Thursday, November 7, 2019


This has been quite a 'regular' week. I went to Orange Theory classes, created content (like holiday gift guides!!!), did admin/back end things/emails, cooked dinner at home every night so far (that's a big win in my book), and kept life running smoothly.

I thought I would share some photos from Halloween since that was just last week. Henry was none too pleased in his adorable pumpkin costume. I was chuckling the entire time and he was either looking very embarrassed or very annoyed. It was pouring down rain all day on Halloween, so much so that a lot of areas canceled trick or treating. Our area did not, and we ended up with lots of cuties in costumes! I am so glad because I wanted to get rid of all that tempting candy!

Oh, I also started to decorate for the holidays and we got our holiday cards in the mail! I can't wait to send them out. I will share with you soon!

This weekend we have Pre-Cana which, for those of you who don't know, is like a class in preparation for marriage in the Catholic church (it's required). The class is 6-hours so we are in for a long Saturday!

Pullover// Leggings (one of my favorite pairs)// Sneakers

Wearing: I wore these outfits this past weekend and wanted to share these quick iPhone snaps. One is super casual and one is on the dressier side of casual. This Faux Fur Vest is the one I shared on Instagram/instastories. It's my favorite thing of 2019. I have a full post about it coming soon. 
Eating: Whenever I don't know what to do for dinner (and don't want to cook), I run to Whole Foods and grab whatever I see that looks good. It's quick and easy and usually delicious.

Sale-ing: Did you all know Sephora is doing one of their big sales? If you are Rouge, you get 20% off, VIB you get 15% off. Use code HOLIDAYSAVE at checkout. This sale goes through 11/11. Check out this blog post where I have all of the products I absolutely love with full reviews. This post took me a TON of time to do and I am really thorough! 

Sale-ing II: You may have seen these items on my instastories this week, but I just had to share here, too. I have been underwhelmed with J.Crew, in general, the past few years. Their holiday collections have just been OK but I know a few years back, I used to be obsessed. Well, this year, I finally get that SUPER excited feeling again with J.Crew's new arrivals for holiday! 

 I watched The Purge (series, not the movie) last year and the second season recently came out. Honestly, the first season was so poorly acted it was laughable, but I watched the entire thing. Now, for some reason, I am watching season 2 and it's just as bad, but here I am still watching it, ha! 

Loving: Have you seen the collaboration that Sister Parish and Lake Pajamas did? I LOVE this set so much. I do not need another set of pajamas, but I might have to treat myself to them because I'm so in love. I also love the style- it's the full-length sleeve and long pants but with the piping. 

All. The. Holiday. Things. 

Traveling: We had such a fun weekend in DC. We were only there for just about 24 hours but it was packed with good times. One of my best friends and her husband just moved there so it was fun to see them in their new city. I am no stranger to DC. I have been far too many times to count since I went to JMU which is just about 2 hours outside of DC. We ended up walking around the city and stumbled upon the Nationals celebration of their World Series win. I'm a Pirates fan but it was really cool to see. We also stumbled upon the White House and couldn't resist snapping a touristy pic! We stayed at The Wharf, which is a newly built-up area of DC. It was fun to explore and enjoy rooftop drinks with the most beautiful view. We went bowling at Pinstripes in Georgetown and I just might be the world's worst bowler, ha! 

Quoting: 'You never get stronger if you only do easy things.' - Marie Forleo// See more of my favorites, here. 


Katie said...

I love this post! I think my favorite blog posts really are the those daily Life pics that we happen to snap throughout the week with our phones and then tell a story about them. Keep these blog posts coming 😀

Hillary said...

We were in DC that weekend too! We're Texas Rangers fans, but the energy of everyone celebrating the Nats win was really fun.


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