Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Round 2!

Ok so here is post two of my new blog! Today I went to Bally's, the gym I recently joined since returning home for the summer from college. At school, I work out at least 4 times a week becuase they have an absolutely gorgeous workout facility. -->

Unfortunately, for Bally's that is not the case. I chose Bally's because it is close to my house so it makes working out convenient. It is kind of drab inside, not the best lighting or use of space, but it will have to do for the few months that I am at home! The only nice thing is that when you join, you get a free personal training session so my mother and I did that last week and it was so hard! I consider myself a pretty in-shape person and my mom isn't too out of shape so we didn't think it would be so hard but at the end, we were huffing and puffing. He gave us some great tips so we use those tips now and I really think we get a better work out because of it.
Here is what I wore today to work out in:

not the exact skirt, mine is Izod with pink instead of the purple, I love tennis skirts to workout in because I think that looking your best when you work out, really does make you work harder and feel better about working out

Also, for those of you who work out often, or are just even on the go a lot, this is the best water bottle I have ever used:
It's made by the company Camelbak, the company that came up with the backpack that holds water. They come in tons of different colors and they have a rubber piece where you drink out of (it's the blue and black part in the picture) There is a slit in the rubber so you have to bite it to make an opening and then suck the water out of a straw. I have one that I bought at my school's bookstore and have used it for the entire year. I love it so much because the mouthpiece folds away and it really does not spill at all. I keep it in my tote during the days, and Even by my bedside if I'm feeling thirsty at night. Plus it is BPA free, so it's always safe to drink out of!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


Chloe said...

I love working out in skirts! lululemon makes really cute running dresses, too.

Lis said...

Hi! I came across your blog via MRM and thought I'd come say hello!!

And I am loving the workout skirts - I only have one but need more. And my purple camelbak bottle goes everywhere with me!! :)

Life at the White House said...

hi there!

thanks for follwing along. :) :)

i think i need that pink water bottle for sure! ps - isn't the blog world wonderfully addicting? welcome!

Anonymous said...

AHHH just started reading your blog (from the beginning) and noticed you said you were keeping your school anonymous. Then I saw this post! You posted a picture of UREC!!!! This makes me in love with your blog that much more.
I bleed purple too


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