Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Shopping

So glad it is the weekend! We are having some really HOT and humid weather so it will be nice to relax and potentially spend time at the pool! My sister and her fiancé are in town and they are staying at our house! They will be our first house guests and I am so excited! 

I've found a TON this week as I spent a lot of time behind my computer! We had workers here that were in and out almost every day this week so I had to be home for that. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

A Long Weekend In Nantucket

Clockwise starting at top left: Lol 41, Brotherhood, Provisions, Cru, Claudette, Lola 41

A few weeks ago we headed to Nantucket! It's one of my favorite places to travel to and one of the things that my fiancé and I bonded over early on in our relationship. I remember one of the first times I went to his house, I saw a Nantucket sign on his wall and I was shocked he knew about it. It's not a super popular place to travel to from Pittsburgh since it's harder to get to, so it's a rarity when I find other Pittsburghers who also love Nantucket! 

While it might not be my most favorite place on earth, it's definitely his favorite place on earth (but I absolutely love it). He spent summers there with his best friend (who will be his best man) working at the Juice Bar. They have so many fun stories from that time in their lives and I love hearing all about it. It's so much fun to go with him because we get backstage tours of the Juice Bar and he loves running into people he knows that still live on the island every summer. 

He actually ended up asking his best man while on Nantucket white a Juice Bar ornament from Anderson's and it was a success! 

We went together for the first time last year and decided to make a tradition out of it. This time, I wanted to make sure that we planned it around his 30th birthday which was on June 4th. We invited his best friend and fiancé and made a long weekend out of it. It's safe to say we had a blast. I think one of the best things about Nantucket is that it is perfect for every age group. Perfect for families, for groups of friends, teens, children, couples traveling together, etc. There is truly something for everyone. 

I am sharing the details from our trip and what we did each day so if you are planning a long weekend getaway to Nantucket you can check out some of the things we recommend. 
Where we stayed: We stayed at this Airbnb. I've mostly stayed in town when I'm on Nantucket and I love it. I think if you are staying for a week ++, then staying further from town makes sense, but if you are just there for a long weekend, having immediate walking access to town is what I recommend! I highly recommend our Airbnb. It was adorable and clean. It had all the amenities you could need and was very private. It even had a big yard with lounge furniture. It is a quick walk from town/the ferry. 

How to get there: I think this all depends on where you are coming from. I usually fly from Pittsburgh to Boston and then transfer to Cape Air to land on Nantucket. I have also flown Jet Blue which flies to Boston and then you switch planes and it flies you right onto the island. 

This time, we were visiting friends in Boston, so we drove with them to the ferry on Friday morning, parked the car in one of the paid lots and hopped on the ferry. It's an easy drive from Boston and the ferry is great. We took the fast ferry but there is a slower option, too. 

At Cisco Brewers
Early afternoon: Arrive on the Hy-Line Ferry (the fast ferry). We headed to our Airbnb and unpacked and freshened up. We then headed to Cisco which is something I suggest doing every time you go. It's a brewery/winery/distillery outdoors and has food trucks/stands and often has live music! 

Evening: After Cisco, we headed to Brotherhood's outdoor patio in town for dinner. We had stayed at Ciscos pretty much all afternoon and had worked up quite the appetite. Their lobster roll is one of my favorites because the amount of fresh lobster that is on each roll is insane! It's so delicious and it's one of the cheaper rolls on the island, too! 

Night: We capped off the night with Juice Bar ice cream. My favorite this year was cookie dough! 

Morning: We enjoyed coffee at our Airbnb and got ready for the day. It was so nice to have a Nespresso with lots of pods, we really appreciated it and being able to lounge around in a cute setting. 

Noon: We headed to Something Natural, which in my opinion, is the best sandwich on the island. Their Portuguese bread is the best thing in the world.  It's an unassuming little shop set back from the road, so it's easy to miss, but it's so worth it. They have cute little picnic tables so you can eat there or take it to-go. 

Afternoon: We walked from Something Natural to Steps Beach which is one of the prettiest beaches! You can see how it got the name! We walked on Steps Beach, past Galley Beach to get to Sandbar at Jetties and enjoyed some cocktails at the beach bar. It was such a beautiful day we just sat around and chatted all afternoon! It's nice that we have all been to Nantucket before so we didn't feel like we needed to cram anything in so the entire weekend was very leisurely. We headed back into town to stop at Murray's Liquor to grab some wine for our Airbnb and did a little browsing in some of the shops. The shopping on Nantucket is next level. The boutiques are the cutest and curated with all of the best things. 

Evening: We got ready for dinner at our Airbnb and made a little snack try and enjoyed some bubbly while getting ready! For dinner, we headed to Lola 41 which is just outside of town and has the best sushi... they also have a burger (this is the same company as Lola Burger) so you can have the Lola Burger experience here, too. 

The sun was about to set so walked to Brant Point Lighthouse to take in the scenery. It's so beautiful there and under a blanket of orange and pink, it was even more beautiful than ever. 

Night: Can you guess how we capped off the night? Juice bar. Again. Did you know I love ice cream?! We were going to head to the Chicken Box, which is a bar with live music, but we are old now and decided to call it a night, haha!

At Galley Beach
Morning: Another slow lazy morning enjoying our coffee at the house and then we walked to Blackeyed Susan's for breakfast. It's the cutest little spot right in town and the food is delicious. 

Afternoon: We headed to Sconset which is on the eastern side of the island and did the Bluff Walk which has the most amazing views of the ocean but also a great place to take in all of the adorable houses along the route. We headed down to the beach to hang out as it was such a gorgeous day! We worked up an appetite and went to Claudette's for lunch which is another sandwich shop and it's delicious, too! 

We headed back to the house for a nap but not before stopping at the candy store, which I think is a hidden gem... because I love candy! It's hidden in the back of Force 5 (which is a surf shop) and has all of the candy you could ever want and literally costs pennies. 

Evening: After our nap we freshened up and headed to Galley Beach for cocktails. I wrote a whole post on it, here, so check that out! We then went to the Club Car for cocktails, and just like the name suggests, the bar is literally in a club car! It's so cute and is a Piano bar at night where you can sing along! 

Night: We ended the night at Cru which is right on the Wharf! We celebrated my fiancé's birthday with champagne and lobster rolls. These are warm buttery lobster rolls and the roll I dream of. I can never decide if this is my favorite or if 167 Raw's roll in Charleston is my favorite. Nonetheless, the food is incredible. It's pricey and a little dressier so it's a fun place to celebrate!

Morning: We headed to town to have an early breakfast at Lemon Press, which we loved. This was new to me and I loved their coffee and the smoothie that I got. My fiancé got overnight oats and loved that, too! We then did a little shopping and then headed back to our Airbnb to pack up! 

Afternoon: We headed towards the ferry but stopped at Provisions to grab sandwiches for the ride... the theme of this weekend was definitely lobster and sandwiches so needless to say it was perfect. Provisions is another really good spot- they have the best pickles but it's their Turkey Terrific sandwich that I am a huge fan of. It's like Thanksgiving all in between two pieces of bread. YUM.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019


My event at Macy's this past Saturday was so much fun! I was so flattered and excited to meet Summer Wind readers and followers. Everyone was so sweet and kind and it makes me feel so great to know how many amazing Pittsburgh women follow me!

This week was a relatively easy one as I wrapped up some projects and prepare for being away in July and August. We had a lot of workers in and out of the house all week so I had to be home most of the week to manage that!

I also finally scheduled lots of little appointments that had been sitting on my to-do list. You know those kinds of things like 'get the oil changed', 'get Henry groomed' that aren't necessarily pressing? I'm glad I was able to check off everything and get it all scheduled.

I'm working on getting life, work, etc. totally together before my lake vacation in early August. We are going to the beach for a week in July, but I will still need to work quite a bit then. However, I fully plan on checking out for our lake trip and I can't wait!

Wearing: The photos above are of the outfit I wore for my Macy's event. I loved these nautical pieces which are just perfect for summer. I also loved that each piece could be styled separately, too! The linen pants might be my most favorite thing ever. They're a very wide leg, which is something I don' typically wear but this linen has a metallic sheen to it that makes it dressy and the way the fabric moves is just beautiful.

Reading: If you know me, then you know I love me some Taco Bell. Love. They just created a pop-up hotel in Palm Springs that is Taco Bell themed and it sounds like heaven to me, ha!

Reading II: This is so funny, Architectural Digest wrote an article about things in homes from the 90's and I remember most of these! 

Sale-ing: Did you all catch my post on Monday evening about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog? I shared my favorites and some tips and things to watch out for during the sale! 

 What are you currently watching? I am watching Southern Charm, Handmaid's Tale and Big Little Lies! I have been kind of bored with both SC and HT but Big Little Lies is great!! 

Listening: I started listening to the Crime Junkies podcast that a lot of you recommended to me. They are short and each episode is different so these are great to listen to while I take Henry on a walk. 

Loving: Did you see Weezie Towels released beach towels? I am loving the colors and the piping! I love that they are also created especially for sand! 

Wanting: If you are looking for cute, affordable swimsuits, I popped into Aerie the other day and they have SO many cute suits in all different styles! 

Quoting: 'The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.'  // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Advice from former Brides 2/2

A while ago, I took to Instagram stories to ask those of you who have already married two questions:

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently about your wedding day?

What is ONE thing that you were so glad you did that you recommend to other brides?

I personally think it is so fun to hear from past brides and learn from them because there is often a lot you don't think about unless you have already gone through it yourself!

So, today I'm sharing the responses I got for the second question. I got SO many responses so I'm paraphrasing and keeping everyone's privacy.  The difference between these responses and the responses to the first question that I posed is that these answers were much more specific and not as many people said the same things- there was much more variety to these answers!

You can read the responses to the first question, here

What is one thing that you were glad you did that you recommend to other brides?

- Hire a Videographer. This mirrors what everyone said about their regret of not having a videographer. Basically, these two posts are good PR for videographers everywhere, ha!! Many people were so glad that they had the full video of all of the speeches as well as some were glad to have the rehearsal dinner speeches recorded, too. We hired a videographer and we are so excited to have those memories forever. 

- Splurge on things that matter to you and not others. 

- Ignored unsolicited advice. This was something that a LOT of you said. I feel like you are always bound to get a lot of unsolicited advice about everything in life- whether you are pregnant and other moms give you the advice you didn't ask for, you're dating someone and someone gives you the advice you don't agree with, etc. It definitely applies to planning a wedding- there is SO much advice out there and it can get frustrating and sometimes cloud your own judgment. 

- Have your caterer pack you to-go meals to take back to your room with you at the end of the night. I LOVE THIS ONE! So many people say they don't eat on their wedding day and it would be such a fun treat to indulge in your wedding food just the two of you. You are bound to be hungry after a few cocktails and all of that dancing. 

- Go to cocktail hour. I loved that so many of you went to your cocktail hour. We fully intend to go to ours, too. We don't want to miss out! 

- Have a second pair of shoes for the reception. I fully agree with this- nothing is fun if your feet hurt. 

- Do a first look/ don't do a first look. This went both ways! In my opinion, a first look or no first look is a very personal decision. You can read about our decision, here

- Many suggested to sneak off and spend time alone. Some said they had a room where they were delivered cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and enjoyed time alone during cocktail hour. Some said they went to a private room with champagne just for 10 minutes (no photog). Some said that they danced at the very end of the night, just the two of them without an audience. Some said they just stood in the corner with their husbands and took it all in. 

 - When you are walking down the aisle, look at your groom and try not to look at the guests. It makes for better photos and will really let you focus on him. This is something I would not have thought of but it makes sense! 

- Don't change dresses. You only wear your wedding dress once. I think this totally depends on the person/type of ceremony/reception/etc. But I personally won't be changing- I LOVE my dress. 

- Hire a planner. Fully 100% agree on this one. If I hadn't done any planning before, we would have hired one! 

- Leave a time period in between your wedding and honeymoon. Many people said a week, some said a few days, some said months! 

- No one will know you wanted 5 candles per table rather than 3 candles or more pink flowers than white. This was just an example, but the lesson is to stay relaxed and let things go. 

- Spend the entire night with your husband. There were lots of variations of this and I love it. After all, that is what the entire night is about!!! But truly, I can see how you could get separated a lot... talking to different people, bathroom breaks, big rooms, photos, etc. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hostess Gift Sale Finds

I've been running out of host/hostess gifts in my gift drawer lately. For those of you new here, I learned this really great tip from my mom and Grammie. Growing up, they always had a stash of gifts on hand. Whenever I was running out last minute to a party or whatever it was, they would always have the perfect gift stored away. 

I loved this idea and now do this on my own! I've written about it many times before and shared the type of things that I keep in the gift drawer. My biggest tip is to shop during big sales. Think Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Sephora Sale, Black Friday, after holidays, etc. I also love finding things at places like Homegoods! Basically, never pay full price!!

I have been stumbling upon items online lately that are all on sale and make the perfect addition to any gift drawer so I thought I would share. Stock up now to have on hand for summer events, but it's also nice to be fully stocked before the holidays so you are set if any last minute parties come up. And when in need, a bottle of wine/bubbly is always appropriate! 

An item I wanted to highlight is this Nest Candle. It's 3-Wick and usually priced at $68.. but is available for $30! You can get creative, too! This beautiful blue and white Melamine platter is on sale right now for $20. It's great on its own, but you could bring over a platter of cookies with a little note saying that the platter is theirs! This dish soap is only $7 and is beautifully packaged, add a sponge, wrap with cellophane and top with a bow and it makes the cutest little gift! I also love little sets like this because they are ready to go- plus at $15 with an extra 20% off, this is truly affordable! 

Ordering things off-season is another one of my favorite things to do because items are usually very inexpensive. For example, these pumpkin napkin rings are so cute. They were originally $7.99 but now marked down to $2.99. You might be thinking it's silly to buy pumpkin things in June, but you'll be glad you have them on hand come fall!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog First Impressions

nordstrom anniversary sale 2019 catalog picks
I wrote a full post sharing the details of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 2019The catalog has just been released this week so I thought I would share my initial thoughts and some of the items from the sale that I love the most.

I did a mini poll on Instagram and it looks like most of you are shopping the Nordstrom sale this year, but I also promise not to shove the sale down your throats. I'll share my favorites and style a few pieces and do a try-on with sizing and quality info!

Last year I was truly a bit underwhelmed. There were some real gems, but overall, I was left unimpressed. So, I'm hoping for a good Nordstrom Sale this year! 

I say this every year, but for the sale, I typically focus on higher price points because that is where you are saving the most. Think beautiful fall/winter coats, cashmere sweaters, leather handbags and shoes, even fine jewelry! I also love love love the beauty sets because they are always a good value. 

In terms of the catalog, this is just a small sample of items that will be included. So if you don't see anything you love, there is SO much more on Nordstrom's website when the sale goes live! Apologies for the grainy images, I pulled them right from the catalog and that is the highest quality I could get! I noticed tons of plaid (YAY!) and lots of animal prints which aren't really my thing, but if they are yours, you are in luck! I love a pop of leopard every once in a while, but there was a lot of snakeskin and I do not like that at all.

Plaid Coat// On page 9, $198 orig. $300. This is so beautiful and such a classic. I can't wait to find out the fabric details but I am guessing it will be made of nice fabric considering it is Kenneth Cole! On page 20, there is a similar coat by Halogen for $118 if you want that similar look but for less. 

Cashmere Sweater// On page 12, $187, orig. $279. I am SO excited about this one. This sweater looks exactly like the Vince one I bought several years ago. It is one of my most worn and most loved sweaters ever. They are showing it in a deep red, but it also says 'more colors'. I'm hoping they have some great neutrals and also hoping the cashmere is similar quality to my Vince sweater. 

Tweed Jacket// On page 25. Price is $99, and will go up to $149 after the sale. I love anything tweed and this is a nice plaid because it will dress up jeans and a tee or can be dressed up and worn to the office! 

AG Ex-Boyfriend Jeans// Page 35, $149, orig $225. I bought these a few Nordstrom Sales ago and I LOVE them. They are so flattering and comfortable. Also, the price point is really great and a big saving because these are an AG style that comes back year after year. 

Pillow Talk Set// On page 43. This is one of my all-time favorite lip colors and it is a cult favorite among many. This is a set where you get the lip cheat liner, gloss, and matte lipstick. I have the liner and lipstick and have almost used the liner up. The price for this set is great and the color is such a good everyday color. I could not recommend it more. I am not a lip liner gal in that I don't use it to line my lips, but rather fill them in. It adds color and then also helps to keep whatever I put overtop on for much longer! 

Activewear// On page 47. I love Alo Yoga so I'm glad to see some of those products and especially this basic crew neck sweatshirt. I also think these Adidas sneakers are so cute and I am pretty loyal to Adidas when it comes to my sneakers.

Ugg Booties// On page 41. I oddly love these. Ugg boots may not be the most stylish thing but for Pittsburgh winters, they are a necessity and I love my Ugg boots like no other. These would be great for slippers as they are just $99 and will go up to $150 after the sale. The only time I really ever see Uggs on sale is well after Christmas, so if you like these, snag them now as you are likely not going to find these going back on sale. There are Ugg slippers (slides) on page $49 for a really great price of $54 and will go up to $84 after the sale. I don't like the bright coral color that they are advertising but if they come in a neutral, this is a good buy! 

Diamond Bangle Bracelet// On page 14. This is a pricey buy, but if you are looking for a beautiful piece of fine jewelry, this is it. They had this in the sale last year and I also highlighted it then. It is $1645 and will go back up to $2195 after the sale. I have a bracelet very similar to this and I wear it 24/7. I never ever take it off and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. There is also a signet ring on the same page similar to the one I wear daily. The price is great, too, as it is well under $1000. 

** note that the links do not take you to the actual products because they won't be available until the sale goes live! These just take you to the catalog so you can see the items yourself. 

Some things to note...
- It looks like Hunter Boots will be on sale for $100- regularly $150! 
- Halogen brand cashmere sweaters will be priced at $49.50, after the sale they will be $69. The cashmere on these is usually not the highest of quality but a nice price point for a gift or if you want an elevated work basic. 
- On page 49 there is a cute basic navy pajama set. At $35, they make a great gift and they could also be great for bridesmaids the morning of your wedding! 
- I love the Blackwatch coat on page 18! It's $199 and regularly $300. 
- On page 49, they show the Natori Feathers bra in bright pink for just $44. This is one of my favorite bras and the price is great. It says more colors so I am hoping there are neutrals to choose from. Oddly enough, it looks like that exact bra is on sale for $40 right now... interesting. But really the bra is amazing and I love the color cosmetic because it is the perfect nude. 
- The Dyptique candles are back. There is a set (on page 43) but I don't recommend. They are 1.2 oz candles, aka the size of a shot glass. They sometimes offer larger candles in a different set and that is the better value! During the Nordstrom sale, when it comes to candles and beauty products, you need to pay attention to the product size. Sometimes they are SO small and you aren't really getting a great deal. 
- I say this every year but some brands specifically make products for the Nordstrom sale. Usually, these items are of lesser quality, so you just want to keep that in mind if you order something and it's not the quality you are used to from that brand. 

1 Headband, 3 Ways

1 Headband, 3 Ways

1 Headband, 3 Ways

how to style a headband

I might be a headband's biggest fan. I've worn them since I was very young and I think the reason I love them so much is that it keeps hair out of my face. I also went through a 'wear a headband everyday' phase during the Gossip Girl days, anyone else?! 

I wear my hair down a lot, but it drives me nuts when my hair is in my face. A headband is a stylish way to still wear your hair down with minimal effort. I actually find it perfect for second-day hair, too! 

In the past year, though, the knotted headband trend has been popping up. You all know I'm not usually one for a trend, but every once in a while, I like to try something new. 

I snagged this pink grosgrain headband for just $25. I thought I wasn't going to like the headband. The knot in the middle kind of reminds me of a unicorn horn because they are so big, haha!!

I wore it around and it grew on me. I decided to keep it and it would be my one 'trendy' item... and for $25, I don't really mind if I don't wear it next year. 

I think the key to wearing this type of statement accessory is to keep everything else minimal. Simple or no earrings, minimal jewelry, etc. 

I also love that with headbands there are different ways you can wear them. The differences are subtle but it definitely changes up the look! 

From top photo to bottom, I'll share some notes about how to wear it! 

1. This is my favorite way to wear a headband. I leave my hair in its usual part and tuck both sides behind my ears and add the headband. I find this to be the 'preppier' way to wear it and I also think it looks very clean and simple. 

2. This is how my mom used to put headbands in our hair as children. It's not my favorite, but it looks so good on some people! You just tip your head back and run your fingers through your hair so that you get rid of any part. Slide the headband onto your head so that it smoothes your hair as you put it on. 

3. I think this is the most stylish way to rock a headband and is very Blair Waldorf. you just style your hair down as you would usually wear it and add the headband by putting it straight down so no hair is being pulled back. I like to tuck my hair behind my ear on the side with less hair.

Next up, I'm curious to try a hat band! Have you all heard of them? Princess Kate wears them and they look so good on her! It's definitely a look, and I think there is a time and a place for it, but I'm curious to see if it's something I would ever wear. I'll report back! 

More Headbands I Love:

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday Shopping

Happy Saturday! Before we get into our usual shopping picks from the week, I wanted to share the event details one last time! My event is at Macy's South Hills Village (in Pittsburgh) TODAY! It begins at 2pm on the 2nd floor. There will be gifts (while supplies last if you mention my social postings), 25% off, food from Bravo, and Nothing Bundt the Cakes for a sweet treat! I would love to meet you! I also styled some pieces and pulled a lot of my favorites so if you are looking for anything in particular, I'm happy to help!

Now onto some fun shopping from this week. There wasn't a whole lot as I didn't get as much computer time as I would have liked because I had so many meetings! But, there are a few fun things to check out!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Red, White, and Blue for 4th of July

Red, White, and Blue for 4th of July

The 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays! From grilling out to spending time at the pool and enjoying the company of friends and family, what is not to like?! 

I am all about rocking red, white, and blue for the occasion, too! I already own a ton of blue and white so it's fun to add in a little red! 

There are so many cute things out right now to wear or use for the 4th of July! I personally think these are the kind of items that you can use and wear all summer long. 

What are your plans for July 4th? We go to our country club and lounge by the pool with family and friends. They typically have a band and it's lots of fun! Then we catch fireworks later that night!

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Wearing: I wore this adorable yellow and green smocked dress on Nantucket a few weeks ago. It's the prettiest printed fabric in a color that I don't often wear... yet I love it! I didn't bring a sweater to wear with this dress but I ended up loving my navy sweater paired with such a bright dress!

Eating: I did a Trader Joe's haul this week on instastories! I got the Trader Joe's Egg Frittatas hoping that they would be comparable to the Starbucks Sous Vide Eggs but they were not. Good, tasty, filling, but not comparable! I know Costco has comparable ones in their freezer section but mine didn't have them! 

Drinking: I mentioned on Instastories that I started drinking Vital Proteins Collagen peptides again and I got flooded with DM's! I did a post 2 years ago about collagen peptides and everything still rings true to this day! I have had some shoulder pain lately (I have bursitis) and I'm hoping that it makes that go away like it did last time! I'll most likely continue drinking it now through our wedding because I think the benefits are worth the cost and outweigh the annoyance of adding it into my morning routine. 

Sale-ing: Abercrombie is offering 50% off and then an extra 15% off with code 14980. The deals are crazy! This chic linen blazer is only $40! I have this lace peplum and it's a great summertime staple because the white goes with everything! This cream cable sweater is under $30! I also love this cardigan for lounging around the house! I'm not loving a whole lot of their summer stuff this year, but here's to hoping that they have some cute things come fall! 

 The Brady Bunch Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video and it's been so fun to watch. It's funny because I don't remember watching the replayed episodes that much when I was younger and yet I immediately knew all of the words to the intro! I LOVE old TV shows. That is where I get a lot of inspiration- Bewitched is my favorite!
Loving: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this lip color is BACK IN STOCK! Finally!! It has been out of stock since Christmas. It is one of my all-time favorite everyday lip colors and especially in this formula. The color goes on like a lipstick but it feels more like a balm/gloss. The color is so flattering... it's like your own lips but better. I am wearing it in the photo above and there is no filter/no editing at all so you can see the color on me to get a good idea of what it looks like!

Loving II: Seriously crushing on this Barbour x Alexa Chung jacket. It's the perfect mix of comfort and style from a brand that you know will always be high quality! I'm also really into this men's bathing suit... the color of the stripes is so pretty! 

 How fun are these patchwork Sperry boat shoes? I haven't bought a new pair of Sperry's in forever- mine are still in such good shape. I love the look of these and that they are made from recycled plastic from the ocean! OMG have you seen these plaid wellies?! OBSESSED. 
Pittsburgh-ing: This is a reminder that the event I am hosting with Macy's is this weekend (Saturday) at South Hills Village Mall in Pittsburgh (2nd Floor)! It starts at 2pm and there will be drinks, lots of food (Bravo and my favorite, Nothing Bundt the Cakes), styling sessions, and you get 25% off your purchase! I would absolutely love to meet you! If you mention that you learned about this event from my blog/social media, you will also get a gift (while supplies last)! 

Traveling: Next up I am headed to the beach with my fiancé's family! We will be north of Myrtle Beach (in South Carolina, but judging by the map, it looks like we will be close to the North Carolina border!). I went when I was very young (so I'm told by my parents, ha!) so I am totally unfamiliar with the area but it is where my fiancé grew up going in the summers as a child. He hasn't been in many years so this will be lots of fun- if you have any recommendations on restaurants or cute little shops/things to do, let me know, I would really appreciate it!

Quoting: 'Forgive yourself each night and recommit each morning.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Advice from former Brides 1/2

A while ago, I took to Instagram stories to ask those of you who have already had a wedding two questions:

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently about your wedding day?

What is ONE thing that you were so glad you did that you recommend to other brides?

I personally think it is so fun to hear from past brides and learn from them because there is often a lot you don't think about unless you have already gone through it yourself!

So, today I'm sharing the responses I got for the first question. I got SO many responses so I'm paraphrasing and not sharing names to keep everyone's privacy!

Today I'll share some responses to the first question and then I'll do a post next week that is part II that will share the responses to the second question.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently about your wedding day?
- The #1 most popular response to this was that they regretted not hiring a videographer- there was an overwhelming number of people who said this. I have to admit, I was not going to do a videographer at first, but then we ended up hiring one, so I am very glad we did after hearing this! 

- Another popular response was to have fewer people at your wedding. Some people said they don't keep in touch with some of the people they invited to their wedding and they wished it was more intimate so they would have been able to spend more time with everyone and wouldn't have to spend their entire night greeting every guest. 

- Slow down. Pay more attention to the details and take it all in. Many of you said there is so much going on and you never got a chance to eat your meal or really look at the flowers or hear the cocktail hour band that you hired. Those of you who had said this said to really take a few moments throughout the night to just stop and look around. 

- Not stress about what everyone else wants/expect. I liked this one- your wedding is YOUR wedding for a reason. I think so often people plan their weddings to impress others or please certain people and while it's somewhat understandable, you want to have a special night with your new husband that you truly want for yourselves! 

- A lot of people talked about their photographers and how they didn't like the end results...they should have hired more shooters, etc. So many people also said that they wished that they had a shot list for their photographer. I was actually shocked by how many people said something along those lines. I had a handful of people say that they didn't get photos with VIPs like their moms, etc. 

I think it comes from my event planning AND content creation background but I HIGHLY recommend creating a shot list and meeting with your photographers to discuss it. I went as far as creating locations around the city/church/etc. of where we can take photos and a backup plan should it rain. I also created a slide deck of the VIP people so the photographers/videographers would be able to review it and recognize them at the wedding... so when my Grammie is walking around, they'll be more likely to snap her photo because they recognize she is a VIP! You can never be overprepared and the only way to get exactly what you want is to ask for exactly what you want! This sentiment is not only for photographers but for anything in life and especially when it comes to any vendors you are working with for your wedding. 

As a side note for this- many people mentioned that they wish that they had someone be the point-of-contact for the day-of other than themselves. Whether that be a day-of/month-of planner or a bridesmaid or whoever. A lot of you were saying that your photographers/ DJ/ etc. kept bugging you (Which I think is unprofessional! On your wedding day, you are not supposed to notice staff- anyone you hire should blend completely into the background!). But, I think choosing a point-of-contact that is not the bride or groom (if you aren't using a planner) is a perfect idea. I also think that by being overprepared and providing everything to your vendors beforehand (in writing so that they can reference it), you're much less likely to have to deal with anything on your actual wedding day. I created a vendor contact list with every vendor and their contact as well as a master schedule. I will then e-mail it to everyone and also print out a TON of copies so every single staff member/vendor has access to that information. You can also hop on a call and review the schedule with your vendor so if they have any questions, they get them out of the way beforehand, and it ensures that they cover the materials that you had sent to them. Maybe this sounds like 'too much' to you, but when it comes to events of any kind, you can never be too prepared. 

- I was surprised that more people didn't say this but still, I got a lot of 'wish we spent less money'. Weddings are outrageously expensive. Even a 'cheap' wedding is expensive. According to, in 2017, the average cost of a wedding was $27,000 and in 2018, it skyrocketed to $44,000. This is an entry level salary in Pittsburgh! You could buy a nice car, put a down payment on a house, save for your future children's college educations, etc. 

I have a lot of theories on why this is but two stick out most to me: people want to share the photos on social media and impress others- I get being judgy (slightly- we are all humans), but when it comes to weddings, the things I have heard people judge are crazy...and mean. It's a nice reminder to step back and remember that the food, flowers, cake, etc. do not mean a thing- you are there to celebrate love and a joining of two lives forever... if it is not what you like or not what you would do, that's fine, you will have/have had your own day to do what you want and your own money to spend how you like! 

My second thought is that vendors are becoming out of control and getting away with charging crazy prices. Whenever you put the word 'wedding' in front of it, they can charge double, triple, etc. what they would normally charge. 

- In contrast, a bunch of you said you wish you had spent more money! I was so not expecting that at all! Some people said they wish they hired hair and makeup, some people said they wish they would have had more flowers, some people said they wish they would have splurged on a better DJ, etc. 

- No bridal party. Many said that this was a cause of stress or that they aren't close with some of the people in their bridal party anymore. We aren't doing a bridal party for these exact reasons, so I get that!

- Don't sweat the small stuff. No one remembers them anyway. I loved this one because do you remember what color the napkins were at the last wedding you attended?! I certainly don't!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Set Sail Summer Event

What I Wore: 
Tunic c/o// White Jeans// Sandals c/o

Last week I packed my bags and headed to Connecticut to spend a night with some of my absolute favorite brands that I have worn for years: Sail to Sable, Jack Rogers, Palm Beach Lately, and Monogram Mary at the Wee Burn Beach Club! 

The event was absolutely beautiful with a 4th of July theme. We sipped on rosé, ate mini lobster rolls, and enjoyed the incredible view! 

My favorite part, though, was meeting so many incredible women. I'm not going to lie, I get nervous attending events where I don't know if I am going to know anyone there! While there were so many other bloggers there that I ended up knowing, there were also many who I hadn't had the chance to meet yet and it was so fun to get to know so many other inspiring gals and catch up with some old friends! 

I think people probably wonder if the blogging world is rude or catty when women get together, and while I can't speak for everyone, I have personally only ever met lovely women who are full of kindness and support!

I also wore Sail to Sable while I was on Nantucket! This linen maxi dress is a favorite and so effortless! I am wearing a size small in both the tunic top above and the maxi dress! I find that Sail to Sable runs big and you can definitely size down if you are between sizes! 

Speaking of Jack Rogers, they are having a HUGE sale where you get up to 80% off. I know so many of you scored some insane prices on classic Jacks last year that I just had to share! 

Photos by Julia Dags

Monday, June 17, 2019

Hermes Sandal Review

It's been a minute since I did a review on a designer item that I own and I figure summer is the best time to review the very popular Hermes Oran and Oasis sandals.

How much do they cost? 
The Oasis is $740 and the Oran is $650.

Are they worth it?
This is always asked whenever I review a designer item. I totally understand why. Designer items are pricey and you want to make sure you are getting your money's worth. But I personally think this question is just so subjective. For example, my mom would not think that these sandals are 'worth it', but she could think of a million other ways to spend that money on something that she thinks is 'worth it'.

With that said, I think out of all my designer items, the Hermes sandals have not held up as well as other designer shoes that I own at this price point. Granted, I wear the Hermes Oasis sandals a lot, and I am rough with my designer items. I never hesitate to wear an item in fear of 'messing it up'. I always think if you spend that kind of money, you should most definitely be getting a lot of use out of it! But, truly, they have worn quickly over the past several years that I have had them. I'm not 100% sure I would rebuy them in the future and am not the biggest fan ever, but I do like them.
What are your feelings about similar looking options?
Love finding looks for less! I think everyone should be able to buy items that they love and also work within your budget. I think there is a fine line between a knock off and a look for less, though, so you just have to be conscious that you are not buying something from some random website that is coming from a sketchy factory in another country. The Sam Edelman Greece sandals are an example of a sandal made by a reputable brand that looks like Hermes but is not a knock off! In my opinion, French Sole makes the best look for less, and again, they are a more reputable brand and not just something off of Amazon... I was gifted them from Tuckernuck and they are comfy and nice quality- see photos above! I think that they are almost indistinguishable from the Hermes Oran sandals. 

What is the difference between the Oran and the Oasis?
The Oran is flat whereas the Oasis has a 2" heel. 

Do you prefer one over the other?
I like the flat look of the Oran better, but I have insanely high arches so I personally prefer the Oasis for a bit of support.

How is the sizing?
They run true to size. I wear a size 39 which is what I typically wear in designer shoe brands. I find them to run narrow. They are not narrow in the 'H' part of the leather, but rather at the heel and footbed. I can only speak to the Oasis because I have no worn the Oran before. I would not size down, if anything size up. 

Are they comfortable?
I find them to be pretty comfortable. Because the heel area is narrow I find that to be a little annoying (but hey, maybe I just have wide heels and I don't even know it). 

Do you need to break them in?
Yes, they are stiff when you first get them but over time the leather wears in and they get better. They never gave me blisters or hurt my feet, though.

Can you walk far/for a long time in them?
I would not go sightseeing in them or walk several thousand steps in them, though. I never think a mule (no matter the price or designer) is great for a lot of walking.

Does your foot slide out of them?
Not at all. 

Can you order online? Where can I buy them?
Yep! You can get them on Hermes's website but you can also purchase used from places like The Real Real and eBay. 

Are they durable? Can they be worn as an everyday sandal?
You could definitely wear them as an everyday sandal! I wear mine a lot- at least 2 times a week if not more. I would say they are not the most durable designer item ever, but they're not terrible either.

Can you get them wet?
I have worn them in lighter rain before and it's never been an issue, but I would suggest using them as a beach or pool sandal! 
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