Tuesday, October 22, 2019

6 Months In The New House

Can you believe it's been 6 months since I have moved into my new house? I certainly can't! Time has absolutely flown by. I thought it would be nice to reflect on these past 6 months as there have been a lot of changes!

The Buying Process
 I don't think I've discussed this much on here, but I looked for a long while before I made the move. I wasn't in a rush, so it was nice to be able to take my time. I had read so many articles about how stressful finding and buying a home can be and that just wasn't my experience. It was honestly WAY easier than I thought it was going to be. It was a lot of paperwork, phone calls, and documents, but otherwise, it was pretty easy and straightforward. I say that because some of those articles almost scared me away- so I hope if you read articles like that, you don't get scared away! It's manageable!

The Transition
The transition, in my mind, was bigger than it ended up actually feeling. I went from 800 square feet to 2000++ square feet, city to suburbs, living alone to living with my fiancé, etc. I was nervous about living in a new area, not having a routine in place, not knowing the best routes to walk Henry, not knowing how to live with someone else, etc. These nerves all seem silly now, but at the time, I truly thought the adjustment was going to be huge. 

I'm happy to report that it really wasn't as big as it seemed in my head. I thought I would miss my cozy apartment, being in the city, and enjoying a space that was all my own. And honestly, right now I feel like I'm thriving and happier than ever before. 

Lots of Space
Having more space is incredible. I have so much room to spread out. Tons of storage space for everything from kitchen supplies to clothing. Because we are only two people, a lot of the space doesn't even get much use. Having a garage is so nice to store random things and seasonal items. The only challenge I have found from a larger space is cleaning it! I actually just had a cleaning service come to give me an estimate and hiring a cleaning service will really help to save time! 

Life Is Different
I do miss the city, but it's not like I don't go into it at least once a week. The city is just a much more lively place than the suburbs (obviously), so there just isn't that 'energy' out in the burbs. I do think that the suburbs are so much more convenient. There was nowhere downtown to grocery shop, so just having a grocery store and Target 5 minutes away is so nice. I also find that the city has so many more people my age, whereas, in our area, people are (at least) my age or older. We honestly might be the youngest in our entire neighborhood. I knew these things before I moved so it wasn't really a surprise and it's not necessarily a negative, just a different lifestyle.
Henry is absolutely living his best life. He LOVES it here. He's never been bad but his behavior is SO good and he gets so much exercise. I love that many people in our neighborhood have dogs and Henry and our neighbor's dog like to go on walks together! I think one of the best things about going from living in a building to a home is the immediate access to the outdoors. If it's really cold in the mornings, I don't even have to walk outside with Henry, I can just let him out our back door. It's truly a luxury not having to go up and down hallways and elevators. 

We have a routine down perfectly now. I am definitely one of those people that thrives on routine and I truly feel that we have a great one that works for us. Even Henry has the routine down. It's so nice and I feel like it's even more efficient than when I lived in the city. 

Speaking of our neighborhood, I jokingly call it two things: Pleasantville and Jumanji. I call it Pleasantville because our neighborhood is somewhat idyllic. I grew up in a neighborhood where we all knew each other and had block parties and holiday parties. It was always safe and a low-traffic street. My parents still live on the street and several of the OG neighbors are still there and it's just so comforting to me! I was looking for that comfort and I truly found that here. The neighbors are helpful and friendly. We have even become friends with our next-door neighbors who might actually be the nicest people on the planet. I seriously thank my lucky stars for this every day! This neighborhood is the kind of place where kids play freely outside all over the neighborhood. We had a block-party type event this summer which was adorable and there is a private Facebook group where we can all share things with each other. Not to mention there is a coffee shop, restaurant, and gym opening up one block from us that we are so excited about. 

On the other hand, I call it Jumanji because there were SO many bugs this summer. So many mosquitos and bees and just everything you definitely don't see in the city. Right now, it's stink bugs. I can't stand them! I likely notice this more than the average person because I HATE bugs. I know there are a lot of good and necessary bugs, but they all just creep me out so much. Just recently, I saw a bug called a 'wheel bug' that I shared on my instastories and after a quick Google search, I found out it has one of the most painful bites out of any insect. No. Thanks. I hate bugs and all of that so this is definitely a downside for me! One day, there were a few small frogs on my doorstep and that freaked me out. In the grand scheme of things, though, it's not a huge deal. I am sooooo thankful I have my fiancé to take care of the creepy crawlers for me! 

Living Together
For years, I lived in my apartment alone so this transition was going to be a big one for me. It was honestly so easy right from the start and we quickly fell into shared responsibilities. I think the 'weirdest' part for me, in the very beginning, was seeing men's clothing in the closets and seeing things I don't eat in the refrigerator. It took me weeks to get used to having milk in the refrigerator, haha! Just like it took me a while to get used to saying fiancé, it also took me a while to get used to saying 'we' and 'our'! It had been 'me' and 'my' for so long! I think the best part, though, is being able to be together so much and that we are in this together. I love knowing this life is a team effort that we are building it together. 

I was totally naive in thinking we'd have this house entirely 'finished' and decorated within 6 months. Not only is furnishing and having things done expensive, but it's really tough to find pieces that I absolutely love (and pieces my fiancé loves, too). I'm a lot pickier than I thought. Not to mention, I've been having the hardest time choosing the wallpaper for our powder room (champagne problems, I'm fully aware)! When making big decisions or considering big expenses, I just want to make sure I'm making good choices! I will say, though, the house is truly starting to feel like a home... I was worried for the first 2-3 months because it felt so daunting. Slowly, but surely, things have progressed and I'm just so pleased with everything so far. We still have a long way to go, but I'm not rushing this. 

Overall, I am so thankful and happy for this life! It's crazy to think that almost a year ago I was about to purchase this home. Life this year compared to last is just so different (in the best way). I can't wait to see how things progress over more time. I'm most excited for the rest of this year because of the holidays! I can't wait to put up a tree and get this home all cozy and in the holiday spirit! 


Emily G. said...

Thanks for sharing this home update! So great knowing the thought process of a new home owner and what the transition is like. This is so helpful for any of us that will become new homeowners in the future, because it gives a sense of what to except!


Kait said...

Love reading about your home progress!! We moved right around the same time. It’s nice to see someone in the same boat. Here’s to still having empty room, cheers! :)


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