Monday, May 4, 2020

Products I'm Loving

Since we have been at home so long, I thought I would share some of the items I notice I'm getting a ton of use out of! 

Striped Pajamas// These need no introduction, but if you are new here, you can read this extensive blog post

Mockneck Sweatshirt// Gosh this is one of my very favorites. I have it in both the gray and the blush pink. It went on sale yesterday for $14.99 which is crazy. You guys sold it out in like an hour! Crazy!!!! But keep checking if it is back in stock because it comes in and out of stock often. These sweatshirts are so cute and such high quality for the low price. I love them! 

Joggers//  I love these joggers. I ordered these back in March and have been wearing them non-stop. The subtle tie-dye is about as far as I'll go in terms of that trend, but they're cute and comfortable (and inexpensive!). 

White Tee Shirt// This is my favorite white tee. I am always wearing it! You can see my review post, here.

Sneakers// These were a relatively new pair of sneakers before quarantine started and now I'm just obsessed with them. They have such a nice cushion that adds a lot of 'spring' into every step. 

Bralette// I've worn these for years. They're just the best for lounging around! 

Shampoo// This is a new-to-me product but I LOVE it. It's supposed to make your hair blonder, which I'm not quite convinced it makes a ton of difference in terms of color but the smell is incredible. It's grapefruit and it's powerful... so fresh and perfect for summer. It also makes my hair feel soft and clean. Could not recommend this more! 

Throw Blanket// We have a lot of really nice throw blankets and I favor one for a few weeks and then another the next few weeks. The past week or two, I've been loving this one. It's soft on one side and crisp on the other! 

White Jeans// These are 'jeans' but they are really the softest fabric. The fit is very relaxed. They almost look like a flowy linen pant, but without all of the wrinkles that linen gets. These are seriously as comfortable as sweatpants so I wear these when I want to feel 'polished'. 

Leggings// I have been on a quest to find a legging that tops these. I have tried SO many in the past year or so but nothing ever tops these. These are my ride or die. They're sweat-wicking, they fit so nicely, wash well, hold their shape... the list goes on! 

Mug// I have so many beautiful mugs, but I truly favor this one. It's large so it holds a lot of coffee but at the same time, it is made of bone china and feels and looks elegant. The best part is that you can put it in the dishwasher. 

Resistance Bands// Having resistance bands are so great for a workout. I am lucky to have some dumbbells, too, but I know those are hard to find right now so I definitely recommend snagging the bands for some added 'toughness' in your workouts! You can see more of my Amazon favorites, here

Perfume// I have been spritzing this on to give myself a little mood boost. It's a little luxury and the scent just makes me so happy. 

Top Coat// I have done my nails a few times and this is the topcoat I have been loving. It's easy to apply and super shiny! 

Diffuser// I have these in all 3 of our bathrooms. This scent is a nice light summer scent and they're never too overpowering in a small room. 

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Anonymous said...

Just ordered the huge mug & the top coat! Perfect for these work from home times. -KLV in PHL


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