Thursday, January 30, 2020


I can't believe we are almost to February. I don't want to speak too soon but our winter here in Pittsburgh has been so mild and I love it. Not only have the temperatures been milder but we haven't gotten much snow and we have even had some gorgeously sunny days which is SO rare for Pittsburgh in the winter. I'm slightly concerned that February is going to be below zero and we are going to get many feet of snow as payback. Here's to hoping that's not the case. March is my least favorite month out of the year and a big part of that is because of the weather here in Pittsburgh. I honestly think March is often worse than January/February! It's just nice to think we are 1/3 through winter at this point!!!

The minutiae of the wedding planning is starting to kick in. In the last week or two, I've found a lot of my free time is spent doing lots of random wedding things. Lost of meetings and appointments are about to start as are little things here and there. We are just waiting for our wedding suite to be printed and mailed to us and then we will hand it off to the calligrapher. We have even already started getting gifts sent to our house which is so fun. Finalizing details, ordering items, etc. My first of 3 fittings is next week which is wild!!! Our shower is in 3 weeks. We do, however, still have several months to go but I know these last few are going to go by in a blink!

With that said, I'm totally behind on DM's on Instagram so if you have sent me one in the last week and have not heard back, I am truly SO sorry. I make it a priority every weekday to respond to every single DM I receive and I have always been good at holding myself to that. Unfortunately, I have been getting a lot more than usual lately (I try to read all of them and appreciate them so much) but have not had time to give you all proper, thought out responses. But I'm working on it, I promise, and I will get back to every one of you!!

I know you guys hear me rave about Orange Theory and I have an update post coming very soon as I have actual results to share with you all in terms of progress numbers (which I know SO many of you have asked about in the last several months). I'm also focusing a lot on fitness right now as we lead up to the wedding as that is one of my main priorities and it's crazy how much I enjoy it and how much happier it makes me.

Wearing: Both the Sweater and Jeans I'm wearing in the photos above are so well-made. I'm really impressed. They also both run big. size down one size (at least) in both! 

Drinking: I snapped a photo of the splash of blood orange seltzer that I rave so much about. It's SO good. I drink at least one a day. I also wanted to show you the glass I drink it out of as I shared this on instastories and many of you asked for the link. They are just your basic every day glasses and I love them. They are very thin so I wouldn't suggest them if you are rough with your glasses or if you have children. We have only broken one so far- they really are fragile. With that said, I absolutely love them! 

Listening: Love this Avicii tribute, Forever Yours

Loving: I love my Slip silk sleep mask and even my fiancĂ© has one and loves it. They just came out with this great headband that I really want for applying makeup/washing my face and doing my skin care routine! 

 I have this top in the faux suede in two colors and love it SO much. They just came out with a blush pink version and the texture on the fabric is gorgeous. Want!!

Pittsburgh-ing: This new restaurant/multi-purpose space opening up downtown looks really neat. It definitely looks like a concept that we don't have downtown yet, so I'm looking forward to checking it out!

Pittsburgh-ing II: The Trib just reported a tuiton increase for CMU (a university in Pittsburgh) is now up to $77k per year (this price includes room/board/dining). I can't believe a 4-year college education is costing parents/students over $300k nowadays. Even when I graduated a little less than 10 years ago, that number was so much lower for a private university. 

Quoting: 'You're only as pretty as you treat people.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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