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Lately 7/5/2018

Does anyone else think that having 4th of July fall on a Wednesday is kind of odd timing? It's so weird to work for two more days and then have a weekend, but I'll take it!

I hope you all have a fun holiday filled with lots of red, white, and blue celebrations. I went to a fun party during the day with friends and in the evening, I met my parents downtown for dinner before we watched the fireworks! There were food trucks and concerts down toward the Point so the city was super lively and the city always puts on the best show!

Wearing: This dress is on major sale right now and is one of my best buys of the summer. It is SO lightweight and has been my go-to dress in this crazy heat wave we have been having!! It's super easy to throw on and looks so beautiful at the same time. You can get an extra 30% off, no code needed! I also ordered these pajamas and these sunglasses!

Eating: I got in a rut where I was cooking salmon several times each week. While I love it, I know I can't eat that every day!! But I do work on eating in on weeknights. My sister sent me a free code for Plated. I have tried Hello Fresh a ton, and found the Plated recipes to be nicer/higher quality. I was so pleasantly surprised. We made this chicken caprese dish (sans tomatoes) and it was SO good. So much so that I saved the recipe so I can make it all the time. Light, fresh, healthy! 

Drinking: I'm honestly not a huge rose drinker. If I am going to drink wine, I typically prefer a cabernet sauvignon or bubbly. However, I do like a glass here and there and I find it especially refreshing during the summer months. Last year at the lake, we did a champagne tasting. It was so much fun and so eye-opening! This year, we are doing a rose tasting. Let me know if you have a favorite rose so we can add it to our tasting list! I typically buy/like Wolffer's Summer In A Bottle, Miraval, and Whispering Angel... so any other suggestions would be awesome! 

Reading: Did you catch my post about what books I'll be reading on vacation?

Dress// Earrings
Scarf (only $50!)// Hermes Sandals (similar
Sale-ing: The Tuckernuck sale is SO good right now. You can take 25% off 'summer must-haves' with code USA25 and it includes this dress! See full blog post about the dress, here

 Lately, I have been obsessed with Fixer Upper on HGTV. This is such a fun read about what the behind the scenes is really like! 

Listening: My Throwback playlist is one that will be on repeat while we are at the lake late next week! It has everything from Earth Wind and Fire to the Allman Brothers. It's so good. 

Loving: I have shared this so many times before but I just LOVE Lake Pajamas. They are pricey, but in my opinion, they're the best pajamas out there. The cotton is insanely comfortable and soft and holds up so wonderfully in the wash. I just ordered two more pairs... I wanted to treat myself and these really are a luxury!! 

Wanting: Nothing too crazy this week- saving all my pennies for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which starts in just one week! 

Pittsburgh-ing: This past weekend, I went to Coughlin's Law which is a new bar/restaurant on Mt. Washington. We had a huge group and went early for cocktails and then sat down for dinner. The space is awesome and the service was great-especially for our large group (20+ people). There is a ton of outdoor space so you can enjoy a casual summer cocktail, a seated area indoor area, and then a back deck with a really cool view of the city! We didn't love the food but go for a cocktail. The atmosphere is fun and the cocktails were great! 

Traveling: This is a little PSA! I'm headed to the lake at the end of next week for 10 days with my family and friends and fully plan on taking it all in. I wrote a post about this last year that you can check out here. I will have pre-scheduled blog posts and Instagram/social posts with the same type of content you can always expect from me! However, I will be less 'present' in that I will be taking time away from e-mail DM's, Twitter responses, etc. I will also post about my vacation after the fact so I can fully enjoy, be in the moment, and relax. I was able to almost entirely unplug last year. That won't be the case this year, but I will still be able to get some great relaxation time in! Make sure you do follow along on Instagram because I will be doing a big giveaway during the week that I am gone!

Quoting: 'Many imagine, few execute.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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