Friday, February 7, 2020

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

With Valentine's Day just one week away, I thought I would share some little gifts you can snag for your significant other (and some 'bigger' ones). I included mostly Prime items as they will ship quickly! We don't do much in terms of gifts for Valentine's Day. I like to fill a basket full of things... they're all things that you might put in a Christmas stocking! 

Do you do gifts? I think it's fun to be surprised with little gifts that show you really know your significant other. I also think inexpensive gifts are so much tougher than pricier gifts and I always love a challenge. 

A few I wanted to highlight... I got my fiancé a Goyard wallet when I was in Paris in 2017 and he LOVES it. My fiancé isn't super brand conscious but he does like Goyard so this really scored me some points. You can't buy Goyard online, but you can find a bunch of other designer brand wallets. This Gucci one is cute (also love this that is less $$ and more classic)! We cook with this brand of salt all of the time. It's SO good. My fiancé loved this book and read it on one of our vacations... it's great for those into basketball! This 'sidekick' pairs with Yeti coolers as a place to store your keys/wallet/etc. but also great for things like silverware, napkins, koozies, too. My future mother-in-law got us the Yeti Cooler for Christmas so this little add on seems like something that would make for a fun gift! I got my fiancé a photo mug with a collage of photos of Henry and he seriously almost cried when he opened it- he loves it SO much. 

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