Monday, July 30, 2012

Unii: Creative Makeup Accessory and Lilly Pulitzer sale!

I get sent a lot of samples/products to try out and 9/10, (think shampoos/conditioners, hair products, make-up, scents, etc.), I don't share the products on here. Mainly because I don't love them and sometimes I hate them so much that I send them back (Suave dry shampoo... yeah, don't buy that).

However, I was sent a product recently and I have to share because it is so neat and unique (plus the product was designed by a woman and Unii is woman owned). I'm not really a makeup junkie or "in-the-know" with the latest and greatest, but to me, this is really innovative.

This palette is called the Unii. It's heavy plastic and pretty large compared to any other palette I've seen. It's about the size of two iPhones. When you open the clasp (which is really strong so it won't ever open in your purse or makeup bag), there is a huge mirror.

This is what the palette looks like inside before you add the makeup pans. The pink bubbles in the bottom right corner are a removable thumb grip (I took mine out because it seemed a bit useless).

This thing is genius. It fits a Benefit Bella Bamba blush, too-faced leopard bronzer, sephora eye shadow, MAC eye shadow, Philosophy palette, and Lancome palette. It was really annoying trying to "depot" my eye shadows (you can see that I couldn't entirely depot the Philosophy eye palette). There were even some eyeshadow casualties... including one of my favorite Smashbox palettes, so practice on old eyeshadows before you attempt to depot your favorites. I had to watch a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do it and this is the best one I found:

The girl in the video uses a Unii so you can see it in action. The only thing I changed about the steps in this video is that instead of a knife (seriously that's super dangerous and freaked me out!!) I used a combination of a safety pin and a flat screwdriver.

The only thing I disliked about this product is that it is substantial in weight... mainly because it's good quality. But sometimes, the heavy weight is really noticeable in a smaller handbag. Other than that, it saves a ton of space in my makeup bag and handbags. It also saves money in the long run because you can purchase makeup without the packaging. Check out MAC's website and you can save (on average) $3ish for each product.  Here are some of my favorite "depottable" makeup products (scroll through and click on your favorites for details):

What are your favorite products? Have you tried to depot? Have you tried Unii?

As a side note, Country Squire Haberdashery, a Summer Wind sponsor, has let me know that all men's Lilly Pulitzer  is 40% off this week only! If you mention Summer Wind, you also get FREE shipping!

Have a fabulous day! Yours,
 **Please note that this was not a sponsored post. I was sent the product but not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Preps Know Best said...

With broken eyeshadows, bronzers, etc, if you crush up the rest of the broken palette (until it is practically dust) and spread it evenly throughout the pan, then use a little bit of rubbing alcohol (teaspoon it in until you feel like there is enough) then cover with a paper towel and press with a quarter or another flat surface & it totally fixes any broken makeup! there are tutorials about it on YouTube. This little trick has saved me so much money since I can fix it instead of buying a new one! Hopefully this trick can save your Smashbox palette!

Grace said...

That palette sounds really great actually! I've never tried depotting, and am in no rush to, though, I'm definitely not skilled enough for that, haha.

Lisette said...

Wow i've never heard of uni before! Sounds very cool, i'll have to look into it!


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