Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Top 10 Registry Items

This is another fun crowdsourced post made possible thanks to all of you! I asked on Instastories for you all to share ONE item from your registry that you highly recommend. I shared my recommendation for everyone in this post, here. I am sharing the top recommendations today. These were all very clear winners with so many people loving these 10 items! 

Who else loves the image from above?! Father of the Bride is my favorite movie and as soon as I started writing this post, I immediately thought of this scene in the movie!

Kitchenaid Mixer// This was by far the most recommended item. I shared on instastories that this is not something we would personally be registering for since neither of us would ever use something like this. We don't bake at all and don't plan to and while we know you can use it for other things, it's just not something we want to store or crowd the kitchen counter with! When I shared that, I got a lot of DM's saying you've been married for ____ years and you've used your mixer once or twice. So, I'd say this one varies by the couple! My sister uses her Kitchenaid mixer all of the time! She makes sauces and cakes, and pies, and more and loves it so much! 

Dyson Vacuum// I expected this one! Oh how you know we are all old when we are just dying for a Dyson vacuum, ha! My mom has a Dyson and loves it. We currently have a Shark and I honestly really like it, especially for what I paid for it. It has held up so well but we fully plan to register for one of these. It has taken so much self-control in me not to just go out and get one myself (they are a steal at Costco). A lot of you who have pets say that this is life-changing! 

All-Clad pots and Pans//  I can attest to this- it's a game-changer when you have nice pots and pans! I splurged on a big a set when I first moved into my apartment and they get SO much use. I know they are pricey, but if you compare them to some other pans, they are just easier to work with, heat so nice an evenly, and hold up SO well. 

Vitamix Blender// So many of you love your Vitamix blender. You can make things like smoothies but also soups and more. This is not something we plan on registering for. We have a blender and I've used it approximately 5 times ever. We just aren't smoothie people and again, don't want to store something that we won't use often but this is so great for those of you who have a smoothie daily or love to make your own soups! I also love the idea of a Vitamix if you are planning on having children and want to make your own baby food! 

Wusthof Knife Set// We have the 18-piece set and it is truly one of the best things I have ever purchased. I always thought the knives I had before were perfectly fine and then I got the Wustof Set and all was changed! They slice and dice so easily. 

Steamer// This one surprised me! I could not live without a steamer so I definitely think it's an important one. My go-to is considered a 'travel' steamer but I also have a full-size steamer and because I have the 'travel' one, I never use the full size. It works SO well that I rarely ever have to use my iron. You can sometimes find my favorite one at Costco! 

Dutch Oven// The most popular brand mentioned was Le Creuset and in a close second was Staub. We are registering for this. My fiancé (who does most of the cooking) is very excited about this! He wants to make all different soups in it and I'm just excited to eat them. I also love how they look- so pretty! Since this is such a versatile piece in the kitchen, I think even I will end up using it from time to time.

Robot Vacuum// A bunch of different brands were mentioned, but overall it seems like a robot vacuum is a good thing! This is something we are registering for, too! I am DYING for one. I think it will make vacuuming more manageable when it comes to Henry's hair (he sheds so much). 

Cast Iron Skillet// The most popular brand mentioned was Le Creuset! We are also registering for this. Another thing my fiancé is so excited for. I can't wait to get one so he can make fajitas in it! And even though I don't do much of the cooking, I personally love the way it looks!!

Breville Toaster// A lot of you had high regards for anything Breville but specifically, so many of you said the Breville toaster oven is a must! A few of you said you rarely even use your regular oven anymore and just use your Breville!


Kelly said...

If you're getting the Kitchen Aid Mixer, go ahead and register for the Ice Cream maker attachment. It makes great ice cream, super easy!

Dr. Awkward said...

We registered for some fancy liquors, too! It was fun to drink expensive scotch that we probably wouldn't have bought on our own, and I think some guests liked seeing some novelty on the registry.


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