Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Makeup Inspiration

This topic was highly requested and it's kind of funny to me because makeup is the last thing on my mind! When I say that, I mean it's just not something that concerns me and I'm not personally into makeup that much. I know I will look and feel great for our big day regardless of my makeup. At one point early on, I actually considered doing my own makeup. My goal for our wedding is to look like I do any other day where I am getting dressed up. I don't want to look like a different person and I want to look natural.
I ended up hiring Tamie, a Pittsburgh-based makeup artist. I first and foremost hired her because she did my makeup for my best friend Eugenia's wedding back in February. I loved the way she did it and she earned my trust! The selfie photo at the top of the post is the makeup look with no filter or editing! My eyebrows were a little heavier than I would have liked but other than that, I thought it was perfect. 

I normally don't love my makeup whenever any makeup artist does it so I was glad to have found Tamie. The photo above is me from a wedding photo (I had to take a screenshot so I didn't share everyone else in the photo, hence why the photo is awkwardly cropped) but the makeup she did for me photographed really well but also looked 'normal' in person. It also held up all night- flawlessly! I think it's important to see how things photograph because sometimes makeup that is very minimal/natural doesn't show up in photographs, so even though I want something natural, I need to be a bit dolled up in person to have it show up in photographs! 

I also decided to hire a makeup artist to make the morning feel 'more' than just an average Saturday morning. It's fun to feel pampered and have someone else take care of things, so I figured why not. Plus, my mom and sister will be getting their makeup done, too, so it will be fun for us! 

I won't be doing my makeup trial until early next spring, so I have a long while to think about the type of look I want. I thought I would share some of the images on Pinterest that interest me and if you have any makeup tips or anything I should know, let me know! I love learning from all of you.
I love the natural eyes with the corners highlighted and the soft glowy blush. I also love the bronze look! My favorite part of this image, though, is that you can still see her freckles/skin so it looks natural just like she was sunkissed. The eyebrows are a little much. I also love the natural looking lip! 

I saved this image because she isn't really wearing any eyeshadow but her eyes are still beautifully defined. I could go without eyeshadow entirely and be a happy bride and feel like myself! I also love her luminous flushed cheeks. Not a fan of the super bold eyebrows or a bold lip, but all of these women I have shared are just so beautiful, nothing could look bad on them! She is bronzey, too, which I love. I won't be this tan at all, but I think the bronzey look is something you can create on any skin tone! These first two looks are more just for a 'vibe' because it's hard to look at someone with beautifully tan skin and dark hair when that just isn't what I look like. 

Reese is one of my idols and I always think whenever she is out on the red carpet, her makeup always looks beautiful but never overdone. I love how natural these looks are. Plus, she has a similar skin tone/hair color so I like to see things on her to get an idea of what it might be like on me! 
Blake Lively always looks so fresh and glowy. I love her lip color, flushed cheeks, and cleanly defined eyes! Her look is glam but more on the natural end. This is probably as close to what I want to look like as possible (ha, I wish!!!). 

I think for lipstick, I will use something I already own, wear, and love. I might get something new, but that's TBD!


Laura Baker said...

I'm totally on the same page as you when it comes to wedding hair and makeup! I'm doing my own makeup because I want to look the same as I always do, not different which is what usually happens with a makeup artist. I also want my hair to look very similar to your hair in the first couple of pictures, I love the big curls and the way the side part makes it look so glam!

Danielle Bass said...

If you love that glowing look, you have to try Chanel’s Baume Essentiel Multi Use Glow Stick in Sculpting. It’s amazing! Sold out in a lot of places but still available on Chanel’s website. They offer a transparent shade and the sculpting shade. I almost liken transparent to a stick form of Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Cream. But the sculpting gives you a pearly glowing look. Great to use on the Cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose and cheekbones as you would a regular highlighter. Would be a great addition to a natural makeup look.

Danielle Ragghianti said...

Definitely not a pro, but just thought I would share a few things my makeup artist said she does specifically for bridal looks.
1). Brown liner instead of black. Not sure why exactly, but maybe it’s just softer and more natural, yet photographs well.
2.) Foundation without SPF so that you don’t get a bounce back glare in photos.
3.) Lipstick shade should be very close to your natural lip color. Just a shade or two darker, but in the same tone.
4.) A good primer and setting spray. (Although you already said your makeup lasted all day so I think she’s got that covered!)


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