Thursday, October 9, 2014

What I Love About Fall

This is such a 'basic' post but I do a post like this every year because there are just so many things I love about fall. It's truly my favorite season. (Hence my entire Pinterest board devoted to it
  • New school supplies. I still get them, even though I'm two years out of college. 
  • Hot drinks: Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Venti Black coffees, YUM. 
  • Makers and apple cider. Yum, yum, yum. 
  • Keeneland (SO sad I can't go with my family this year... #adultproblems)

  • Barbour jackets-- literally one of my favorite purchases ever. And there is really nothing better than #BoysInBarbour... love. 
  • Plaid-- All plaids are welcome in my wardrobe, I don't discriminate.
  • The cutest costumes for children come out. Cannot resist chubby babies dressed as pumpkins. SO CUTE.  
  • Cashmere everything.
  • Steelers Sunday. #HereWeGo
  • Homeland and Scandal are on again. You probably shouldn't speak to me on Sunday nights. I take my Homeland watching seriously. 
  • Friday Night Lights: Gotta love some good old high school football... I'm going to my high school's homecoming game. It's against our biggest rival. Still so pumped about it even after all the years! 
  • Pumpkin beer. I really don't like beer, but there is something about a pumpkin beer that I love to sip on. 
  • Fires. Outside, in the fireplace, they're all  amazing. 
  • Blankets on blankets. 
  • Fall scented candles. I'm obsessed when it comes to this! This one is my current favorite, but for a less pricey option, I love this one

  • What are your favorite things about fall? Have a fabulous day! 


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