Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Shopping

It's the last weekend (and last day) of February! We are literally ONE WEEK away from daylight savings. That is the happiest day when we start to get more daylight!!! I found a lot of stuff this week and I tried to practice as much restraint as possible! 

I hope you all have something fun planned. We ordered our favorite sushi last night- the food we actually wanted to eat on Valentine's Day but ended up not being able to order, ha!! Today I have some errands to wrap up and then I'm headed to the Orange Theory 1 year party for our local OTF. Sunday, I need to get to work! 

Friday, February 28, 2020

My Favorite Long Sleeve Tee

My Favorite Long Sleeve Tee

abercrombie womens long sleeve tee review

Last week I shared my favorite short sleeve tee and today I'm sharing my favorite Long Sleeve Tee! Both are basics and foundations of any wardrobe and there are a crazy amount to choose from in terms of brands and price points. It's hard to know where to start. 

I was on the hunt for the short sleeve tee but happened upon this long sleeve tee randomly. If you ordered the short sleeve tee, this long sleeve is different. Instead of 100% cotton, it is 95% and then has 5% elastane which is what gives it the smooth, stretchy feel. This also prevents the shirt from shrinking in the dryer. 

Because of the stretch in the fabric, it's more fitted. I tried both the small and medium and ended up liking the medium as it was not as clingy. It's a great top if you need to tuck something in. It's like a lot of bodysuits, just without the bottom half. 

Overall, the price for the quality is great. It comes in several colors and the crewneck is not necessarily as 'tight' as I like, but it's plenty good enough!

Thursday, February 27, 2020


This weekend was our couple's shower which was so much fun! Because of that, my sister was in town so we spent Saturday morning with Mom going to the florist for our mockup and then out to brunch! You can see what I wore in the photos above.

Tuesday I got together with one of my girlfriend's for dinner and we went to a place that I had not been to before. Fun! Tonight we are headed to our club with my parents, Grammie, aunt, and uncle for lobster night which should be fun. Saturday night is the Orange Theory 1 year anniversary party which I am headed to! 

Here's to making the last few days of February count! Can you believe we are almost 'done' with winter?!?! 

Wearing: You last saw this tweed puffer coat, here. I have been wearing it non-stop. It's warm but looks so much chicer than your traditional puffer. You can see me wearing it in the photo above!

 The Little Fires Everywhere Hulu trailer is out. It looks really good!!

Loving: A Friend's Reunion is official. I cannot wait. Also, what is with all of these subscription TV services? Way too many nowadays!

Loving II: My favorite, Lake Pajamas, just released their new spring collection

I love Beth and Danielle's collection with Vineyard Vines! I love the blush pinks and white eyelets. I also realllllly want this top. It's almost $400, though, so I'm holding off. Let's see how long that lasts, ha!!
Pittsburgh-ing: We went to The Porch in the South Hills this weekend and it was SO good. I had been once before but forgot how delicious it is. I am making a resolution to go there more often! I had the pulled pork hash with a side of mixed greens. YUM! 

Quoting: 'The secret of your future is being hidden in your daily routine.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wedding Wednesday: Choosing our Linen Rentals From Mosaic in Pittsburgh

Linen Rentals for Weddings, Parties by Mosaic

Linen Rentals for Weddings, Parties by MosaicLinen Rentals for Weddings, Parties by Mosaic

Linen Rental Company Pittsburgh

Linen Rental Company PittsburghMosaic Linen Rental Company Pittsburgh

I've shared this a bunch in the past so most of you know, but for those of you new here, I used to work in the event planning industry for two years right out of college where I learned an incredible amount of knowledge. It was such a fun job. So, thankfully (truly, thankful because the knowledge I have has saved me SO much stress) planning our wedding is very familiar territory. But I know it's not for so many and how just not knowing what to do or where to start can make things hard and stressful.

As I write these blog posts, I try to think back to 22-year-old Sydney who was just starting out in the event industry and chat with you all in that sense since I know that if you are not in the industry, you likely have not planned events before your own wedding. Settle in because this post is chock-full of photos and tips.

Did you know that you can rent linens (ie. tablecloths, napkins, runners, etc.)? Surprisingly (or not) you can pretty much rent anything and everything you could ever want for any wedding or event.  Linens are things like tablecloths, napkins, runners, pillows, etc., which we are chatting about today.

We are using Mosaic which is a linen rental company in Pittsburgh. I first met the owner, Susie Perelman, when I worked in the event industry and I knew upon getting engaged I'd be giving her a call! While she is based in Pittsburgh, she ships products across the country so you can work with her no matter where you live or where your wedding destination will be.

One of the things I love about the event industry is the amount of women-owned businesses. I worked at a woman-owned business and it's just really cool to see the success that these women have achieved. Susie and her team have been in business for almost 20 years and her latest venture is really impressive (read about that at the bottom). She is also charitable which I really admire and co-founded a non-profit, Event Pros Take Action.

I had my first appointment at Mosaic back in June and then just finalized everything in our last meeting! Susie recommends reaching out around a year before your wedding to start planning!

wedding linen rentals pittsburgh

wedding linen rentals pittsburgh

wedding linen rentals pittsburgh

 Mosaic had two beautiful tablescapes set up in the showroom while I was there and you can see all of the china/glassware which gives a good example of the types of things you can rent and just how different tablescapes can be!

In some situations, you have to rent these kinds of things because the venue is a blank canvas and they don't offer anything other than the physical event space. In other situations, your venue might have it all already but you might want to achieve a look with items that your venue just doesn't have.

I'm in the latter position for our wedding. Our wedding is at The Duquesne Club which is a full-service club. Meaning they have china, glassware, linens, etc. For example, the linen color options were plain white polyester cloth in the dining room and then for high cocktail tables, they only offered gold-colored linens, which is totally fine. However, I had a specific look in mind and bringing in rentals from  Mosaic is what will help me achieve that 'look' (hopefully it looks as good on our wedding day as it does in my head, ha!).

Choosing linens is an easy way to make a big impact in any venue. The 'linen' category ranges from tablecloths to napkins to fabric for draping (like draping a ceiling or the walls), table runners, chair sashes, cushion covers, etc. The options are truly endless (which you can see in the photos).

wedding linen rentals pittsburgh wedding linen rentals pittsburgh
Mosaic has a MASSIVE showroom in the Strip District and Susie so graciously let me come in and photograph the showroom and share the process with all of you. As of typing this, our linens are selected and I could not be more excited! 
wedding linen rentals pittsburgh

I'm not sharing what we chose (I will post-wedding, though!), obviously to keep that element of surprise but I am SO excited about it and can't wait to see it all come to fruition. I wanted to share some examples with all of you, though, so you can get a feel of just how different you can make your tables look just by swapping out different linens. 

For brides to be, Mosaic has a ton of china/glassware/chairs/etc. options on hand so if you are renting those items, too, you can see a mock set up of what a place setting might look like with different linens. 

We are renting chairs, too, and I was able to compare chairs next to the linens to get a feel for which I liked better (which was really helpful). You can also bring linens to your florist appointment so you are able to see them with your florals. 

Susie and her staff are creative and really know their inventory so for our linens, she suggested we do something that I would have NEVER thought to do on my own and I absolutely loved the idea so we are doing it! I am not as creative as I wish I was so having someone suggest different looks was really helpful. 

Our florist, Mt. Lebanon Floral, made these beautiful bouquets that you see in the photos below. Each bouquet was a different style/color to show how different styles of florals can also change the look. 

wedding linen rentals pittsburghwedding linen rentals pittsburgh
Here's a neutral look on the left and then on the right is an overlay (which is a sheer cloth that goes over a solid linen). The same flowers but with two different linens, you get such a different look! It also goes to show on the left that neutral expands so much further than just a white linen!  

wedding linen rentals pittsburgh
Here's another overlay where the undercloth was switched out and you can see side-by-side that the two really look different even with the same flowers. Napkins can be monochromatic with the undercloth!

wedding linen rentals pittsburghwedding linen rentals pittsburgh
Greenery is super popular (I love it!!!) and this is a great example of how you can pair it with pretty much anything. I am so into the printed linen on the left but also love the textures of the linens on the right. 

wedding linen rentals pittsburgh
Here's a colorful example! Two linens that have some shimmer to them with bright colored flowers. They offer two very different looks! 

summer wind wedding
And you know I love my blues. There were SO many good ones. 

Made By Mosaic Linen Rentals Pittsburgh
White Ginko Panama// Olive Ginko Panama

Made By Mosaic Linen Rentals Pittsburgh
Gray Splash Panama // White Splash Panama
Blue Tiles Panama

Made By Mosaic Linen Rentals Pittsburgh
Pink Blossoms Panama 

Mosaic is launching its own line of linens, Made by Mosaic, that have been custom designed by the owner, Susie, and will be exclusive to Mosaic. You can see some of her designs in the photos above. Susie designed these linens herself by hand-drawing the designs and then worked with a very talented digital designer on her team to create the prints for the fabric. So not only is she a talented business-woman but also an artist! The line also includes coordinating plates and napkins, too, so you can create an entire tablescape with these exclusive designs. They are launching March 2nd so they are brand new to the event industry nationally and available for rent for weddings and events! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Grocery Staples

I have been loving ordering my groceries online and picking them up at Walmart which is right down the road from me. One, it helps me to not overbuy and two, it helps me to save time. I thought I would share with you all some of my go-to groceries that I love and order each week. Obviously, I buy produce and stuff like that, but I figured I would share specific branded items so that you can get them wherever you may be! 
Rao's// brand sauces. There hasn't been one I don't like but I typically always have at least one jar of their marinara on hand. It's great to use over pasta, or for dipping or cooking of any kind. It has 0 sugars and tastes so fresh. The ingredients are minimal, too. Highly, highly recommend. 
Oh Snap!// This brand makes pickled vegetables and they are SO good. I buy like 6 packs at a time because I eat them almost daily. They also taste great on sandwiches. They're not in brine so they're extra crisp and fresh. I typically always get just the pickles but they make several different varieties! 

Cheetos Puffs// Living with a guy was eye-opening for me really only in the fact that my fiancĂ© likes certain foods/drinks that I wouldn't have normally purchased for myself. I had to get used to seeing milk in our refrigerator. Now,  it's normal, but at first, it was just interesting! The Cheetos puffs are one thing my fiancĂ© brought home one day and I am SO hooked. Honestly, maybe you shouldn't buy them because you'll get hooked, too. It's not something I would have ever purchased on my own and now I can't resist them. They are a great salty snack and don't taste like the traditional Cheetos. 

Frozen Okra// I've shared this before but I love okra and it's really hard to find in Pittsburgh both in restaurants and grocery stores. I recently discovered that Walmart sells frozen okra and I just steam it in the microwave and add a little salt and butter and it is SO good and easy to have on hand for quick weeknight dinners. 

Frigo String Cheese// I have been eating string cheese forever. I love it and it's such an easy snack to grab and go. This is my favorite brand. It's the one we grew up eating but I have also ordered other brands and they're just not as good as this one! 
Lorissa's Beef Jerkey// I love beef jerky and always have bags of this brand on hand. It is truly the best. It is so flavorful and so tender. 

Kerrygold Butter// I love cooking with this butter. It's the best, in my opinion. They also make it in a tub which we also get for spreadable butter!

Maille Dijon// I discovered this mustard when I was in Paris and fell in love with it. It's so flavorful. I love mustard so I use it a lot in dressings/marinades but also just on its own on sandwiches or whatnot. It's also phenomenal as a substitute for mayo in tuna salad! 

Starbucks French Roast// This is what I typically brew at home. Every once in a while I will deviate to try something new but usually come back to this. It's bold, flavorful, and just an all-around great cup of coffee! 

Probiotics// These are my favorite. They keep things moving (if you know what I mean) and I am convinced that they keep me feeling better, too. 

Bar Keeper's Friend// This brand of cleaning products is seriously the best. It will clean ANYTHING. It's so great on stainless steel, bathrooms, oil-splattered stoves, etc. I have been buying this stuff for years.
Pomegranate Seeds// I've been very into these lately. Instead of dessert (my weakness), I've been trying to substitute with fruit and this really does the trick for me! 
If you place your order on Walmart's website, you get a text once your order is ready to pick up. You drive to Walmart and someone comes out and loads the groceries into your car for you. This is so nice because I can bring Henry with me (he loves car rides) and when it's freezing cold outside, I don't even have to get out of my car. It has been a game-changer for me! Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

Shop my grocery cart:

Monday, February 24, 2020

Wish List

We have had a few days of glorious sun and it was the most refreshing thing EVER. We have honestly had an insanely mild winner so there is really no reason to complain, but it's cold and just seeing the sun shine so brightly got me so excited for spring and summer! 

I haven't shared a Wish List with you guys in a while so today is the day. I have been bookmarking items here and there that have caught my eye that I really want. Because of our upcoming wedding and our mini-moon and honeymoon, I have been shopping a bit more than usual. Yikes. 

Floral Jacket// I'm picturing this worn over top of white jeans and a white tee so the jacket is really the showstopper of the outfit. So much color and I am here for it! 

Blue and White Printed Dress// The most perfect dress. WOW. 

Sandals// Aren't these fun? They have Jack Rogers vibes but slightly different! 

Tank + Shorts// I love this monochromatic workout set. I love working out in shorts during the warmer months and this is so cute! I really like 'mesh' materials because they are more breathable. 

White Blouse// I love a crisp white top and this one is high on my wish list. I love the ricrac details. 

Wallpaper// This is kind of hard to see, but I think this wallpaper is beautiful. I really want to do a textured paper like grasscloth in my office but want it to be white so that the room is kept very bright and neutral. This is currently a front-runner as I was so impressed with the other Serena and Lily paper we used in our powder room. 

White Shift Dress// Such a summertime classic. It doesn't get much chicer (or easier) than this!

Bikini Top + Bottom// I love the colors in this and the beautiful floral pattern. Not to mention it is affordable! 

Nude Flats// I love my Birdies flats and I think this nude is the most perfect neutral for spring/summer. I am considering getting this pair for our honeymoon since they're so comfortable to walk in!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday Shopping

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying some time to relax and have fun! We have family and friends in town for our couple's shower this evening and I am so excited! We also have our floral mockup appointment this morning, YAY! 

On top of all of that, I definitely need to get in a little work, which won't exactly be exciting, but very necessary. Scroll through the widget above to see what I have been loving from this week! 

Thursday, February 20, 2020


I hope you all are having a great week. For some of you, it was a short week which is great! I worked on Monday but I didn't mind at all! Can you believe we only have one more week left of February? March is my least favorite month out of the year but it's going to fly by with all I have planned.

This week was jampacked. We got our envelopes back from the calligrapher and stuffed/stamped and sent them out. I truly can't believe it and I am so excited

I got a bit ahead on work which is always a good thing! We have friends and family coming to town starting tomorrow for our couple's shower and I'm so excited. Saturday morning we also have our floral mockup which is going to be fun.

I just booked my flight for a fun trip in a few weeks and I can't wait for that. I'll be sharing in an upcoming Wedding Wednesday!

Wearing: I just got this Striped Cashmere Sweater and I love it so much. The quality is impeccable and it's timeless. I have a serious obsession with blue and white stripes, ha!

Eating: I love okra. Like it's one of my very favorite foods in the entire world. Fried, steamed, whatever, I love it. I think it's a southern thing, though, so it's really hard to find on any menu here in Pittsburgh. I specifically go to Cracker Barrel because they have fried Okra. Well, I had a moment in Walmart the other day as I realized they sold frozen Okra (and it's literally like $1). All you do is put it in the microwave and add salt and a little butter. DELICIOUS. They also sell dried okra at Fresh Market which I am obsessed with, too. Petition for more Okra in Pittsburgh, please!!

Reading: This is on my to-read list! 

Sale-ing: Aerin's pieces are so luxurious and beautiful but they also come with a high price tag. Right now you can snag some beautiful pieces on major sale. 

 You guys. If you love your wicked good slippers as much as I do but it drives you nuts that they come untied all of the time, then you need to watch this Youtube video! It teaches you how to tie them so they don't come undone and it WORKS!!!!

Watching II: The Stranger Things season 4 trailer is out!!! 

Loving: We registered for these beautiful wine glasses at Williams-Sonoma but I just saw they're on clearance, here for only $8ish a piece. Such a good deal! 

 Not too much on my radar this week (thankfully for my pocketbook, ha!). 

Pittsburgh-ing: A list of breweries opening up soon in Pittsburgh! 

Traveling: I'm headed south to warmer weather in a few weeks and I can't wait! 

Quoting: 'So many people love you. Don't focus on those who do not.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wedding Wednesday: Spring Special Occasion Dresses

This is one of my most commonly asked questions whether I am engaged or not: recommendations on dresses to wear to weddings/events so I really try to share a roundup every few months. There are a lot of really great dresses out right now so I am going to break them down into a few categories and share my favorites! Happy shopping!




Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Workout Wardrobe Staples for a HIIT Workout

Workout Wardrobe Staples for HIIT Workout
I have been doing Orange Theory regularly for over 5 months now and I love it. You can read my post about it, here. I thought I would share my Orange Theory staples with you all- they're not specific just to the Orange Theory classes but great for a multitude of activities and workouts! 

I have a lot of different leggings, sports bras, etc. but these are my staples. If these pieces are clean, I'd choose them over anything else that I have!

Sports Bra// I don't like padding in my sports bras and this one doesn't have any but still offers good compression and support. The material is sweat-wicking and just an overall great classic-style racerback sports bra. I have a small chest so take my recommendations with a grain of salt if you have a larger chest! Plus, these are inexpensive and can often be found on sale, too. 

Leggings// I keep trying to find another brand of leggings that compare to these and nothing ever compares. Sure, there have been some similar finds but I'd still choose these over anything else. I have actually been wearing these leggings since they were called the 'high times' pant, that is how devoted I have been to them, ha! They are high-waisted. They compress you but not too much so that they're still easy to get on and off. The fabric is SO soft and sweat-wicking and has a 'cool' feel. They wash well. I have had a few pairs for many years and wash after wash, they're perfect. 

Tank// This is my favorite tank. I love the looser fit and the lower front/back hems and the mesh back. It's a 'cool' sweat-wicking material and lightweight. It's flattering and washes well. I think this runs a little big. 

Sneakers// I  just got these sneakers. I'm typically an Adidas Ultraboost gal but these sneakers are next level supportive. They feel unlike any other athletic sneaker I have ever worn. They have so much cushion and I almost feel 'bouncy' when I run in them if that makes sense. I have bad knees and a super high arch and I think these really help to absorb the shock and support my high arch. 

Coiled Hair Tie// I have talked about these many times before but these are the best. I have tried alllll of the other coiled hair ties and these do not break and truly hold all of my hair tightly for an entire workout. 

Water bottle// This is the water bottle I use. I don't love it, but it holds a lot of water and that was what was most important to me. 

Long Sleeve Tee// I LOVE these long sleeve tees. I love the mock neck and they're just easy to throw on over my tanks to go to and from class. They're super soft and just very comfortable. I have both black and white. They run true to size. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

The Best White Crewneck Tee

The Best White Crewneck Tee

The Best White Crewneck Tee

The Best White Crewneck Tee

The Best White Crewneck Tee
Thus far, I have spent 2020 in search for the perfect white tee. I have old white tees from Gap, Abercrombie and Lord and Taylor for Walmart. All three have been my favorites in the past and unfortunately, they have seen better days and are no longer available.

The thing about white tees are that they are such a wardrobe basic and staple that they get a lot of wear and therefore have to be replaced. So I have learned my lesson and when I find a wardrobe basic that I absolutely love, I buy several!

I have ordered and returned SO many tees in the past 6 weeks of this year consistently disappointed. I tried everything from pricey Rag and Bone, to classics like L.L. Bean to budget-friendly Amazon brand. Most of the tees I tried were 'fine' but nothing ever stuck out to me. Some were horrible. You all know how much I love Club Monaco so I could not believe the lack of quality on Club Monaco's classic white crewneck tee. It was tissue-thin and completely see-through. Awful!

I have finally found what I would consider the perfect crewneck tee and the absolute best part is that it is only $15 and comes in 12 colors.

Here's why I love it:
- It runs true to size. No guessing. I'm wearing a small.
- The crewneck is a 'tight' crewneck. I know it will keep its shape with many wears and washes.
- The fabric is thick and soft and fully opaque.
- It's 100% cotton so there are no synthetic materials (keep this in mind if you choose to put it in the dryer).
- It fits nicely. There's not weird creasing in the armpits or bagginess or tightness in areas.
- The price is so inexpensive! 

I love these jeans and wear them often and you all ask about them every single time. Unfortunately, I bought this exact pair in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few years ago so this exact pair is no longer available, however, the style is called the 'Madison' and they have some updated washes in this same style! I also think this pair looks SO similar- almost more similar than the same brand styles.

Tweed Jacket// Dior Black Suede Pumps (similar)

A white tee and jeans is about as classic Americana as you can get. But, if I'm being honest, it's a rarity that I'm just in a tee and jeans so I wanted to share an example with you of how I personally wear a white tee. Obviously, it's a basic but you can really dress it up in a bunch of different ways!

I've been wearing this Tweed Jacket non-stop lately. It's so chic and classic and can be worn in so many different ways. 

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