Sunday, October 20, 2019

Service Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends! This is a very rare Sunday post here on Summer Wind! Historically, I have worked hard for the past 10 years to post 6-days per week (Monday-Saturday). Well, that's about to change starting the first Sunday in November! 

Starting Sunday, November 2nd, I will be hitting the publish button on the first-ever 'Service Sunday' post. I got this idea in my head while planning out my holiday content. Every year for the past several years, I post on Giving Tuesday. The post's goal has always highlighted charitable organizations that we can all participate in as well as ideas and ways to spread kindness and love during the holiday season. 

I will still be doing a traditional Giving Tuesday post this year, but I really wanted to find a way for my blog, that receives SO many eyes on it every single day in every single US State (and abroad), to spread awareness of other amazing charitable organizations around the US that readers and followers are a part of!

My goal with these posts is that I hope by highlighting these organizations it will give you the information and push to donate and volunteer. I also want to do this to spread the good news and awareness of all of the philanthropy that you are doing. We could all use great news! Even if you don't have time or money to donate, it's my hope that you have kindness to donate and that these posts inspire you to go above and beyond for someone or something this holiday season!

If you have a charitable organization or a really great idea about ways to spread kindness this holiday season, please send me an e-mail at for your organization to be considered. There are 9 spots available and I may end up highlighting two each week (for 18 total spots) because I shared this on stories this past week and have already been flooded with so many incredible organizations and ideas! You guys seriously rock. 

So to kick this off, I wanted to start off with two organizations that I hold closely to my heart. You have likely heard me talk about them before. 

Tracy's Dogs brought me Henry and for that, no donation I ever give will be enough. Tracy's Dogs is a 501c3 based out of San Antonio, Texas and has been putting dogs up for adoption since 2012. They rescue dogs from overfilled animal shelters in southern Texas that are likely going to be euthanized because the shelters run out of spaces for the dogs. They nurse these dogs back to health, socialize them with other dogs, get the up to date on shots, microchip them and more. They then drive these dogs to different cities all around the country so people everywhere can adopt one. By adopting a dog from Tracy's Dogs, you save 3 dogs: you make 1 spot in a shelter for a new dog, you make 1 spot at Tracy's Dogs, and you saved the dog you are adopting. Henry is the sweetest dog and the best friend I could ever ask. So if you are considering to adopt a dog, please consider adopting through Tracy's Dogs and if you are just a dog lover and unable to adopt, consider donating. The facilities that Tracy's dogs operate, the transports, the medical bills, etc. are so expensive so anything helps. To date, they have given homes to 5,168 dogs. 

I don't have children so I can only imagine what it is like to have a sick child, and quite frankly, it's heartbreaking and unimaginable. I have been blessed with a healthy family and friends but I know that there are so many families hurting. This hits close to home for me because my fiancĂ©'s older brother passed away from Leukemia when they were children and were so thankful to the Ronald McDonald House when they needed it. It makes me so deeply sad that I was never able to meet Ryan, who was such an important part of my fiancĂ©'s life. Ronald McDonald House has a location here in Pittsburgh and you can donate money, but they also have a big need for your time, too. They have locations all over the country, too. I have volunteered in the past to grocery shop and make the food for the families staying at Ronald McDonald House. It was a great experience and a great way to donate your time. 

In terms of both of these organizations, I make yearly donations to them. I was going to create this as a Wedding Wednesday post, but I will lump this in here, too. In lieu of favors at our wedding, we will be making donations to Tracy's Dogs in honor of Henry and to The Ronald McDonald House in loving remembrance of Ryan. I hope that if you are a bride-to-be you consider skipping favors or something else you would have spent money on and donate to causes that mean something to you!


Shannon said...

You are an amazing person Sydney! This is such a great idea and selfishly, I am excited you will be posting every day of the week now! Love your blog and everything you stand for :)


Briana said...

Wishing you a blessed week!



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