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So You Want to Go Greek

*I'm re-posting this from it's original post date of January 2. I thought I would re-post it for anyone that is thinking about rushing this fall! Enjoy!*

I started this blog about a year and a half ago, and I have received so many questions about sororities in general. Usually when they are specific, they deal with the rushing/recruitment aspect. Well, I have finally decided to do a post on rushing a sorority.
Rushing is not for everyone. However, for me personally, it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I am not going to persuade you to rush, but if you know you want to, here are some tips! This post is based on spring rush but, I will do another post based on fall rush when the time comes.
For starters, regardless of the seasons, you should bring a tote to wherever you meet to start the rounds. The tote should be packed with anything and everything you could possibly need. At my school, rush is a 6 day period and lasts many hours at a time so you want to make sure you are well prepared. Plus, arriving prepared will help you to feel more at ease!
Above are a lot of things that I would highly suggest that you have.
  • Prepare for the weather-- Bring a rain jacket and umbrella, just in case. If it's going to be freezing, bring gloves, hat, scarf, and jacket. You do not want to be miserable. 
  • Bring snacks-- But don't bring anything that is too messy, too heavy or too smelly. Granola bars and pretzels are perfect along with fruit such as apples or bananas. These are healthy and easily transportable-- they won't make a mess and they are sure to leave you satisfied but not slow you down. Do not skip meals-- you would think this would be a no brainer but there have been many girls who have passed out during recruitment.
  • Bring bobby pins, hair spray, make-up, etc. Anything that you would need to touch your hair or make-up up. 
  • Water, coffee, tea, diet coke, etc. Whatever you drink, bring it. Talking a lot will potentially make your throat sore, your mouth dry, and ultimately dehydrate you. If you are drinking something like coffee, have mints on hand so you never have smelly breath! DO NOT chew gum. If you must, do so in between rounds. It is no fun chatting with someone who is loudly chewing their gum and most definitely not lady-like.
After your bag is all packed and ready to go, deciding what to wear is next. Every school does rush slightly different and some schools do it completely different. At my school, there is no dress code at all. Girls are not even given a direction on what to wear so it is up to you. I did fall rush and wore skirts and dresses for every round, and then preference round (also referred to as "pref")I wore a cocktail dress and heels. I know at some schools, they all have to wear the same recruitment shirt that is given to them and jeans because they don't want biased judgments based on what they are wearing. If that is the case at your school, dress up the shirt as much as possible, wear your nicest jeans, your best flats, and spend more time on your hair and makeup. However, if you can wear whatever you like, I would suggest to always overdress.When in doubt, wear a dress.
This is if you know rush is going to be casual and it is appropriate to wear jeans. I will always suggest that you go with a dress or skirt, but if you are told to wear pants, then these are all great options.

These are some skirt ideas. It's hard to incorporate color into a dressy winter wardrobe so these are just a few ideas that can add color. A few tips:
  • Do not wear anything that is too low cut, too short, or too revealing in anyway. Dress conservatively/classy and lady-like. If you are even questioning if your skirt or dress is too short, add tights or just don't wear it.
  • Don't change your style just for rush. Don't wear something that you wouldn't normally wear. If it's not your style or personality, then don't wear it. Rush is about being yourself and finding where you fit in, it is not about trying to make yourself fit into a place that you won't. 
  • You want to look nice, presentable, and classy, but be sure to be comfortable. If you are not a person that wears heels regularly, or doesn't do well in heels, then the best idea is to skip the heels and wear cute flats. 

These are ideas if you know that you need to be dressed up. At my school, these looks would be perfect for pref round. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. No matter the weather, season, or occasion, a little black dress is the classic way to go. However, if you want to punch it up with some color, then more power to you. As for jewelry, keep it simple. Don't go too trendy. Stick to your good jewelry and leave the costume jewelry at home.

A side note: If you are rushing as a sophomore or you school only offers rush starting your sophomore year, a few tips:
  • By now you have heard all of the stereotypes of each sorority. You have formed your opinions based on what you have seen and the people you have talked to around campus. You may even have a bunch of friends all in one sorority. Throw all of this out of the window. You need to get yourself in an unbiased mindset. Just because you know three girls in one sorority doesn't mean that that is where you need to be. Also, just because one sorority has a "bad" reputation, give it a chance, you never know, it might turn out to be your favorite house!
  • Don't judge a book by its' cover. If one sorority house is nicer or prettier or better than another, this is all just aesthetics. Chances are, they rented all of the furniture and had a housekeeping service come and completely clean the house from top to bottom. The house will not always look so pristine, therefore it is very impractical to judge a sorority on the aesthetics.
  • As far as sororities wanting freshman over sophomores-- This is mostly a myth. I can't speak for every sorority in the entire world, but sophomores are just as good as freshman--However, in the end, if it was between an amazing freshman and an amazing sophomore, and there was only one spot left, I am willing to bet the freshman would get the spot over the sophomore and the reason is because the freshman will have more opportunity for leadership over the years. 
  • A side note to freshman and incoming freshman: If you are sure you are rushing, but can't decide to rush fall, spring, or fall of your sophomore year, I will always recommend to rush fall of your freshmen year. It's best to get as much time out of your sorority as you can!
As far as conversation goes, when speaking to a sister, don't be afraid to ask questions. I was very concerned that I was not going to have time for my school work so I asked, and each house gave me different answers. In the end, I was very glad I asked. To speak from the other side, I love when girls ask me questions that they have, it shows that they have interest and really want to be where they are. Another thing to avoid: No talk of alcohol or fraternities/fraternity men or partying in general. It's tacky, and unbecoming. You should most definitely not be joining a sorority because of the parties and the frat boys.  

One last thing to consider: A sorority is a financial commitment. Each semester you are required to pay your dues in full. Some sororities have payment plans where you can pay a set amount each month but some do not and you are required to pay dues in full, up front. If you are paying your dues yourself, make sure you find out what each sorority's dues are and make sure you set aside enough to cover your dues.  If you are blessed enough to have your parents paying your dues, make sure they are aware of the cost and make sure they are on board with your decisions. As for how much a sorority costs, I can't really give a number because each school is different but if I had to guess, the most inexpensive dues would be around $400 a semester, but dues can go well up into multiple thousands. 

I hope this helps anyone that is thinking about rushing a sorority! Remember not to let yourself get stressed out, it should be a fun and exciting process. Just be yourself and everything will go smoothly! Have a fabulous day!


Portuguese Prepster said...

This is such an amazing post for all girls thinking about rushing! great job!

beachside cottage Linda said...

HI there - I am way past college days and sorority rushing (I graduated Smith College - one of the Seven Sisters - they phased-out sororities because of the political environment, but each house kept its "personality and traditions"), and I think it is so gracious of you to honestly share to other young ladies what to expect if they want to join one.

You are such a lady and shining example to the generations coming up today!

Best Wishes,

beachside cottage

Café Moka said...

I didn't know you had to pay to be in a sorority! (We don't have sororities in Québec) I'm shocked ha!!!

Marissa said...
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Walkin'onSunshine said...

Hey, just wanted to drop a note saying that your blog has helped me so much since finding it. I really enjoy seeing the outfits you put together which helps me when I am having a bad wardrobe day!


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