Friday, March 6, 2020

8 Instagram Accounts I Love to Follow

It's safe to say that my instagram feed brings me joy. I follow so many inspiring men and women. I think it's very important to curate who you follow! Today I'm sharing a few accounts that I enjoy following. 

@things.i.bough.and.liked // This is a favorite of mine. She keeps herself anonymous but she lives in Houston and basically just shares items that she loves and recommends. Not only that but she is insanely witty and always has me cracking up with her posts. 

@hannahstaffordtaylor// Hannah is as chic as can be! Her style and her life are so inspiring! Plus, her children are just adorable and she dresses them so beautifully. 

@aerin// Not only do I love her eponymous brand, but her taste and style is just to die for. She has traditional tastes with an updated twist which I just love. 

@sweetshadylane// Heather's home is just drool-worthy and she shares sneak peeks into her daily life and decorating! 

@imagineitdone// Organization brings me such joy and Lisa's organization company is incredible. She shares lots of tips and tricks in her instastories daily and has such a personality! If you are a New Yorker, this might be an especially beneficial follow as she is NYC-based and often recommends great companies in the area to help clean your home!

@juliaroseboston// This is a more recent follow for me. Warning- do not follow if you are easily tempted to spend, ha!!! She features the most beautiful high-end designer handbags (think Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc). I don't know where or how she finds them, but she is always sharing the latest on instastories and they are available for sale. I have tried to purchase several times, but when I go to swipe up, the item has already sold, so if you like something, act fast! 

@eholmes// Elizabeth is a reporter and currently working on a book! She covers royal news and I love the way she covers it- she is very 'fair' and often explains why certain things happen. She also does 'So Many Thoughts' which is a segment on her instastories where she adds her thoughts and witty comments to photos of royals! 

@thriftandtell// This account is all about buying vintage or consignment items. It's mostly fashion, but every once in a while, she will share her thrift store/antique store finds for the home. If you are looking to buy something second-hand, you get all of the best tips, here! In her instastories, she shares her favorite items from sites like Fashionphile and The Real Real. 

There are so many more amazing follows but this list is getting long so I will save more for another day! Is there an account that brings you joy and that you love to follow? Share in the comments!


Cat said...

I find EHolmes unfairly nitpicky of Kate/William so unfollowed her, but LOVE From Berkshire to Buckingham for royal coverage -- thorough, thoughtful, balanced. Highly recommend!

Lauren said...

all of these are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these!



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