Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Fun Shirt

In my opinion, my dad is one of the best dressed guys in the entire world. During my junior year of college, my parents came down to visit me at JMU for my 21st birthday weekend. One night, a fraternity was having a band party at their house. Of course, I wanted to bring my parents along... to a frat basement. My parents loved every second of it! I distinctly remember my dad wearing Brooks Brothers madras pants, boat shoes, needlepoint belt and a button down shirt and the guys coming up to me all night telling me how cool my dad was...My response? Well, duhhhh. Such a proud daughter moment!

I posted this photo of my daddy and I on Twitter several weeks ago and it reminded me to post about the infamous fun shirt... also known as the party shirt to some. 

I think that everyone (male or female) should have a fun shirt in their wardrobe. The one my dad is wearing in the above photo is Brooks Brothers. While they don't make that exact shirt anymore, there are plenty of other wild options! Brooks Brothers' Blog posted about the go-to-hell shirt last year and you can read about it, here

Brooks Brothers. While I wish this wasn't crafted in their non-iron material and rather made in an oxford cloth, the pastel hues caught my eye. 
Brooks Brothers. For the gentleman that may have to work on the 4th of July, this is the shirt for you. Or for play, I envision it with navy shorts embroidered with stars all over and sperrys. Talk about a great outfit, boys. 

Brooks Brothers. My dad has this one, too, and it's even more fun in person. 

Brooks Brothers. For all of the mini prepsters out there, this shirt is calling your name... OK, I admit that if BB still had my size in stock, it would have been added to my closet already. 

For other versions, check out Vineyard Vines. They offer a polo (hello 1980's!) and a shirt for men.. sigh... VV make it for women too!  Have a fabulous day!

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Your daddy is so cute!


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