Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wedding Wednesday: Table of Contents

On Monday on Instagram, I asked you all what content you'd like to see this summer. Every time I ask you all what content you want to see, a huge number of you always say wedding content! I totally get it, it's such fun, pretty, happy content and even if you are not planning your own wedding, it's truly fun to read and go through! 

Plus, many of you have shared with me that you are newly engaged (yay!) and just starting your wedding planning journey. I also know some of you are new readers here and haven't had a chance to look over my wedding content and might just be asked for wedding content because you don't know that it already exists! 

So today, I thought I'd do a Wedding Wednesday post that acts as sort of a table of contents of the most viewed wedding posts I have done so far. I have done SO many so to list every single one out...we'd be here all day. This is just a good abbreviated list to get you started!

- Advice From Former Brides Part I ** these two are my favorites! 

I've mentioned this before on Instagram, but I will also mention it here since I get asked almost daily. Our wedding is coming up soon (!!!) and while I know you all still want so much more wedding content, I will likely not be doing much more until after the wedding. I feel that I have shared as much as I am willing to share before our wedding. I definitely do not want to share it all before it happens! I will truly be more than happy to share more of the little details after our wedding day. Although, I likely will not share photos with most of the guests so they can have their privacy! If there are specific things you would like for me to cover after the wedding in greater detail, please don't hesitate to let me know. That goes for any content, wedding-related or not, I am always happy to receive suggestions from you all and always take your ideas into consideration when creating content. 

I also wanted to address the question I am often asked, understandably so, and that is 'when is your wedding'. I've always kept our date private. As much as I cannot wait to share our wedding day with you all, I would like to be completely and entirely removed from the internet/social media world and fully immersed in the moment at hand. I don't plan on capturing any special content for social media or be on my phone at all... we hired amazing photographers and videographers to do the work! So while I will say it is coming soon, that's all you'll get until after the day! Thank you all for being so understanding. 

I just truly cannot wait. I honestly don't know if it has even hit me that it is finally happening after so many ups and downs in the past 15+ months. I have been so used to trying not to get my hopes up.

When I take my first step down that aisle and see my fiancé's face, I feel like I will truly be able to take the deepest exhale ever... we made it to the other side and we are finally GETTING MARRIED!!!! 

Now I am going to go knock on wood...

I just feel like I am going to sob from pure elation when the day gets here. The fact that our family and friends will all be together with us after one hellish year is just too much to even handle!!! For example, my cousins from Georgia, who we usually see at the lake, we obviously did not get to see them last year and we missed them so much! My fiancé's best man and his wife are the best people ever and we have not seen them in FAR too long (well, my fiancé saw his best man at his recent bachelor party, but obviously, I did not). There will be so much joy on so many different levels. 

Weddings are emotional enough, but add in postponing your wedding for well over a year (when you were weeks away in the first place) due to a global pandemic and geez, I am going to need some STRONG eye makeup, ha! Just sitting here writing this is making me teary-eyed because the amount of gratefulness and thankfulness that I have is immeasurable!


Kelly C said...

I'm just SO tickeled for you! I will be celebrating from afar for sure!

One content concept I'd be interested in would be discussing/negotiating contracts with the professionals you've hired for your wedding day and how to tactfully and gracefully handle what could be an awkward conversation.

Anonymous said...

So excited for you Sydney! I can't wait to see how everything comes together. I am another bride who had to postpone due to COVID and would love to know more about your wedding bands (as in the rings, I realize that could sound like I'm asking about the music!)/how you chose them/if you considered multiple options. I totally understand if that's something you'd prefer not to share or wait until after the wedding, it's just something I'm thinking about myself!


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