Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration for Reception Design

Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration
I am definitely not going to be doing Wedding Wednesday every week because that would be a lot of content and I know you're all not interested in wedding planning! 

Right now we are still firming down the venue, so stay tuned! I've got the church booked- not really in the time slot I really wanted but I could not believe how booked the church was already so I took what I could get. 

Once I get the church, date, and venue perfected, I am going straight for a band. An amazing band is my #1 priority- so much so if a great band that I wanted isn't available for my date, I'd honestly consider switching everything around to have the band!

I'm not really one to stress over this kind of stuff- whatever happens, happens and it's not worth losing sleep over. To be honest, even though I was in the events industry for two years out of college, I'm not really that into weddings. Sure, I love beautiful design and appreciate the time and planning and everything that goes into any type of event, but it's just not my thing. It's a bit different when you are talking about your own wedding, but it's still not something I have ever been in a rush to do. I'm much more into planning what I'll wear and the honeymoon and all of what I feel is 'fun'. 

But, since I'm in the preliminary stages of planning, I thought I would share some images that inspire me! The words I would use to describe what I'm going for:

Classic, Elegant, Romantic, Clean, Simple

You'll notice there are several different colorways and styles included... not totally all over the place but definitely not cohesive, ha! I swear I've planned my wedding 10 times over in my head because I've seen so many amazing things done. It's going to be tough to narrow down an aesthetic because I really love all of these images. But I'll get there! 

One thing I do notice about these images is that I love taper candles... and candlelight in general. I've always felt this way. Even when I do our Thanksgiving table, I always make sure there is a lot of candlelight! I think it is so romantic, classic, and elegant... and everyone looks good in candlelight! I also love the way the candlelight flickers over high polish silver! I honestly think I will end up prioritizing candles over floral in terms of table real estate, but we'll see. 

Image// Image (see this one is a total outlier, ha!)


TLA said...

I definitely think you should follow your heart and focus on the things that are the most important to you and your fiance when planning your wedding. If candles are more important than flowers, go for it! I had a 7:00 pm winter wedding, so I can totally relate to the candlelight/simpler flowers aesthetic. I also think you are wise to choose classics over trends. I don't know what type of band you are looking to book, but I can tell you that for me, choosing a big band/orchestra over a DJ or typical "wedding band" was the greatest decision I ever made! My late grandfather played with Tommy Dorsey, and my father is a semi-professional singer (as a hobby, not as a career), so music has always been a HUGE part of my family. Hearing all the standards, big band, and swing music meant the world to me, and was very special for many of my guests. Was it different? Absolutely, but in a very good way. All the best to you and your fiance--enjoy this special time!

Unknown said...

Love these images. I ended up choosing my venue because they allowed real candles so many place didn't which surprised me.

Kristen said...

I love wedding posts! Beautiful photos and inspiration right there! I'm sure you have a plethora of suggestions, but I used "Eric Nicolas & One Love" for my wedding in September 2017. They were FANTASTIC -- blew it out of the park! (

Have fun planning; looking forward to seeing more posts on your process!


chrisy lindsay said...

So excited to see how all of these are realized in your wedding! It's going to be so beautiful, Sydney! I personally wouldn't mind at all if every wednesday you did wedding things haha. I just love your style so I know it'll be a beautiful event (and of course i'm ridiculously happy for y'all too!)

kellie said...

Oh these are so gorgeous!!
I made a swipe book for my entire wedding and it was great to show vendors/photographer/share with friends/family. It's important to know what you DON'T want as well!
I had a Vermont Country wedding, so mine was definitely more rustic since our reception venue was tented at an old inn.
Enjoy all the planning!

Meghan said...

Some of the best wedding memories I've had are during the "Catholic gap"! As a bride, I stressed over it initially; but logistically I realized the benefit of additional travel time. As a guest, it gave me time to catch up with friends or freshen up. I loved having a band! I went to a Pittsburgh wedding featuring the Bachelor Boys Band and they were great. Good luck planning!

Chrissy said...

I love your inspo pics very clean and classic. I think those always look timeless and fresh.
As far as a band.. Elite Show Band HANDS DOWN the best in PGH. As a photog I work with some great bands but Elite Show literally has the best energy. Check them out if you havent already!

Looking forward to seeing more posts. Happy planning.

A. Whitney said...

SO gorgeous! I'm also mid wedding planning and understand how crazy it is tying everything down. Sounds like you're doing great. Just a tip I've heard from several florists, taper candles look gorgeous in the setting pictures but turn into a mess, to say the least, as they melt I hear. I'm trying to find slow burners!!


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