Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Here to share some small joys with all of you. I hope it will encourage you to look into your days and pick out even the littlest of things that are making you happy right now. I've always loved to collect my little happy moments and review them. I think it helps me to stay grateful no matter what life throws my way! 

Fresh sheets.

Walking Henry. 

A New Episode of Before the 90 Days. 

Bruster's Ice Cream. 

Little Tokyo and Cucina Bella Takeout. 

Trader Joe's splash of sparkling seltzer water. 

Marietta Angeli Cuvee Cabernet. 

Setting a pretty table. 

Small home projects to keep us busy. 

Burning a new candle. 

Fresh flowers. 

Really good vintage home Ebay finds. 

Coffee each morning. 

So much time with my fiancĂ©. 

A great pajama selection.

Lots of time to clean and organize. 

Warmer temperatures and sunnier days ahead (hopefully). 

Casamigos cocktails. 

Van Morrison and Bob Marley on repeat. 

The pedicure I gave myself turned out pretty nice!  

Nancy Meyers movies. 

Chik Fil A Cobb Salad. 

Seeing our neighbors out and about in their yards on their porches, etc. 

Flowers starting to bloom and trees have buds on them!


tina said...

I see myself in you. Because I also love those little things that bring joy. even if its a new lipstick :)

Farrah said...

Nothing beats fresh sheets! My Muzzie always hung her sheets and towels out on the clothesline. When I would sleep over the sheets always smelled heavenly. And now I love when I get into the bed on Sundays (laundry day).

Hillary said...

I try to start each day by thinking of the three things I'm thankful for and it's amazing how it has helped my mood! Sometimes just remembering there is a diet coke waiting in the fridge for when I take my lunch break is all I need to get through the morning.


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