Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My Enneagram

It's Valentine's week so I thought it only appropriate to be decked out in the brightest of pink! This top was gifted to me by Sail to Sable, a favorite brand of mine as they offer classic styles with a modern twist and everything is always high quality! We are giving away a $1000 shopping spree over on Instagram to one lucky winner so definitely check that out if you are also a fan of Sail to Sable

Anyway, today's photos have nothing to do with the topic of what I am chatting about! Today I wanted to chat about Enneagrams. Have you heard of this? I actually found out about this years ago and have been fascinated with it ever since. It's a personality test of sorts but you really need to read about it on the website to understand it as it is slightly complicated. The 'personalities' are sorted into 9 categories and the theory is that each of us has one of these personalities as our 'strongest'. The enneagram website charges you to take the test but I took it for free, here. The one I took gives you your top 3 and although I'm not quite sure how accurate it is comparatively when I read the results, I feel that it is spot on. I have also found a bunch of other free versions online (this is also a good and quick one) and I always get the same results... 

It's really eye-opening and for me, reading my results made me feel so understood! I am a 3: The Achiever on the enneagram scale and a close second is 1: The Perfectionist. The third is an 8: The Challenger. 

Even if you don't read into enneagrams too much, when you take the test and read your top result, it really is wild how accurate some of the characteristics are!! I had my fiancĂ© take it was fun to read up on what he was, too! I think it can really give you an insight into another person's personality and it reminded me a bit of the love language test, too (my top love language is acts of service followed by quality time).  

Have you ever done one of these tests? I took personality tests in middle/high school but now I can't remember what I am. I'll have to take one and find out soon!


Mackenzie said...

Yes I love personality tests!! I am type 2: the helper :)

mlb said...

This is a great color on you! I am a 3 with a 2 wing.

Kelly said...

I love the Enneagram! I'm a 7 (enthusiast) married to a 3. It's helped us a lot in understanding ourselves & each other / what motivates us.

Lauren said...

I have not heard of Enneagram before, but I love personality tests!


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