Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Home Decor Inspo

Do you guys ever go through 'growing pains'? I almost hate to admit this because I live in one of the most beautiful and sought-after places in downtown Pittsburgh and saying this aloud makes me sound ungrateful. But I'm sooooo ready to upgrade to more space!

I have been pinning so much lately, and daydreaming about plenty of storage space where I can spread out! I thought I'd share my Pinterest page with all of you in case you are a big pinner like me. 

My favorite thing to pin is home inspo. It's kind of interesting to watch my style come together on a board. It's pretty cohesive and I feel like my taste is pretty nailed down so that when I move into my future home, I will have a clear vision. I'll walk you through my taste! Would love to hear what your decor style is like in the comments below! 
I'm not sure there is a name for my taste but I really love dark wood and light walls. I love antiques and anything that skews more traditional. I love Persian rugs but I also love the simplicity of sisal. Photos, paintings, and mirrors all over the walls, please! 

As I was pulling photos for this post, I realized I pin very few bedrooms. And I think that's because I like a very simple, white room with few distractions. I have always loved white bedding. I thought I might change my tune with Henry and his crazy shedding, but I just do a lot of extra laundry because I love the white that much. 
The most pinned room is the kitchen, which is kind of ironic because I do not enjoy to cook. However, I do love to entertain and growing up, the kitchen was always the 'central' hub for our house. I like all white everything. A bit of tradition mixed with a bit of modernity. 

I'm just dying to get my hands on a tiny powder room and go wild. I love the idea of choosing a crazy wallpaper!

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Kayla Pelletier said...

I used to really like butchers block for a kitchen counter then I saw a listing where the block was all dried out, not oiled or taken care of and it changed my tune. Anything LOW maintenance and durable for a kitchen pls!

Summer Wind said...

Totally agree, Kayla!! I like the idea of having a small section of butcher block like in my example photo. I just love the look and feel like I could handle a small space that isn’t used for cooking! But I am alllllll about low maintenance!!!

Sarah Clegg said...

I have very similar taste in terms of home decor and styling. Those photos are gorgeous!

CeeCee from KY said...

My husband and I just bought our first home and I am loving the all white kitchen- but I am definitely nervous for when we add kiddos! I love everything blue and white, so our living room (and kitchen to an extent) is very chinoiserie focussed, but I am dying to wallpaper our guest bath in Banana leaf print and have a green and gold theme going on in there as my one "out there" room!

Casey said...

I definitely go for an all white kitchen too, including the glass front cabinets! My dream home is Emily Thorne's beach cottage from 'Revenge'. I love a relaxed, beachy vibe. But I live in a studio apartment, so I pin a lot of inspo for tiny house living too.

Melissa said...

I have a fairly similar style to you as well and I love pinning inspiration photos for my condo. It’s so much fun getting to shop for decor and seeing a vision come together! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

Lauren said...

I can never get enough of home decor inspiration - I especially love all the blue and white!


Anonymous said...

If you still want to rent, you should look into renting from the new Kaufmann's building. I just signed a lease there today! The apartments are lot more spacious than the Pennsylvanian (I looked there a few years ago) and the amenities sound like they're going to be great (rooftop tennis court and swimming pool).


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