Monday, November 18, 2019

Registry Must-Have: Nespresso Machine

Registry Must-Have: Nespresso Machine

I have had a Nespresso-brand machine for 7+ years and got my parents one because I loved mine so much. If you are a bride-to-be and don't have one and love coffee or espresso, I highly recommend adding a Nespresso machine to your registry. We got our current machine from Macy's (you can add one to a Macy's registry).

I am personally someone that loves black coffee Monday-Friday (which, if you didn't know, you can brew coffee on this machine). But the most special part, in my opinion, is that you can create other espresso and coffee-based drinks with the machine. I love cappuccinos and while I don't typically make them during the week, I savor my weekend mornings when I make a frothy cappuccino and just get to relax in my pajamas. It makes weekend mornings more special and just something small and simple to look forward to. 

What's nice about the Nespresso machine is that each drink you make can be totally different. So, for example, I like darker, bolder roasts, and my fiancĂ© likes a lighter roast. My fiancĂ© likes whole milk and I use skim. It's nice that we are able to craft our own drinks quickly and easily. 

Oh and one thing that I think is SO necessary is that the water tank is removable from the machine for easy refilling. I had a machine once that wasn't removable (and was also in the back of the machine) and it drove me absolutely NUTS. Plus, the water tank is on the side so it's easy to take out and put back in. 

Our Nespresso machine is pretty small (much smaller than our coffee machine) so it doesn't take up much space on our counters, but also, when we put it away during the week, it's small enough so that it's not taking up an entire cabinet. This is the machine I love and have used for years and highly recommend, but there are a lot of other options, too. They all vary in size and color and can do different things. This one is seriously perfect if you live in a small apartment with limited counter space!

Besides weekends, I also love using it when we have house guests. It feels so fancy to be able to serve up cappuccinos and lattes for guests and it's nice that they are able to pick what type of roast they like. And speaking of guests, I absolutely love it when a hotel room has a Nespresso machine in it!! Heavenly! 

The ease of it is truly something. You just pop in a pod, press a button, and there you have it. No cleanup, no packing grounds, nothing. So, if you wanted an every-morning latte, or whatever it may be, this is totally doable in seconds.

The frother is also totally worth it. Besides cappuccinos and lattes, I LOVE making hot chocolate with frothed milk. It takes it to the next level!

With the holiday season on the horizon, besides being a good wedding or shower gift, a Nespresso machine would make such a nice gift for anyone but especially for new parents who might be a bit sleep deprived or for a law student studying at all hours of the night. 

Thank you to Macy's for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


OG said...

I love my Nespresso machine and love their limited edition flavors!

JHoyle21 said...

I AM OBSESSED with those pajamas! I love the pj sets and I'm glad you have an appreciation for them too. Also I have been dying to get a nespresso. I need that afternoon pick me up! Will definitely be putting this on my Christmas list this year!


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