Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wedding Wednesday: Guest Book

Wedding Wednesday: Guest Book

I haven't done a wedding Wednesday in quite some time so today I'm popping in with a random one! I was inspired as I found the CUTEST Etsy shop for guest books. I think it would be the best engagement present ever because the chronicling can start right when you get engaged. 

I wanted to share this shop because it's such a gem and it's always nice to find a small business to support. One thing I actually have not done is to get a guest book. I had one that I was planning on ordering and I still might do that, but now I'm leaning towards this custom one!! The other one I was planning on doing is a completely different route, so I'm torn. I guess luckily I have a lot of time to decide haha! 

Wedding Wednesday: Guest Book
The reason I find this one not only so beautiful on the outside, but I love that they are created like scrapbooks/keepsakes on the inside. There are spots for engagement photos, spots for wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, and spots for guests to sign. So it basically becomes a scrapbook, keepsake, and a guest book all in one. It would also look so beautiful sitting out/on display. The whole thing is set up so you can chronicle your relationship and engagement and up to your wedding and through the honeymoon! I feel like this could also be a fun at-home analog project. I even think adding a swatch or two from your dress, any wine labels,  and a pressed flower, etc. could be so nice to have. 

Unlike a simple guest book, I feel like this tells more of the entire engagement-to-wedding story and will be SO fun to look back on years after the wedding. Also, how neat are these pens?! It looks like handles of vintage silverware. LOVE! 

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