Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Shopbop Sale Picks

Sale Details: 20% off orders under $500 or 25% off orders of $500 or more using code. Valid 9/26-9/29. There are exclusions, so keep an eye out. Anything that says 'key style' is included in the sale! 

Code Needed at Checkout: STOCKUP18

Tretorn Sneakers// These are already inexpensive so a sale code makes them even better. I have a pair and get a lot of wear out of them. They are comfortable and classic! 

Tory Burch Bow Heels// There is a flat version in black, too! And there is also a more affordable version, too! I just love these shoes- not the most practical but so beautiful and unique! 

Cashmere Travel Wrap// Best. Thing. Ever. I always share when this goes on sale because I have 6 of them and think they are the best travel wrap. The cashmere is thick and soft. I wear it as a scarf with coats, use it as a wrap for formal events, and also as a blanket on the plane!

Roller Rabbit Pajamas// The cutest and softest pajamas. They rival my favorite, Lake Pajamas! 

Boiled-Cashmere Sweater// I bought this sweater two years ago and it is SO good. Probably one of, if not, my most worn sweater ever. It's so soft and luxurious. It's still expensive even with the sale but worth it in my opinion. 

Velvet Bow Headband// I bought this in the green color. I loved it and loved how the green will pop in my blond hair. It's a splurge for an accessory but one I know I will wear often. 

Ferragamo Varina Flats// Best shoes! I rave about these all the time. Varas are included, too! I actually find the varas to be more comfortable.

Bow Handbag// I have this bag and love it. The color looks pink in photos online but I find it to be more of a tan/neutral!

Plaid Down Jacket// I just love the SAM brand jackets. They are pricey, so a sale is a great time to purchase. I think the plaid is SO cute.

Bathing Suit// I have this bathing suit and LOVE it. It's so unique and anytime I wear it people always compliment it!

Ultra Boost Sneakers// I wear these several times a week. They are beyond comfortable. I bought two pair (in different colors) and they are the only athletic sneakers I wear!

Leggings// These leggings are one of my favorite pairs. You can work out in them but they also look cute with sweaters and 'regular' clothing. They really suck you in in all the right places for a flattering fit.
More Items On Sale That I Love:

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Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

Oh, I love when Shopbop has great sales! I've purchased some great deals from them in the past! They always have such cute stuff, and I love all the items you featured in your collage!

Thanks for sharing all these awesome finds, Sydney!

Blessings on your day! Net


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