Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday Shopping

Happy weekend! This weekend is filled with fun, which is great considering I was sick all last weekend! It is also SUPER hot here... mid to upper 90's. I am so not a fan of that type of heat!

In shopping news, Tuckernuck just added a bunch of new items to their sale section so it's really worth checking out! I just ordered these pajamas because they are on sale and are so nice. I also updated the 'home' widget in the right sidebar, so check that out if you are looking for some pretty decor. I'm trying to hold off on buying sweaters because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale always has some really great high-end options. However, this sweater (in camel or navy-hard to choose!!) is simply stunning!! 

Reminding you to fill out my form for what you'd like to see during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! You'll be entered to win a $50 Nordstrom gift card if you enter in your e-mail! I really appreciate all of your feedback so far- it helps so much!! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

When I Realized I Was An Adult

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At what point did you realize you were an adult? I know that sounds like a silly question, but stay with me. Legally, in the United States, you're an adult at 18. But let me tell you- I was definitely not an adult at 18.

What is an adult? Merriam-Webster defines an adult as 'fully developed and mature.' says it is 'a person who has attained the age of maturity as specified by law.' 

You can drive at 16. You can vote at 18. You can drink at 21. You can rent a car at 25. Do these things make you an 'adult'? I'm not quite sure. 

Are you an adult once you graduate from sitting at the kid's table on holidays (I still sit at the kid's table)? Are you an adult once you own your own home? Once you have children of your own? Once you adopt an animal?

When do you 'become' an adult? I asked myself this question in a blog post five years ago. I was 23. It's funny to read now. 

When I was younger, I thought becoming an adult was something that happened overnight. You're a child and then a teenager. Then, you go to college, graduate, and poof- you are out in the real world as an adult

I just turned 28 in April. That number sounds old to me. I know it's not. I don't feel old. But it sounds old. Besides old, it sounds very adult, too. And very close to 30. Woah.

For most of my 20's, I have felt like a 'fake' adult. What's that saying about a wolf in sheep's clothing? I have often felt like 'a child in adult's clothing'. I think a lot of you in your 20's might be able to understand what I mean and quite possibly even be able to relate. 

Ever since I graduated college I was always wondering when I would feel like an adult? And the answer is that I still feel like I'm a child sometimes, but you know what? At 28 I feel way more like an adult than a child.

I thought I would share that feeling with you all because when I take requests for content each month, there is a reoccurring theme and that is growing up and navigating life. It's such a broad topic and there are so many small specific questions that you all ask. So, I thought I would open it up first with a discussion between all of us here!

So tell me in the comments, when did you start to feel like a 'real' adult? If you don't know 'when', what types of life experiences made you think to yourself 'wow I'm really an adult'? 

Here's my answer: I started feeling like a true adult mid-27 and onward. The specific, random types of things that make me feel like an adult have been: investing, wearing sensible shoes over high heels, going to certain bars and feeling way too old, getting my own health insurance, thinking and planning for retirement, preferring a night-in, being more conscious of my overall health, taking care of Henry, realizing one of my favorite movies (The Parent Trap) is 20 years old, hearing that 18-year-olds were born in 2000! A lot of these are silly, but they really do make me feel like an adult. 

A more broad reason as to why I feel like an adult is because I feel like I really know who I am. I know what I like and dislike. I know what I am willing to compromise on and what I am not. I know my worth. I care so much less about what anyone thinks of me. I have goals both personally and professionally. I know who my true friends are. I realize what is truly important in life. Overall, I feel like I have it together! But I also know I have so much to learn and I am willing and open to always learning new things to better myself.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lately 6/28/2018

I spent most of this past weekend on the couch. So considering I was on the mend come Monday made for a good week. I still felt a bit sluggish, but otherwise, getting better. It's always kind of weird to be sick during the summer months!

This weekend is filled with fun plans with friends, so it has me excited! Tonight we are celebrating a friend's birthday with a big dinner and tomorrow one of my best friends will be in town so I will get together with her! I'm hoping the weather will hold out as I'd like to get some pool time, too. My tan is seriously lacking!

Wearing: I think this gorgeous lemon print dress might be my most favorite piece of the summer thus far! I love the classic shape and the bow at the waist. The buttons down the front add a vintage feel. I can't wait to wear this for a multitude of occasions!

Questioning: This one is important! We are getting close to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Most bloggers post about it and it gets to a point where it becomes annoying. I get it. It's just a sale. I want to know what do you like to see in regard to the Anniversary Sale? What do you want to see from me? I plan on sharing my personal favorites and what I'll be purchasing, but other than that, what types of things do you like? It seemed like SO many of you enjoyed my try on last year where I included information about fit and quality so I'll be doing that again, too! Do you have a Nordstrom card and will you be shopping the early access or do you shop when it goes public to everyone? You can leave your feedback, here! It is totally anonymous but there is a spot to voluntarily leave your e-mail to be entered to win a $50 Nordstrom gift card. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I will only share what you guys want to see and promise not to shove it down your throats! 

Eating: I wish I was eating these Buzz Pop Cocktails! They're alcoholic fruit sorbet cocktails that are under 100 calories, vegan and gluten-free and apparently, they contain more alcohol than a glass of wine! I am headed to the lake in just two weeks and I thought these would be PERFECT for the week. But then I saw the cost. With shipping, it becomes $135 for a pack of 8 which makes each individual pop almost $17. They also charge separate shipping for every set of 8 that you buy... why? I'm not sure. I could see paying $17/pop if you were buying these in a restaurant/bar/etc.because of a markup, but not if you are buying them to enjoy in your home! Hopefully, they'll become available in grocery stores because they sound amazing!

Eating II: I just love making salmon. The easiest way (in my opinion) to make it is to marinate it in Trader Joe's soyaki and then bake it at 400 for 15-20 mins! One of my all-time favorite at-home meals. 

Drinking: Gatorade Glacier Freeze. You know the blue Gatorade frost? I always crave this when I am sick. I don't know what it is. I never drink Gatorade otherwise. Does anyone else love this flavor? This is the only flavor we drank during our 2-a-days for cheerleading camp in high school so drinking it always brings back fond memories. 

Reading: Just got this book in the mail. Very excited to read. Has anyone read it?!

Sale-ing: Check out my post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, here!

 I've gotten back into Grey's Anatomy. I stopped around season 7 or something like that and now I'm invested again. I'm currently on season 10 and cannot get enough! Do you still watch Grey's? 

Listening: I've been listening to my 'Sunday Morning' playlist a lot. It's very 'chill' and easy to listen to whether your working or cooking dinner!

Loving: Sorry about the awful photos, but they are the only ones I had of these pajamas. I am OBSESSED. I am such a pajama person and these are so silky soft. I got a size medium because I like my pajamas roomy but I would still say they run true to size- a small would have been fine! I'm honestly considering buying the green and I also just got these because they are on sale. I hope this brand is included in the Nordstrom sale because it's a gem!

Loving II: This Morrocan Oil After sun lotion is amazing. It sprays right onto your body... similar to the way a perfume bottle sprays. The scent is super light and then you smooth it all over like lotion and you're hydrated! It drys so quickly and makes your skin so soft as if you covered yourself in lotion! Such a different product- I have never tried anything like it! 

Wanting: So many things this week! I also updated the 'home' widget on the sidebar to the right. 

Quoting: 'Don't tell people your plans, show them your results.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hermes Look Alike Scarf

hermes cashmere silk shawl

hermes cashmere silk shawl

hermes cashmere silk shawl

hermes cashmere silk shawl
I'm a huge fan of Hermes. From their classic enamel bracelets to sandals to blankets and scarves, I can't get enough. While I realize that Hermes is a serious splurge, there are a lot of high-quality looks for less out there. I have found a really good one that I just have to share with you all.

I had always wanted a Hermes cashmere and silk shawl. It's just so elegant and classic. I also loved the much larger size so I could use it as a wrap, too! It's lightweight so you can wear it year round. I eventually splurged and got the scarf and absolutely love it. I wear it often for travel or even as a winter scarf that makes a great pop of color. 
Hermes Look Alike Scarf
For a long time, I struggled to find a scarf that is similar in size with a gorgeous print. Enter these scarves.  They look so much like a Hermes scarf it's incredible. Plus, there are so many colors and prints to choose from and they're all under $100! They're huge (51"x51") only about 4" smaller than the Hermes shawls! 
Hermes Look Alike Scarf

Hermes Look Alike Scarf

While the scarf is made from polyester it really doesn't feel cheap or fake. It drapes nicely and the colors are vibrant! I think this is one of the best 'looks for less' you can find, especially for the price. I personally love the blue print just because I wear so much blue and white!

As you can see, I've tied the scarves in this post a few different ways. Really, the options are endless and that's why a scarf is one of my style necessities. You can wear a scarf in any season with everything from a summer dress to a winter coat to a black-tie gown!

You can see me styling the look for less scarf with a gorgeous white dress, here. Are you a scarf fan? Have you found any really good affordable gems?! I'd love to know! 

Shop the Under $100 Scarves:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

It's that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming. Here's what you need to know...

- Early access begins on Thursday, July 12th (for cardholders)
- Public access begins on Friday, July 20th
- Sale will end on Sunday, August 5th

The catalog was released yesterday. I wait for this with bated breath each year. 

It reminds me of my excitement for the arrival of the Big Toy Book from Toys 'R Us each year as a child. Callie and I would spend hours poring over the toys and adding stickers to all of our favorites. This blog post is a little bit like my 'stickered' catalog

The catalog doesn't feature everything that will be included in the sale, but a nice sample of things.  After looking it over, I'm a little disappointed. There wasn't too much I was crazy over. Although, there were a few stellar items, like this solitaire diamond necklace that will be majorly marked down by hundreds of dollars. It is similar to the diamond necklace that I wear daily! 

So here are a few of the items that jumped out to me... hoping there is a better selection once the sale goes live. I usually splurge on cashmere, designer shoes, and beauty products. 

Block Heel Pumps// These come in a few colors and are under $100. These are a great heel for someone just entering the working world or someone who is on their feet a lot since the block heel will be comfier! This will come in a lilac velvet, black suede, and white leather. 

Ruffle Neck Sweater// This is a great affordable basic that is offered in a neutral gray, beautiful blush pink, and two bold colors: blue and green. I would suggest going with the gray so it has the most versatility in your fall/winter wardrobe. 

Bow Slides// These come in 3 different colorways but in my opinion, the black are the way to go. They're trendy but also somewhat classic because of the neutral color and bow. They're very similar to the Prada bow mules that have been popular in year's past! 

Wool Topcoat// I don't know if primary colors are very 'in' for fall/winter, but I'm seeing a lot of it throughout the colors being offered in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. For example, I'm loving this beautiful, classic wool topcoat in gray, but it's also offered in red, green, blue, and yellow. The red would be beautiful around Christmas! This is the type of thing you want to look out for during the sale. 

Things that are well-made, classic/closet staples are going to be your best buys and also the best value. Think leather shoes, cashmere sweaters, fine jewelry, pricey skincare, winter coats, etc. 

Le Labo Fragrances// These are two of Le Labo's best and most popular fragrances. They are pricey but this set is a good value. Santal 33 is my favorite! 

Blush A-line Dress//  I think this was my favorite piece of clothing in the entire catalog. What a gorgeous blush color and a classic silhouette. It's by Eliza J., too, so you can expect high quality for a very reasonable price. A great dress for work or play. 

Diamond Solitaire Necklace// This necklace is being marked down by hundreds and brings it down well under $1000. I am constantly asked about the necklace that I never take off and this has a very similar look! 

Buckle Booties// These are certainly a designer splurge but aren't they so gorgeous? I've been into low-heeled/flat shoes lately. I find myself reaching less and less for my heeled shoes and these are just perfect. I also loved these and these in terms of booties on sale if you are looking for a less pricey alternative!

Cable Cardigan// I think this is going to be super popular. It's an oversized, cozy basic. I own so many sweaters like this and wear them as a robe or even just with leggings while out running errands. 

Adidas Sneakers// Adidas makes my favorite sneakers and I love the look of these. I was impressed with the selection of sneakers and athleisure! Also love these and these!

T3 Hairdryer// I have the white and rose gold version of this dryer and it is my absolute favorite! I use it every time I dry my hair. It dries it so quickly! Speaking of hair tools, I am really curious about this beachwaver! I have heard good things! 

Charlotte Tilbury Palette// CT has become one of my favorite makeup brands. The colors are so beautiful and natural and the products are very high quality. I'll definitely be ordering this palette. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! I also have the pencil and lipsticks in this set and they're so beautiful and neutral for everyday wear. 

Chanel Chance Perfume Set// I love this scent and I love that it comes with a travel perfume!

Diptyque Set// This is always a splurge but so worth it! I love placing these all around my apartment! These are also great to have on hand because you can break them up and give as gifts. Wrap the individual candle in clear cellophane with a cute matchbook and tie with a grosgrain bow. It makes for a lovely gift! 

One last tip- place a big order and return what you don't love. Nordstrom has an amazing return policy and it's better to snag it while it's in stock in your size than regret not getting it! When you receive your order, inspect the quality. A lot of the items in the sale are created specifically for the Anniversary sale- so the quality can be off!

Keep an eye out over on Instagram/stories because I'll be doing a fun giveaway during the sale that you definitely won't want to miss! 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Galley Beach, Nantucket

Galley Beach, Nantucket review

what to wear to galley beach nantucket

galley beach nantucket food photos

galley beach nantucket food photos

galley beach nantucket

galley beach sunset nantucket
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One of my very favorite spots on Nantucket is Galley Beach. If you have never been, it's an upscale restaurant settled right on the beach. The interiors at Galley Beach are stunning. Think nautical blues and whites, plenty of cozy lounge spots, cute bistro chairs, and lots of natural light. 

However, it's the lounge area right on the beach that I think is the real winner. On a good night, you're sure to watch an absolutely spectacular sunset! It's quite pricey, so even if you don't go for dinner, you can still go just for drinks and enjoy the atmosphere and sunset. However, the food is always phenomenal and it's a great place for a romantic night or celebration! 

I ended up visiting Galley Beach twice while I was on Nantucket. Once for drinks and dinner with other blogger gals and the Lilly Pulitzer team (photos below) and then again for sunset drinks and snacks (photos above) before we headed to another dinner reservation! 

I recommend a reservation if you are going to sit down for dinner but if you are going just for drinks, it's first come, first serve out on the beach! I would recommend arriving an hour before sunset so you can watch the entire thing. During the busier season, I would suggest getting there really early if you want to secure a spot to sit! It's one of the most peaceful and beautiful experiences and something I will always do every time I'm on Nantucket. 
galley beach nantucket
galley beach nantucket lobster crepe
Lobster crepe that was out of this world! 
galley beach margarita nantucket
Margaritas all around!

Bloggers + Lilly Team... such gorgeous gals inside and out!


what to wear to galley beach

what to wear to galley beach

what to wear to galley beach

lilly pulitzer melody maxi dress
Hermes Oasis Sandals (similar)// Earrings
Shop the Look:
For the Lilly Pulitzer dinner, I rocked this incredible white eyelet maxi dress. I'm a huge fan of maxi dresses because they are so comfortable and easy to wear but look so elegant! The thin straps are adjustable for a custom fit and the chest area has a thin padded liner so you can easily go bra-less! 

One of the things I love about Nantucket, in general, is that it is overall very casual. You can easily wear jean shorts and a striped tee with sandals, practically anywhere. However, there are a few spots (like Galley Beach) where you can dress casually, but you can also use it as an excuse to get dressed up! 

I think this dress is not only the perfect summer white dress but would be a beautiful option for a bride-to-be to wear for an engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.! You can read more about Galley Beach in a past post, here! 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Shopping 6/23/2018

I can't believe I haven't done one of these in the past few weeks! I've been so busy! This week I came down with a cold and then yesterday it hit me way harder than expected. I thought I was on the mend (the cold started out as not bad at all). I spent most of the day yesterday working from the couch under blankets with soup and lots of water.

I'm using today as a good day to sleep in, recover and relax! Normally I'd be bummed to be a bit out of commission on a weekend, but it has been gross and rainy for the past few days so it just feels right! 

Since I had some extra computer time, I definitely browsed a lot, so I have a lot to share in the widget at the top of this post! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Hair FAQ

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

Since I started Summer Wind back in 2009, the subject of my hair has always been the top topic of discussion. It's always so flattering and I really appreciate all of the compliments! After I tried out Wella Professionals color and WELLAPLEX bond repair system and shared my experience, I received an influx of questions. So, I decided to gather all of the questions and create an FAQ post!

What color is your natural hair?
Dark brown! I grew up with dark blonde hair and it became increasingly darker as I got older. 

What is your natural hair texture?
Extremely thick, voluminous and frizzy. It's not pin-straight but has a very subtle wave to it. Growing up, it was always pin-straight and has gotten a bit wavier as I get older. 

Since your hair is naturally dark, how did you transition to blonde?
I started going blonde when my hair was naturally much lighter... around 6th grade. I used Sun-In (haha!!) and it started to turn blonde during the summers on its own. In 9th grade, I finally went to a salon and got highlights and I've been blonde ever since. My hair holds blonde color very well. 

How do you get so much volume? 
This is one of my most popular questions! Truly this is mostly natural. I wish I could tell you I have some great technique or magic product but for the most part, this is just my hair. The only thing I can recommend is that I blow-dry my hair upside down (just because that's quickest for me) which I think probably helps with the volume. I also think adding dry shampoo to your roots a few days after washing really helps. I think it particularly helps when you are styling your hair in a side-braid, top knot, or something that 'pulls' on your hair.

Top recommendations for salons in Pittsburgh?
I go to Studio Booth in East Liberty which does both Wella Professionals color and WELLAPLEX treatment. I go to Jay and couldn't recommend the salon or Jay more! You can find a Wella salon in your area, here. 

Does WELLAPLEX change the texture of your hair?
WELLAPLEX quite literally repairs your hair. I personally noticed that my hair seemed shinier, stronger, and my stylist said that it helps hair to hold the color better and longer! Couldn't recommend this more.

How do you keep your hair healthy in between salon visits?
I use the Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair line. This consists of an Intense Repair shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. These products work along with WELLAPLEX but you can also use them even if you haven't done WELLAPLEX. It helps repair your hair which is super important to me because when you color your hair, you are creating damage- especially for blondes. I truly think this is what has made my hair so strong, smooth, and shiny. Plus, it smells wonderful. 

How often do you get your hair highlighted?
Every 4-6 weeks. I really wish I could go longer in between appointments but my hair grows SO fast. 

Will you ever go back to your natural color?
Never say never! But I doubt it. Blonde is just me. Any stylist I have ever seen has told me to never cut it and never do anything dramatically different with the color because I have such good hair that holds blonde so well. Sometimes, during the winter months, I go darker, but never anything dark enough to be considered 'dark'.
What is your favorite shampoo to keep your blonde color looking bright?
This shampoo and conditioner from the Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX line. It's not specifically for blondes, but I use it because it helps to repair the damage! I do not use a purple shampoo or anything to keep my color looking 'bright'. I personally prefer a golden blonde so that type of product is not right for me. I am extremely picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner so for me to recommend a shampoo/conditioner, then you know it's good. 

What do you ask for when you get your haircut?
I get it cut straight across in the back and then subtle face-framing angles in the front.

What do you ask for when you go for highlights?
I don't typically ask for anything, I just say 'do with what you think is best but keep it golden blonde'. I get WELLAPLEX with Wella Professionals BLONDOR FREELIGHTS lightener, and a golden toner. I think the golden toner is KEY if you want to replicate my hair color. My hair often shows up platinum or very bright in photos, but in real life, it's truly more of a warm, golden blonde. I have never been into white blonde/ashy. Nothing against it, that is just my personal preference and what I think works best with my tones! 

Do you get your roots lifted?

How do you keep your hair from getting frizzy?
A weekly intense hair mask is really great for keeping hair shiny and healthy. I love the Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair mask. I also swear by the Wella Professionals Oil Reflection Luminous Smoothing Oil. If it's humid or I'm traveling and in a humid climate, I carry around the travel size Light Luminous Reflective Oil and reapply when necessary. I use the 'light' version because I will have probably already used the oil several times so I don't want it to build up heavily in my hair! 

I'll also just 'own it' if it's super humid and I can't seem to tame my hair. I love doing a side-braid or top knot to keep it tamed and under control.

How do you preserve your hair when you sleep?
I don't really do anything special, but I don't roll around too much while I sleep, If you do- grab a scrunchie and twirl your hair up into a bun on the very top of year head. Tie the scrunchie very loose so your bun feels like it is going to fall out. This will keep your hair from getting messed up but also won't create any creases. I also think silk pillowcases make a big difference! 

What do you use to pull your hair back?
I swear by these claw clips and these coiled hair ties. I've tried the less pricey versions of the coiled hair tie and these are honestly worth the higher price. They don't break and they hold my hair so much better! 

Was your hair always long and if not, how did you grow it?
It was short once in 5th grade and never again. I've asked stylists over the years if I should cut it and they've all said absolutely no so I don't. While it's always been 'long' I have had varying lengths. Sometimes it's super long and sometimes it's a bit below my shoulders. When I get a cut (about 4 or more times a year), I just say 'take off as much as needed for it to look healthy again'. My hair grows back extremely fast so cutting off several inches never bothers me. 

I think if you are looking to grow your hair faster, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is something to try out. It makes my hair and nails grow SO fast. 

Do you ever use extensions?
Nope. Never. Nothing against them, they're just not for me!

Do you wash your hair every day? 
No! The only time I ever wash my hair daily is if I am on vacation and in and out of pools/lakes/oceans/ etc. and it absolutely needs to be washed. I wash my hair about once a week, sometimes twice. It varies a lot because it depends on workouts/sweating/traveling/etc. 

What is your favorite dry shampoo?
Wella's EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo.  I typically use dry shampoo the day before I wash my hair and it needs a little 'oomph'. 

Thank you to Wella for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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