Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Advice from former Brides 2/2

A while ago, I took to Instagram stories to ask those of you who have already married two questions:

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently about your wedding day?

What is ONE thing that you were so glad you did that you recommend to other brides?

I personally think it is so fun to hear from past brides and learn from them because there is often a lot you don't think about unless you have already gone through it yourself!

So, today I'm sharing the responses I got for the second question. I got SO many responses so I'm paraphrasing and keeping everyone's privacy.  The difference between these responses and the responses to the first question that I posed is that these answers were much more specific and not as many people said the same things- there was much more variety to these answers!

You can read the responses to the first question, here

What is one thing that you were glad you did that you recommend to other brides?

- Hire a Videographer. This mirrors what everyone said about their regret of not having a videographer. Basically, these two posts are good PR for videographers everywhere, ha!! Many people were so glad that they had the full video of all of the speeches as well as some were glad to have the rehearsal dinner speeches recorded, too. We hired a videographer and we are so excited to have those memories forever. 

- Splurge on things that matter to you and not others. 

- Ignored unsolicited advice. This was something that a LOT of you said. I feel like you are always bound to get a lot of unsolicited advice about everything in life- whether you are pregnant and other moms give you the advice you didn't ask for, you're dating someone and someone gives you the advice you don't agree with, etc. It definitely applies to planning a wedding- there is SO much advice out there and it can get frustrating and sometimes cloud your own judgment. 

- Have your caterer pack you to-go meals to take back to your room with you at the end of the night. I LOVE THIS ONE! So many people say they don't eat on their wedding day and it would be such a fun treat to indulge in your wedding food just the two of you. You are bound to be hungry after a few cocktails and all of that dancing. 

- Go to cocktail hour. I loved that so many of you went to your cocktail hour. We fully intend to go to ours, too. We don't want to miss out! 

- Have a second pair of shoes for the reception. I fully agree with this- nothing is fun if your feet hurt. 

- Do a first look/ don't do a first look. This went both ways! In my opinion, a first look or no first look is a very personal decision. You can read about our decision, here

- Many suggested to sneak off and spend time alone. Some said they had a room where they were delivered cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and enjoyed time alone during cocktail hour. Some said they went to a private room with champagne just for 10 minutes (no photog). Some said that they danced at the very end of the night, just the two of them without an audience. Some said they just stood in the corner with their husbands and took it all in. 

 - When you are walking down the aisle, look at your groom and try not to look at the guests. It makes for better photos and will really let you focus on him. This is something I would not have thought of but it makes sense! 

- Don't change dresses. You only wear your wedding dress once. I think this totally depends on the person/type of ceremony/reception/etc. But I personally won't be changing- I LOVE my dress. 

- Hire a planner. Fully 100% agree on this one. If I hadn't done any planning before, we would have hired one! 

- Leave a time period in between your wedding and honeymoon. Many people said a week, some said a few days, some said months! 

- No one will know you wanted 5 candles per table rather than 3 candles or more pink flowers than white. This was just an example, but the lesson is to stay relaxed and let things go. 

- Spend the entire night with your husband. There were lots of variations of this and I love it. After all, that is what the entire night is about!!! But truly, I can see how you could get separated a lot... talking to different people, bathroom breaks, big rooms, photos, etc. 

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