Wednesday, January 11, 2017

10 Ways to Declutter Your Life in 5 Minutes

New year, new you? Not so much for me. I'm not huge into new year's resolutions. I think we should always be striving to be the best we can be and that means working on things year-round. However, there are definitely things you can be doing right now to jumpstart your success.

I really don't like clutter. Crisp and clean is what I love and I truly believe it helps me to be calmer and less stressed! With that said, clutter can really build up. This is especially true after the holiday season when you have leftover gift bags strewn around, new gifts you received that don't yet have a home, a refrigerator/pantry filled with leftovers, etc. 

Since it's gross and cold outside (or am I just speaking for Pittsburgh?!), now is the perfect time to tackle indoor tasks. None of us have days to devote to decluttering, so I've compiled 10 of my favorite ways to declutter in about 5 minutes. Do a task each day and by the end of 2 weeks, you'll already feel like you've tackled something in 2017! 

Unsubscribe from Emails
I am totally one of 'those people' that cannot have any red notifications on their phone. Ever e-mail gets opened and sorted. However, I jut did this and it's something you should, too! Go through your inbox and see what you can unsubscribe from. It takes all of a few minutes and you'll already feel better the next day when you wake up to an emptier inbox!

Declutter your Hair Accessories
Is it just me or do bobby pins secretly vanish? Do hair ties have a shelf life? And why do I always lose a 'tooth' on all of my claw clips?! Go through all of your hair bands/elastics/etc. Get rid of the broken ones, the ties on their last leg, etc. Gather all of your bobby pins back together and put them into one place. Or you could even toss them all out and start entirely fresh. 

Do all of your Laundry
In reality, this takes more than 5 minutes. But it really only takes a few minutes to sort everything out into loads and toss it into the washer. I'm a huge proponent of not letting your laundry basket get to the point of overflowing. I'm the worst, though, when it comes to actually folding the laundry. I let it sit for too long, so that's something I am going to work on! 

Clean out your Refrigerator
This may take you 2 minutes or this could take you much longer depending on the state of your refrigerator. For me, I have a rather small fridge and I'm only one person, so this is quick and easy. I look for anything expired/gone bad and then assess what I may need more of on my next grocery trip. I also get rid of random condiments. For example, I love dirty martinis and had excess olive jars sans 'juice' that just needed to be tossed. I also find that you can have full cans/tubs of things in your refrigerator that you know you'll never eat or use after the holidays. Consider donating them (if possible) or pass them along to someone you know will make use of them. For example, I have a giant bottle of cranberry juice in my refrigerator that's never been opened. It's leftover from a cocktail I was making around the holidays. I know my friend Danielle likes cranberry juice, so I'm passing it along to her! There's no sense in letting anything go to waste if you can help it. 

Delete Photos and Apps on Your Phone
This is a good one because you can do it anywhere and you don't even need to be on WiFi/ have service to do it! I typically reserve this task for when I am on a flight. I just got the iPhone 7plus this fall and it has a ton of storage. However, I still don't like having miscellaneous photos/screenshots/etc. throughout my phone. It's great to go through everything and delete what you don't need. Deleting apps can also save you a ton of storage space if that's something you are tight on! 

Create a Detailed Task List
This is not necessarily something that will declutter your life, but it will get you on the right track to start decluttering. I always make a list, and then afterward, I kind of fill in the blanks. For example, my car needs to be taken in to be repaired. I keep putting it off. So I add the phone number and stick it right next to my calendar, so the next time, I can take the 5 minutes to call and set an appointment on my calendar. Another example, I need to run to the mall to get a gift for someone. I write down 'go to mall', but afterward, I add 'gift for ___ at ___ by 1/26'. That way I give myself the exact task and a deadline. It's kind of like when you were in college and created outlines for papers. This is just that!

Follow/Unfollow on Social Media
This may seem rude to some, but do you find yourself overwhelmed trying to keep up with social media? With so many different platforms, it's hard to even keep up with the latest one! Unfollowing those who don't bring you joy, or who may make you feel less than stellar, or just random junk you don't need to be seeing can be very cleansing. 

I also find that adding people to follow (on Instagram) can also be therapeutic, inspire you, and can make it feel like your feed has been renewed and refreshed! Some of my latest follows that bring me joy are: The Enchanted Home (Tina's feed is chock full of gorgeous #DecorGoals), Hello Dobson (so much color and bright, fun inspiration), Sam Kolder (the photos and videos are incredible and I want his life #TravelGoals), Taylor Cut Films (Jordan does really helpful lightroom tutorials on Instagram stories!), Paravel (my newest luggage obsession), Laura Slatkin (founder of Nest Fragrances, she hosts the most exquisite parties and has impeccable taste!). 

Fold Your Clothes
Whether it is laundry, a wayward stack of sweaters in your closet, or those 5 sweatshirts hanging over the back of a chair (#Guilty), take the time to fold or refold clothes. You can start this by just doing a small pile from your closet each day. That way, by the end of the week, your closet will look cleaner, not to mention, you may even find a few pieces along the way to toss/donate! 

Sort Your Paper
It seems as though there is always a small stack of papers on my desk. Receipts, bills, notes, lists, etc. It drives me nuts to see these things and they all have a place, but just haven't made it there yet. Take a minute to file papers where they belong. If they are on your desk because you need to take action with them, file them away, but while you're filing, create a to-do list. That way, everything is put away and neat, but you can still remember what you need to do with each one. 

Put Things 'Away'
This seems so straightforward but if you really make an effort to do this daily, it will help you feel so much better. For example, when you walk in the door, do you set your keys down on the kitchen counter when they really belong on a hook? I am definitely guilty when it comes to handbags and shoes. I kick off my shoes and just leave them laying around and when I get home, I leave my handbags right in my kitchen. As I'm typing this, I have three bags sitting on my kitchen counter... I guess that will be my 5 minutes of decluttering for today! 

Do you have any quick decluttering tips? I would love to know them! 


Amanda said...

Love this post and I can totally relate to all your examples!

Anonymous said...

I never go to bed unless all the things on my To-Do List are done.

I might be sweeping my kitchen floor at 9:30 p.m., but I am so happy when I wake up!! Plus I always "look ahead". If I am cooking, I try to make more so I always have something to eat and
never have to make bad choices. Plus I generally just stay on a schedule.

As for the laundry, just wash a load before you leave the house. When you get home, put it in the dryer and fold while you are watching the news. Do this twice a week and you stay on top of it!

Now and especially in the coming weeks it is an excellent time to search Ebay because people will be organizing and divesting themselves of unwanted gifts. It's a great time to score some deals and even put away some goodies for later!

Lauren said...

Unsuscribeing from emails is something I so need to do! Love all of you coffee table books!


Chic in Carolina said...

Oh my gosh, love this! 5 minutes is such a great period of time for getting those little tasks done!



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