Monday, August 6, 2018

Morning Ritual

If you've been reading Summer Wind for any length of time, then you know I am not a morning person. I never have been. However, I've always wanted to be a morning person. It feels so good to accomplish so much before noon, doesn't it? 

I started doing something this year and I think it's made such a huge difference in the way I view mornings. I think I never liked mornings because I was always waking up at the last minute before I had to leave. I would feel rushed or sleep-deprived and I just never found any calmness in my mornings. 

I have started going to bed earlier (that's step one if you want to be a morning person, duh). On top of going to bed earlier, I have been waking up an hour before I would normally wake up. It's not groundbreaking and it's a very easy thing to do but I think it has made such a huge impact on my overall day-to-day productivity and happiness. 

During that extra hour, I use that time slowly drink and really enjoy my coffee. I almost always stay in my pajamas. No morning looks exactly the same. Sometimes I'll read a book and drink my coffee in bed or maybe I will catch up on a show I missed from the night before. Or maybe I organize my calendar and freshen up my to-do lists. I'll even occasionally cook myself a full breakfast- eggs, sausage, etc. 

I don't touch my phone during that hour- I have my phone set on do not disturb every night starting at 10pm and ending at 8am. This hour is purely for me. I set an alarm so I don't spend more than an hour. 

I've noticed this helps me to collect myself, spend time away from phones/computers/social media/etc. and enjoy the morning. I start my day off calm and focused and it has really helped me. Do you do anything to start your day off on the right foot?  


Briana said...

I've been going into work later and thus have an extra free hour most mornings, which I love. I think I'm going to steal your idea and keep my phone on 'do not disturb' through that hour from now on!

briana |

Jennifer said...

Every morning from 5 am until 6 am I go to the gym. I strength train some mornings and others I do cardio. This gives me energy, sets my day on the correct path for eating, and helps tire me out so when my head hits the pillow between 9 pm and 9:30 pm I am out like a light!

Emily Godoy said...

I love this! I have been struggling with creating a calm morning so this has inspired me to start taking action.

Renee Janis said...

This is exactly what makes me a morning person! I'm by no means naturally an early riser but I love to wake up early so I have an hour before I have to get my day started. Makes *the biggest* difference in my days!

Renee | Gimme Glamour

Sarah Lyon said...

I love reading about other people's morning routines--it's definitely inspiring, since I've gotten spoiled with a relatively late start time at work!



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