Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

Today's Wedding Wednesday is a fun one and all about the honeymoon! Tell me, where did you go on your honeymoon and would you recommend it? What has been the best vacation you have ever taken?

One of the things about travel for me is that for most travel I do, I have to work while I am traveling and a lot of traveling isn't necessarily a vacation. Of course, I'm not complaining at all, that comes with the territory, but the one thing I am most excited about for my honeymoon is to completely and entirely unplug and just spend time with Andrew! 

I actually plan to capture the entire honeymoon via insta stories/instagram/etc. like I normally would, but won't be posting in real time. I will post once I am back so I am able to soak up our honeymoon without the pressures of documenting it on social media. A true vacation but once I am back I can share photos, instastories and share travel guides! 

My fiancĂ© and I have been coming up with a list of places we might like to visit but we are in the very beginning stages of planning anything at all. We have decided we will be gone for 10-14 days dependant upon our itinerary and will be going in May 2020. Here is what we have come up with so far... 

- South Africa/ Safari
- Greece
- Amalfi Coast 
- Austria 
- Scotland/United Kingdom

If we go for a full 2 weeks, we might switch locations once so it might be a multi-city or multi-country honeymoon. We are leaning towards a week in Greece and a week on the Amalfi coast! 

Weigh in and tell me about some of the incredible vacations you have been on and what you recommend/don't recommend. We want to first and foremost relax for at least a few days, but also enjoy amazing food, delicious cocktails, and do some sightseeing and shopping! 


Sarah Wissinger said...

These are incredible options! I would love to visit Greece and the Amalfi coast - I'm sure you would have a truly lovely honeymoon there! We went to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris for 10 days total and it was amazing. We were married in January, so it wasn't necessarily the most beautiful time of the year, but I wouldn't trade any of it!


Annie said...

I leave for my honeymoon on Friday and we're spending 5 days in Salzburg and Vienna...I'll report back!

Jen Crawford said...

My husband and I got married November and did South Africa and Dubai and loved every second of it! We knew we wanted an adventure and it did not disappoint! We were gone for 13 days and the majority of it was spent traveling around South Africa.

Laurel said...

I went to Greece for 2 weeks for my honeymoon. Athens for two nights and then Mykonos and Santorini. It was AMAZING. Santorini was unbelievable. Food, people, hotel, shops, sites all wonderful. I also got engaged in Positano and would highly recommend as well. Both Greece and Almalfi are great mixes of relaxation and sight seeing.

Anonymous said...

We visited Lake Como, Tuscany, Capri & Positano (took a 2 week honeymoon). We had 3 days in each place plus travel time. It was perfect!!

Kate Lenders said...

We went to Fiji and Australia for a little more than two weeks and loved every minute!

Unknown said...

Sydney, I just got back from South Africa about a month ago (though not for a honeymoon, just a vacation) and really think it would be an amazing spot for a honeymoon! It's definitely a big trip from the US, but it's one of those places that is so special/different I believe it is completely worth it. There is such a variety of things to do: safari, vineyards, beaches, mountains, cities, amazing food, culture, etc. It's also incredible how far US dollars go there (1 USD= about 15 rand), my friend and I lived like queens, so it's really perfect for a honeymoon in that way. All of your choices sound wonderful though, I'm sure wherever you pick will be perfect for you!

Kate said...

Last year we spent 2 weeks in Italy Italian Riveria, Cinque Terra, Rome,Florence and Amalfi Coast.
Leave for Greece in June will let you know how we like it. We are heading to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

Kayla said...

We saved up our delta points and went to japan in business class! It was definitely an all in, adventure trip! I would establish if one of you prefers an adventure sight see vacation or prefers a “beach”/ lounging vacation so you both are on the same page of what you expect! My vote is Greece Italy as you will be able to have the best of both worlds with a relaxing and adventuring vacation!

CeCe from KY said...

We did SA for our honeymoon (Joburg, Capetown and Safari and it was incredible). Long flight (we did the nonstop 17 hour) and if we went again I would skip Joburg, and fly through London, staying there a couple days on each end. If you end up doing SA I have tons of more tips to pass along- I tried working with a travel agent and we were not meshing, so I did most my planning coupled with our Safari resort. We did wait until about 4 months after our wedding because I could not handle leaving right away- we needed vaccinations etc and I needed the wedding to be over to focus on that.

I am at this moment in Greece (we’re joking it’s our second honeymoon...we’ve been married 18 months haha). I think this is about when you’d be going next year. Athens is very warm today and Mykonos (where we head tonight) and Santorini (next week) are in the low to mid 70s.

For this trip we flew business class which was a total game changer. I would have loved to do that for SA but at 10k/person that was just out of the question. We did the first row of premium economy and it helped a lot, but not the same.

Unknown said...

I went on my honeymoon April of this year to the St Regis in Punta Mita, Mexico and it was the most relaxing and luxurious trip. My husband and I typically go on multi-city vacations and were worried about sitting on a beach for a week - but we needed a recharge after planning a wedding and a crazy busy wedding weekend. If you want to do a longer trip, I highly recommend starting or ending your trip with some down time relaxing. One piece of advice from lots of friends who did longer vacations, is be mindful of how long your flight is - you probably will be exhausted from your wedding and may not want to hop on a 22 hour flight. But I echo a comment above - business class is a lifesaver - we did that when we went to Japan last year and it made a big difference. If you choose Austria, go to the Wachau valley for wine tasting. I had friends that did Santorini and then Tuscany/Lake Como for their honeymoon and they loved it although they mentioned they spent a lot of time traveling between locations.

Laura Baker said...

I haven't been on my honeymoon yet, but I used a travel agent to plan it which I would HIGHLY recommend! She made the process so easy and got us the best deal, and provided so much helpful information and useful suggestions!

Lizzie said...

This might sound crazy, but hear me out. You could fly to London on the way to South Africa and spend a bit of time in London exploring and overcoming your jet lag. The flight to South Africa from the US is killer--its really long and you normally have at least one layover unless you go from a US hub. Breaking up the flight makes it so much more manageable. Even if you're only in London a couple days, that's 2+ nights of a real bed and time to explore the city. You'll be exhausted after your wedding, so 24+ hours of flying probably won't be fun (even in business class).

London and South Africa are only one time zone apart. There are also tons of overnight flights to South Africa from London, and since they're about 10-12 hours long and in (almost) the same time zone, its much easier than the usual red eye where you've got a substantial time zone difference as well. I've done the overnight London to Johannesburg flight a couple times and its actually pretty easy. Much easier than US to Europe, in my opinion, since you've got plenty of time to sleep and (almost) no time change. (I feel like I should have prefaced this by saying I'm American but live in London and my partner is from South Africa, so we do plenty of US/UK/SA flights.)

South Africa will be a super memorable trip that you'll remember forever, which is a great thing for a honeymoon. Europe is pretty easy to get to (in comparison) and so in some ways won't be as 'big' of a trip as South Africa.


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