One of the few Barbour pieces in the sale. If you don't have a Barbour jacket, this is the time to go for it as they rarely go on sale.

AG Boyfriend Jeans// I bought these in the sale last year and they are one of my most-worn pairs of jeans. They run true to size and fit very comfortably and casually!

Hunter Boots// These will sell out very fast! They are as cute as they are functional.

Vince Cashmere Sweater// The camel color is stunning. I ordered this!

Classic White Blouse// I love the shape of this. A perfect sophisticated work staple that you could also wear out on date night or drinks with the girls!

Patagonia Better Sweater// I'm really intrigued with this one. I have 2 of these and absolutely love them and wear them to death. However, these look different than the ones I have and upon further inspection, this is a lightweight version! I get too hot in mine in the warmer months so I really think this is brilliant. I now want one!!

Cashmere Long Cardigan// The billowy sleeves are pretty but I'll wait to see if they are a bit 'much' once I receive it.

Patagonia Nano Puff// This is amazing. It almost never goes on sale, so to be able to save $50+ is a huge deal. I have this in red and suggest sizing up one size. I have a medium to accommodate for winter layers!

Work Pants// Classic, flattering black pants for work. A wardrobe staple and under $60.

Pajama Set// These are the best and I am so glad to see them in the sale. I have them and they're such a classic and so comfortable! I also have the sleepshirt which is included, too!

Silk Peplum Blouse// This is still pricey even on sale, but I just love the look of it.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018
Monica Vinader Bracelet// I have this and love it. Makes a really nice gift. 

Longchamp Bag// A great throw-and-go style bag. This was my first 'designer' bag when I was in 9th grade! 

Cashmere Scarf// The price is SO low (under $100) so I am wary of the quality but the color options are beautiful and this is just such a closet staple. They also have this ribbed option which is a larger scarf. This is another option but I'm not a fan of the color blocking. 

Luggage Set// I'm all about inexpensive luggage because mine always gets thrown around and banged up. This is a great set . 

Diamond Stackable Ring// Love stackable diamond bands. I have a few and there is one I wear 24/7 stacked with my Cartier love ring. Just adds an understated amount of sparkle, perfect for every day.

Diamond Necklace// They are offering this at different carat weights in different metals. I think this is the best value of all of them. This is very similar to the necklace that I wear daily. This is a classic piece of jewelry that I really believe splurging on so you have the piece forever. 
Travel Jewelry Case// I think this looks so beautiful and luxe. Would make a nice gift, but also great for travel or even just keeping out on your dresser. 

Capri Blue Candle// This threw me off for a second because they jars are different colors, but this is the classic Anthropologie Capri blue candle. I'm so excited because this is a major savings! 

Silk Pillowcases// I use these and love them. They're a splurge but they are supposed to help keep hair and skin looking their best! 

Nike No Show Socks// These are just really inexpensive, so a good buy. 

Tumi Backpack// If you have a 13" laptop and travel a lot, this is an incredible deal. I want this SO badly, but I have a 15" laptop so it just won't work for me. I wish they would have put the bigger version on sale, too! It's a $100 savings and these rarely ever go on sale. 

Pendleton Blanket// This is such a high-quality blanket and brand for under $100. A great sale find. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

I was really impressed with the shoe selection, specifically the bootie selection!

Tory Burch Flats// Not a huge fan of the big gold logo, but a nice navy flat is hard to find and these are cute.

Nude Bow Flats// These come in a bunch of colors, but I really love the nude. For under $100 these are high-quality and would make a great wear-to-work flat.

Suede Booties// These are a splurge, but I think that's where you find the best 'deals' during this sale. These are my favorite booties of the sale!

Cole Haan Brown Booties// These are absolutely stunning. A great value.

Black Suede Booties// A classic.

Honorable Mentions: This Tory Burch Boot, I wasn't even going to include this because they aren't a classic riding boot, but they are beautiful. These Frye boots are gorgeous.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018
Charlotte Tilbury Skin Set// I'm Charlotte Tilbury obsessed. The brand has such high-quality, high-performing products. I have the Wonderglow and it just gives your skin the most beautiful 'filter'. I have never tried the creams but they are top-sellers and I've been wanting to try. During the sale you save a little over $50.

La Mer Gift Set// Some type of La Mer gift set is available each year. While it's a good value, I think there are a lot of other skincare brands out in 2018 that will give you results where you don't need to spend the crazy La Mer prices! This is the least expensive set (under $100) where you will save about $70+ so the value is good. Here is a pricier set where you will save about $139.

Exfolikate Exfoliation Treatment// This is pricey, but hear me out. I have this product and paid for this myself. I have a smaller size which is unfortunately not included in the sale, but you save $50 on this baby! It's the best face exfoliator I have ever tried. It not only is a 'scrub' so you can exfoliate immediately but it also contains AHA's so it's a chemical exfoliator, too. The cleanser is also included in the sale where you will find a savings of $15.

Tula Gift Set// If you know me, then you know I absolutely love the Tula brand. I've never tried a product by this brand that I didn't like. Some I like more than others, but this is just a solid skincare line and at a nice price point, too. The set is $55 but has a value of $126. I have used everything item in the kit and they're all wonderful. I specifically love their cleanser, resurfacing gel, and day and night cream!

Sunday Riley Gift Set// SR has a cult following. I have been interested in trying these products. This is a $49 price tag with a $78 value.

Mario Badescu Kit// I use their drying lotion as a spot treatment on zits. It is one of the best products out there because it truly gets rid of a zit (and fast). MB is a solid brand with products that work. This is a $43 value. I buy the drying lotion for $17, so I look at it like for just $13 more, I get to try 3 more products. Seems like a win to me.

Charlotte Tilbury Palette// I bought this. I am in love with all things Charlotte Tilbury and I find that her highlighter is the best I have ever used. I'm really in love with every single shade in this palette! the brand is expensive, so any time I can save any money, I'm all for it. Love this lip set, too!

Neu Lash
// So I just started the brow version of this (also included in the sale) and it really works. This is basically like buy-one-get-one-free. So whether you and a friend want to go in on it together or you want a backup, this is just a really good product. They also have another brand available in the sale- I have never tried it but would think it is just as good!

Vanity Mirror// I have this and love it. It is what I use to put my makeup on daily! They also have this Simple Human mirror which is pricier, but another good deal!

t3 Hairdryer// One of the best items in the sale. I have a t3 hairdryer and use it daily. It's super lightweight and dries my insanely thick hair quickly. They also have a curling iron and straightener available. Both great deals.

Le Labo Fragrances// Two of the best and most popular sellers. The santal 33 is my absolute favorite. They're typically extremely expensive so this is a great way to try them on a discount. for a less pricey scent, this Chanel is one of my favorites.

Dyptique Candle Set// Love Dyptique and their candles. This is a good set of scents. I like to keep this set on hand to give as gifts!

Aerin Scent Set// Another great one you can break down and give as gifts. I love Aerin scents and this set is so luxe.

Molton Brown Body Wash// One of my favorite splurges. The scents are incredible and the lather is wonderful.

Honorable mentions: This gilded honey highlighter has always been a favorite, I got this blush/highlight/bronze trio a few years ago in the sale and it's really nice, I've been wanting to try this beachwaver, this Jo Malone set with one of my all-time favorite scents blackberry and bay,

An example of something I love but don't think is a great value: This Dior lip set. I think the Dior Glow lip color is the best product out there. This set comes with two Dior lip products (which would come out to be $71 if you bought them on a normal day), they are charging $70 and saying it's a $95 value. I got excited, but you only get a tiny extra lip product and a pouch. To me, that's just not a good deal! Another example: This candle set where you only save $10. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lemon Dress

Gucci Wedges (old, similar)
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THIS DRESS. Isn't it a stunner? I loved it when I saw it online, but the real jaw-dropping moment was when I first put it on. This brand is one of my favorites (here's to hoping it is included in the Nordstrom Sale!). Every time I order, I am always pleased with the quality. They have a lot of timeless, classic pieces and this dress is one of them!

I was initially attracted to the gorgeous lemon print that reminded me of Italy. Once I put it on, I realized how gorgeous the cut of the dress actually is. It's like something someone in the 1940's or 50's might have worn! The fabric is slightly textured so there is a high-end feel. I usually go up one size in this brand so I got a 4 and it fit perfectly (no need for a bra).

I loved it so much I went back and ordered it in solid red- my mom and I will share this- she looks great in red! The best part about this style of dress is that you can dress it up or down. Throw on a cardigan and you can wear it to work, wear sandals for a casual date night or heels for a summer wedding!
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