Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Fit

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Today we are talking about fitness and diet! I still have a lot of time to go before our wedding which is great because it gives me a lot of time to create fitness/diet goals as well as create a plan.

The best way, in my opinion, to achieve fitness and diet goals are to first create a plan and then stick to it. 

I love to be toned and healthy, but I'm not one of those people that is going to run a marathon or take a daily spin class. It's just not me and not something I plan to force upon myself. 

I'm active in the sense that I take Henry on long walks several times a week in the winter and every single day in the warmer months. I do a simple floor routine several times a week to stay toned and I would say I eat healthy 70% of the time and 30% of the time I'm eating out or eating takeout. I naturally crave healthy foods like salads, brussel sprouts, grilled chicken, etc. but I do go out a lot with friends and family and indulge in cocktails and dessert! I love to try new restaurants and eat delicious food. 

Needless to say, there is room for improvement- especially as I get older! My goals are not to necessarily lose weight or get toned- sure, that would be wonderful, but I'm looking to really feel my absolute best! I feel pretty good now but I know I can always do better.

Luckily, my fiance´will also be on this journey with me so we can hold each other accountable. I think that's another way to achieve success- have an accountability partner! 

So, with that said, for the first 6 months, I am focusing on making more of a lifestyle change than a fitness and diet plan. Here are my goals for the next 6 months:

- Eat out/takeout/seamless less (shooting for just 1x week)
- Walk Henry daily and push for longer walks
- 3 Organized workouts per week (organized meaning either a class or something I can stream)
- Choose 'healthier' options when I do eat out (ex. forgoing appetizers and desserts, choosing to skip sour cream/ranch/etc, getting the dressing on the side, choosing fish over red meat, etc.)
- No alcohol on weekdays (I already pretty much stick to this but every once in a while I will have a glass of red wine at home or a cocktail if I'm out with friends- I'm looking to cut out alcohol entirely Sunday-Thursday). 

It doesn't sound like a lot, but for me, it's very attainable and manageable and it needs to be if it is something that becomes a part of my lifestyle. By the end of the next 6 months, this will hopefully be second nature. 

Then, I'll have 6 more months to go and that is when I really plan to kick it up a notch with workouts. With 3 months to go, I plan to focus closely on my diet. Hopefully by then, I'll feel my best and look it, too! 

For those of you who have a great workout routine in place, what workouts should I look into? What do you enjoy most? I will have access to an incredible fitness center once I move so I'm very excited about all of the options.

 I was a swimmer throughout my life and I personally find that to be one of the best workouts. For months 6-12, I'm considering adding swimming 2-3 times per week, we shall see! 

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Kelly said...

I think that sounds great!!! It's always better in the long term to adopt good mini habits and incorporate them as just part of your normal routine, rather than going hog wild on some crazy unsustainable ultra-restrictive or difficult diet/fitness plan. I found that developing a consistent hot yoga practice changed the shape of my muscles pretty dramatically in my mid-twenties, but I was even happier with my body composition after I had been doing barre 3x/week for several months. Barre is just one of those exercises I think is so fun, I enjoy having it be part of my normal life (rather than feeling like, "oh I have to go work out..."). I hate workouts that require shoes!

Annie said...

I used BBG for the year before I got married and loved it! Easy to do at home or in the gym, and the workouts are no joke! I do BBG 3x/week (or throw in a Solidcore class), and then cardio 3-4x/week...running and spinning mostly, but also yoga and swimming!

Jen said...

If you're looking to try several different types of classes, you should look into ClassPass!


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