Thursday, July 11, 2019


What a week it has been! It's been so insanely busy around here! Between prepping double content (read more below) for next week because I'll be traveling, packing up and getting ready for a beach trip, and just normal life stuff like spending 4+ hours at the dealership and having to get new tires (woof), it's just been nuts! 

I am ready for a fun trip and that's exactly what will happen! We leave on Sunday and are in Cherry Grove for the week. I have two weeks at home after that and then we have 10 days at the lake and I could not be more excited! The lake trip is where I will be able to truly unplug and enjoy- a real vacation!!

Things have also been starting to shape up house-wise! We have recently gotten some new furniture, our blinds were installed this week, we hung plates above our kitchen window, and a new rug for the living area to add some color! 

Wearing: I randomly ordered these striped lounge pants and they are heavenly! They are buttery soft and the perfect thing to either sleep in or lounge around the house! Best part? They are seriously only $10! They run true to size.

Reading: Martha Stewart's Maine home is like the set of a Nancy Meyer's movie. Beautiful. 
Sale-ing: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins tomorrow at 12:30pm EST for those of you who are able to shop Early Access (those with Nordstrom Credit Cards). You can shop today if you are and Icon or Ambassador level, although according to my poll almost all of you are either early access shoppers or public access! I wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the items included in the sale that I am loving! If you see something, you can always come back tomorrow for it! Tomorrow and July 19th are the only days where you will come to my blog and only see Nordstrom content. I am working my absolute hardest to bring you all usual Summer Wind content AND Nordstrom Sale content. So, what that means is that I'm posting twice a day several times each week throughout the sale period with great Nordstrom content. So, if you want to see/read the sale content, you will be able to, and if it's not your thing, you can skip right over it and get back to regular Summer Wind content. I can't please everyone but this is my first attempt at creating double content like this. Regular Summer Wind blog posts will go live each day (Monday-Saturday 6 AM EST) as they have for the past 10-years. Besides extra blog posts, lots of extra sale content will be added to the LikeToKnowIt app for those interested (username is @summerwind41490) and reviews/videos will be added to Instagram and saved to my highlights (@summerwind41490).

 Did you guys see that Netflix is pulling Friends starting January 1st! I am SO bummed about it- it's what I have on in the background when I work or whenever I need a good laugh. The series is such a classic and never gets old! 

Loving: OMG this white dress is incredible. So perfect for a bride-to-be. If I hadn't already purchased 2 rehearsal dinner dresses (I know, I needed options!!), I would totally get this. It's stunning. 

Some fun pieces I have come across this week! 

Pittsburgh-ing: Restaurant week is August 12-19- looks like there are some great restaurants on the list including my favorite, Dianoias!

Smelling: One of my favorite perfumes will be part of the Nordstrom sale this year and I am so excited! 

Traveling: Off to the beach this weekend! I am so excited! 

Quoting: 'Live less out of habit but more out of intent.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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