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How to Prepare Your Closet for Fall

How to Prepare Your Closet for Fall
Rag and Bone Shorts (old, Similar)
Chanel flats (similar)

It may be hot outside, but if you're like me, then you have started thinking about pulling out your fall clothes, shoes, and accessories! I have a small closet so right now, my closet is filled with summer clothes as well as items that are seasonless (like button downs, jeans, Shep shirts, etc.). 

I store my seasonal things in storage bins under my bed, at my parent's house, as well as at my Grammie's. Being a fashion blogger for 10 years, I have a LOT of stuff.

I do two closet swaps each year. One swap at the start of fall and then again at the start of spring. If you are lucky enough to have a big enough closet to store everything, then I envy you! However, even if you aren't switching out your closet, I have some tips that you should start doing to make sure your fall wardrobe is organized and ready to go! 

Take Everything Out of Your Closet
No, really. By removing everything, you'll be able to go through everything and truly see all that you have. Your organization can be totally revised! 

Get Rid of Items
During my twice yearly swaps, I go through the items I am taking out of my closet and then as I am refilling my closet with new seasonal items, I also keep an eye out for anything I want to get rid of. I look for any items that may be well-worn or damaged. I look for items that no longer fit. I look for items that are totally out of style. For me, I can always do with less, so I really purge a lot each season. 

Take Inventory
After you get rid of items, take inventory of what you may need for this season. For example, I'm often replacing white button downs. This year, I have noticed I needed a new pair of gray suede pumps as well as a new pair of Chanel ballet flats. Obviously, these are not things you truly 'need' but it's more of replacing what you wear the heck out of! In the summer, I usually get a new pair of Jack Rogers sandals and a new Lilly shift or white jeans! 

Order Hangers
Hangers drive me nuts and there is nothing like not have enough hangers! Before you start your seasonal swap, order your favorite hangers. This will be the time to hang things properly and get rid of those awful dry cleaner wire hangers. 

Sort Your Closet
I sort mine by type of item and then by color. For example, all of my button downs are in color order. Then I have short sleeved shirts in color order, followed by sleeveless shirts, etc. It not only looks really nice but it makes getting dressed so easy! 

Fix Your Shoes
This is the time when I assess my shoes and see what needs to go to the cobbler to be polished or resoled or fixed. I like to do one big trip and I like to do this well before the weather of the season actually starts. This is because you want to be able to be without the shoes for a while! 

Dry Clean Your Coats
I do this at the end of spring so that my coats are stored clean as well as have plastic covering over them. Since summer is such a popular wedding time, you may want to have summery cocktail dresses and gowns dry cleaned before they go into storage. 

De-pill Your Sweaters
I wrote a blog post about this amazing sweater shaver that I got last spring. I pull out my sweaters and make sure that they are ready to be worn! Taking off the pilling makes a sweater look like new- it's incredible! 

Make Everything Easily Accessible 
You should be able to see everything in your closet. If you can't see it, you are likely not to wear it. My rule is that everything has to be on display! 

Make Room in Your Coat Closet
It will be time for coats sooner than you think. Make sure you clear out some room for guests to store their coats when they are visiting! 

Think About Cosmetics and Skincare
I usually wear darker face makeup during the summer because I am tanner. When the season goes from summer to fall, I make sure to head to Nordstrom or Sephora to get new makeup that will accurately work with my paler (ugh!) skin. I also store my summery nail polishes and bring out fall shades (sometimes they get goopy and need to be replaced after being stored for a while!). I also make sure I have the appropriate skincare items on hand for the change in seasons. Lots of moisturizers!

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Kelsey | Southern in Love said...

It’s actually not good for your clothes to store them in the plastic from the dry cleaner. It’s bette for them to air out or to be in a true garment bag.


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