Friday, July 19, 2024

Weekend Wish List

This week has felt LONG! I'm excited we have made it to the weekend. I hope you all have some fun things on the agenda! Today's weekend wish list is truly a hodgepodge. I see some brands already launching some pre-fall clothing and I am here for it. Fall is where I feel I thrive when it comes to putting outfits together! Just a heads up, next week there will be a sale you won't want to miss and a launch from a brand you also will not want to miss, so next week will be FUN!

Some items of note... 
- This White Tee is a boring addition to the weekend wish list, but it's constantly out of stock and finally, as of publishing this post, it's fully in stock in all sizes. It's one of my favorite basic white tee shirts. It's well made and fits true to size. I get a size small and would even say it is slightly roomy. 

- This Striped Dress is the kind of thing I want to wear all summer long in the crazy heat. It's so cute but easy and flowy. It's also on sale through today with code MILLEFRIENDS24 at checkout. I just got a few pieces from this brand, and I love them. They're unique and high-quality. 

- These Gold Earrings are unique and fun but can also be dressed up. You can wear them with a white tee or to a black-tie gala. 

- The photo in the collage of this Navy Tweed Skirt is not doing it justice. You need to click through and see the details in the photos. It's SO pretty and classic. I love the white trim and it's something you can wear well into fall. I'm picturing it with a crisp white button-down or, specifically, this white top

Some items of note... 

- This Striped Dress is another one of those pieces where you need to see more of the detail photos. The silver buttons are detailed, and the fabric is ribbed. It's so pretty and classic. 

- This Striped Knit Dress is a great casual, daily-wear type of dress. You can wear it with or without the belt. You can use code SYDNEYXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping. 

- I love the idea of this SPF 30 Shimmer Oil for when I need SPF on my body but want to make sure my skin is looking its best! Code SUMMERWIND will save $$ at checkout! 

- I actually DM'd the JA Instagram account because I LOVE this color so much and want it terribly in the shorter-length version. However, they let me know they don't plan to launch the bright pink short version anytime soon. Bummer. BUT, now I'm considering the Pink Maxi Dress version because I just find this pink shade stunning. 

See last week's Weekend Wish List, here!

For your weekend reading, here are blog posts you may have missed from this week:

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Thursday, July 18, 2024


I hope you are all having a great week! We had the most fun last weekend at the Chris Stapleton concert. He put on a great concert! I spent the rest of the weekend doing work in preparation for Prime Day. I'm glad it is over!! 

This week we had a fun dinner out with friends and tonight we are celebrating my dad's birthday with another fun dinner out! My dad is the best and easy to celebrate! 

We are getting together with family friends this weekend which should also be nice. Lots of fun this week, that's for sure! Then, I'll be gearing up for the lake. I'm so excited to go. I just love a good change of scenery! 

This was a fun PR package that I received this week from Inn Beauty. Have you heard of this brand? I've seen it all over social media. Many people compare the Extreme Cream to Augustinus Bader which is why I have been extra intrigued because that is one of my all time favorite face creams and it's horribly expensive. The before and after photos on their website are also intriguing and the reviews (hundreds) are all glowing. I will report back. I used it once last night and I understand why people compare it to Bader just because of the texture. They definitely have similar textures! 

Shirt (on sale with code MILLEFRIENDS24)// Shorts

Wearing: I just got this shirt and it is even better than I was expecting. Obviouslty, the blue and white print was my motivation but the weight of the shirt is amazing. It's so airy and perfect for the crazy heat we have been experiencing. I got a small and it definitely runs large but I like the roomy, relaxed fit! The top is on sale with code MILLEFRIENDS24. It pairs perfectly with my beloved linen shorts!

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Eating: I grabbed a jar of these beautiful olives to bring with me to the lake for my martinis. I'm not going to lie, the label totally got me, but the olives also really do look perfect. I typically buy the fresh olives rather than jarred, but the jar is just easier to transport to the lake. I got the whole olives instead of pitted because I find that if they have their pit intact when jarred, they are usually crisper than pitted. I'll report back once I have tasted them! 

Sale: Well, we just finished the Prime Day sales, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still live, but so much is sold out. I'll drop a big hint here, though. There will be a *very* good sale from a fave brand next week. I will certainly share once it is live, but I know you all will not want to miss it. In the meantime, I thought I would share my active discount codes. I try to get discount codes whenever I can, as I know you all love them, and it's a valuable perk I can pass along to you all! 

Dermstore// SUMMERWIND

Simplified// SUMMERWIND




Watching: The trailer for The Perfect Couple looks SO good. I cannot wait to watch it on Netflix in September. I read the book and loved it! 

Listening: Did you guys ever listen to the Podcast, "Scamanda"? I don't listen to many Podcasts but I wanted a Podcast to listen to on my drive down to the lake last year (it's a 9 hour drive) and many of you recommended it. The story is crazily absurd, it's hard to believe this actually happened. Anyway, it turns out, ABC is going to turn it into a docuseries and I will definitely be watching! 

As a side note, if any of you want to recommend a long Podcast series, I am all ears as I would love another good one to listen to on the way down to the lake again! 

Loving: My favorite monthly calendar is out for 2025 (crazy). It's more of a wall calendar, but I use it like a desk blotter. It's a nice large size with plenty of room to write in each day and I love the right side with a notes section. The designs are pretty, and it's been the calendar I used for the past almost 10 years!

Loving II: These tinted lip oils are wonderful. They're only $10, and with my code SYDNEYCARVER, they come down to $9ish. A great price and the colors are perfect for daily wear. I think Ruby is my favorite but I really like all 3. The texture reminds me a bit of the Merit lip oil if you have ever tried that. 

Love this woven leather handbag. It's a great size! This striped dress is currently in my cart. Darling! The back on this dress is perfection. Thinking of ordering this dress for my Old Edwards stay! This knit tank (under $40) would be so cute with linen shorts. 

Amazon Rec: I'm all Amazon'd out; how about you? The most random item I purchased on Prime Day...

You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here on my Amazon page where I am constantly updating it with all of my finds and top picks from home, beauty, fashion, and more!
Smelling: The most amazing sunscreen I have ever smelled. My code SUMMERWIND works on this!

Traveling: On Instagram, I mentioned that we are headed to Old Edwards soon and asked everyone to let me know of any food recs. We have been several times now and have always eaten on the resort's property. The food is fabulous there. However, I was wondering if there are any other amazing restaurants we were missing out on in Highlands. Many asked for me to share the responses. Overall, it seems like many of you recommended to stick with the resort as that really is where the best food is. That's what we ended up booking for our dinner again. But here are the top recs:
- Ugly Dog
- Paoletti's 
- Lakeside
- Roots and Vine
- Sweet Basil
- Wolfgang's 
- Veranda
- Wild Thyme
- Canyon Kitchen- this one is in Cashiers, but I did look it up and it looks divine. I want to do a separate trip to Cashiers!

Quoting: 'Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.' - Khalil Gibran // See more of my favorites, here.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Inexpensive Pairs of Sunglasses From Amazon

5 Inexpensive Pairs of Sunglasses From Amazon

We are on day 2 of Prime Day. See my big Prime Day roundup. If I'm being honest, I'm over it already. However, I do feel that this is a topic worth discussing, and I have talked about it with you all before! 

I have ordered so many pairs of sunglasses from Amazon, but I guarantee even if you added up all of the Amazon sunglasses, they wouldn't equal the high cost of one pair of designer sunglasses! 

I would say most of the time, they aren't the absolute best quality, but for someone who is picky, they are plenty good enough for me! At the lower price point, it enables me to try out trends that I would otherwise not try. It's also nice to have a pair by the front door, back door, in the car, in my handbag, etc. 

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite pairs with you all and most are included in the Prime Day sales!  

The lenses are actually decent on these, especially considering the crazy low price. These just look expensive. I can't put my finger on why, but they do not look like I got them on Amazon. They're lightweight, and the quality is OK. 

I loved these so much and wore them so often that I ended up getting the Ray-Ban version! These make my classic outfits feel a little more 'of the moment'. 

I love the classic shape of these and the darker tortoise frames. They are lightweight and the lenses are decent for the price. 

This is the only pair not on sale but I wanted to include them anyway because they are still inexpensive. They also happen to have the best lenses out of the under $30 category.  I think these look very designer and don't give me a 'cheap' feel. My mom loved these so much, she ordered a pair for herself. 

I don't necessarily find these to be super trendy, but they are very stylish. They give me 1950s/60s vibes. The frame comes in a few colors, but I thought the caramel-colored frame was fun and different. I don't wear these a ton, but with the right outfit, they are perfect—the finishing touch! 

I think these are probably the most worn pair of Amazon sunglasses I own. I have a few pairs all over our house, in my car, in my bag, etc. The key here is to get the brown lenses and not the gray. The brown is bright and makes everything look so good, and the gray is a bit dark, in my opinion. I just think these are so classic, and I love how lightweight they are!
Relative to this list, these are the pricey. However, the quality is that of a pricey designer pair. The lenses are crisp, and the frame is sturdy and beautiful. I love the green color, but they come in a few neutral colors. This is a really classic shape that never really goes in or out of style. 

I love these sunglasses and have them in quite a few different colors. They are not high quality, and I really only wear them for fashion purposes. I don't drive in these. I mean, I could, but the lenses are, quite frankly, awful. Don't let that deter you from them. They just look SO chic.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Prime Day 2024

Happy Prime Day! If you are looking for a great deal, today is the day. You all probably know the drill. This happens once a year. I'm sharing my top favorite Prime Day picks. There are thousands upon thousands of deals, but I tried to be extremely discerning in what I share with you all. I pulled only my top favorite items, and there is just one item on this entire list that I don't personally own. I also tried to give you all detailed mini-reviews of each product below, but if you have any questions, let me know!

This sale is for two days, so some deals will continue through tomorrow, some will end today, and some new deals will be available tomorrow. Scroll down and keep scrolling because there is a lot of content in this post and you don't want to miss what is at the bottom!

I also have a Prime Day roundup folder on my Amazon page, if you want to reference that! I will update the page as I see more things that I think are worthy, as well as update on Instagram stories and on my LTK page.

GPS Pet Tracker// / This is one of the most affordable GPS trackers on the market. I wanted to attach this to his collar for when we go to the lake where he is off-leash leash more often. In the past, I have used an AirTag, but being in a more rural setting, I felt that AirTag was a waste. The tracker worked in the *exact* way that I was looking for. The battery lasted long, he swam in the lake with it on his collar, and it tracked him perfectly. It gave me such peace of mind, and I could not recommend it more. We don't use it other than at the lake, which is only a few weeks out of the year, but the low cost is worth it. 

Robot Vac// We randomly named our roomba DJ Roomba. I have no idea why, but we got this as a wedding shower gift and have loved it. It definitely doesn't replace a regular vacuum, but I run it in between vacuuming to keep the pet hair at bay! It's not a necessity, but it's more of a 'nice to have'. 

Eye Cream// I've always been skeptical about eye cream. I've tried *a lot* of eye creams over the last 15 years and I always come back to this one. It's one of the only ones where I actually feel I see results as opposed to just using my regular moisturizer/serum under my eyes. I have bad dark circles and I noticed they are lessened with continued use. The formula is nice and hydrating and glides on nicely. I use this exclusively at night because there is another eye cream I prefer for daytime, but you can use this at any point in the day or evening. 

Teeth Whitening Strips// I kept seeing this brand all over the internet. It seems like everyone and their mother posts about these teeth-whitening strips. I took it upon myself to buy them and test them out. I have always loved Crest Whitestrips. They work. However, as I get older, it's more important than ever to be gentler on my enamel. These are supposed to be gentler. I got the 7-treatment kit to start. Normally, I use one Crest Whitestrips as a touchup, and it whitens my teeth noticeably. With the Lumineux, I had to use all 7 treatments to notice a difference, but the difference was noticeably whiter. No sensitivity whatsoever. I ordered the larger pack this morning to continue using this brand. I can confirm that they work; they just take a little longer than some of the other brands out there. I think I'll still keep a few Crest Whitestrips on hand for when I don't plan ahead and only have a day to get my teeth whitened, but otherwise will defer to this brand. 

Nespresso Machine// I've had a Nespresso machine for many years. Day-to-day I enjoy regular coffee but sometimes I make an afternoon cappuccino or macchiato on the weekends. It's so easy to use and easy to clean. I would recommend it for an easy, no-fuss experience and especially for someone who has limited counter space. The Vertuo pods can make larger cups of coffee. They're still 'lungo', so not like drip coffee but delicious, nonetheless, and would enable you to forgo a drip coffee machine if you are tight on space. I keep ours tucked away in a kitchen cabinet and bring it out when we want to use it. 

Vacuum// We have a Dyson, but 100% of the time, I prefer the Shark vacuum I bought for my apartment back in 2016. It still works perfectly and works SO much better than my Dyson. Even better, it's a fraction of the Dyson price tag. The only thing that is somewhat annoying is that it does have a cord, but it's a negligible annoyance when I factor in how well it works. If you have a pet, this will be a game-changer. When mine dies, I will repurchase and not even bother to look for a different option. It's that good. 

Dual Voltage Travel Steamer// This is a great steamer for packing away in your luggage. It's dual voltage so you can travel abroad with it without issue. I have and love this and never travel without it! 

Elemis Face Wash// This is my favorite face wash. I have tried many and this one smells amazing, cleans my face well, and keeps it hydrated. I love that it does not strip my face like some brands have done. I always try to snag it on sale as it goes on sale decently often. 

Retinal 3// This is a newer skincare product that I have been loving and just included it in my June Favorites list. My dermatologist got me to use retinol a few times and I just could not get past the crazy flakiness. My skin does not take to retinol well, and so, therefore, it has never been a focus for me. This retinal is one of the best products I've ever used. They have a step system where they offer different strengths, and once you use one bottle, you can 'graduate' to the next level. I'm pretty religious about skincare, and I thought my skin looked pretty good, but this made my skin noticeably better. I'm a huge fan now. It's my first product from this brand and I will buy the next level up to see what happens. For the first two weeks of the product, I did have some purging, but it was manageable. I mostly noticed one big zit and some blackheads around my chin. I noticed a little bit of dryness but no flaking. Once those two weeks passed, that's when I really started to notice great results.

Mascara Primer// If you have never used a mascara primer, you should try it out. A primer makes my lashes look so full and long and helps the mascara to 'stick' to the lashes better. I don't apply mascara without a primer! I was a L'Oreal user for years as it is inexpensive and works well. However, the Lancome brand works better, which is worth the splurge. This is another product that goes on sale pretty frequently so I try to never pay full price! 

Hair Mask// This is a new hair mask from Wella. I previously loved the Fusion mask. While the Fusion is wonderful, I think this is *slightly* better. It's super hydrating and smells wonderful. I use this a few times per month in place of conditioner. 

Wella Repair Spray// THIS IS THE BEST HAIR PRODUCT OF ALL TIME. It's a spray, and you spritz it on damp hair after a shower. It smells lovely (not too strong) and has a nice, even spray. It makes my hair so soft, shiny, and voluminous. I also feel that it helps my hair look fresher for longer in between hair washes. It's a pricey product, but it's a must-have for me and one I have purchased many times.

Frame TV// I've had the Frame TV for over 5 years and would highly recommend. It has a nice picture and works well. It has lots of apps that you can download onto it so you can stream pretty much anything. I love the look of it on the wall and we added the gold wooden frame so it looks even more like a piece of real art. When I need another TV, I won't hesitate to get another Frame. You can read my full blog post review of the Samsung Frame TV, here

Lip Balm Set// This is such a silly little addition but these are tinted lip balms that are inexpensive to begin with. On sale for Prime, this entire set is less costly than a cup of coffee. I like to keep them in jacket pockets, the car, drawers, etc., so I always have one on hand. This would make a cute little stocking stuffer gift idea if you are thinking ahead. Remember, Prime usually does another sale-type event in October, so you can always wait, but I like to throw that out there. I think spreading out holiday shopping is a great way to spread out the cost and ensure you get the best prices available. 

Small Carpet Cleaner// This is one of those things you don't know you need until you own it. Having a pet, this is a must. It's easy to clean up pet accidents and more. I have used it on both upholstery and carpeting and rugs and it has always gotten the stains out. It's small enough that it doesn't take up much storage space. It's easy to use and decently lightweight. I really love the Bissell brand for their support of pets. They have an entire foundation that donates to animal welfare. 

Glass Bowls// I have the drinking glasses and love them. They are so chic and beautiful. I love the little glass bowls! A cute gift idea. 

Automatic Espresso and Coffee Maker// This is the only thing in this Prime Day blog post that I don't personally own. However, this is a bonkers deal. Up to 52% off. I've been eyeing this machine. It's an automatic espresso maker that can also make coffee. It grinds the beans, and you can froth milk. It gets rave reviews. It's *really* hard to find an espresso machine that makes actual coffee (not just an Americano). We have a Ninja coffee maker and a Nespresso and to me, this is like having what I love from each of those machines but in one and with even more bells and whistles (like a grinder)! If you are looking for a great machine, definitely look into this one.

Lip Balm// This is a constant repurchase for me. I use it exclusively at night, right before I go to bed. It's sticky and thick. The first few times I used it, I didn't love it, but I grew to love it when I realized it actually works. It plumps my lips by morning and is so hydrating. It's pricey for bedtime lip balm, but it's one of those things I constantly repurchase. It goes on sale a few times a year, but I have paid full price for it before because it's just that good. I think this makes a great gift to a beauty/skincare lover because it's a little luxury. 

Leave-in Conditioner// This entire Acidic Bonding line from Redken is incredible. I had never used the Redken brand before this line, but now I love it. This is a cream-type product that you can apply to damp hair. It works similarly to the Wella product I talked about earlier in this blog post. I think between Wella and Redken, the Wella spray is my favorite, but I often wonder if that is only because it sprays which is more convenient. Either way, you cannot go wrong. 

Stainless Pan Set// My husband and I prefer different cookware. He cooks on cast iron, and I cook on All-Clad stainless. Both are supposedly non-toxic, which is great. If you have been afraid of stainless cookware because you think it is nonstick, watch a few YouTube videos on properly using them, and you will be a convert. I love my All-Clad frying pans and could not recommend them more! They are pricey so it is always nice to snag them on sale. 

Luggage// My husband and I both have this luggage, and we love it. It's spacious, well-appointed, and glides like a dream even on the cobblestone streets of a place like Nantucket. I love my Away carry-on, but I actually really love that this luggage looks different since it seems like airports these days are a sea of Away bags. These stand out a bit and are easy to spot. We've traveled a lot with these bags and they have held up beautifully.

Gel Nail Lamp// This is the gel nail lamp I use at home. It works well, and I've had it for almost a year, and it is still good as new. 

Earrings// I wear these little gold huggie hoops often. They are a great size for daily wear and are surprisingly high quality. 

Round Brush// I love this round brush. I use it when blowing my hair dry. I read many reviews of round brushes, and this one came out the winner, and I've been pleased. The one thing that sold me was that the top of the brush (I would call it the 'cap') is plastic and not metal. Reviews for other round brushes said that the top of the brushes were metal and kept burning their skin. Since the tip of this brush is plastic, I've had no issues!

Beige Dog Car Hammock// If you have a beige car interior, you know how hard it is to find a beige car hammock for your pet! This is the one I have. It's high quality and easy to wash! 

Blockprint Tablecloth// I have and love this tablecloth! It gives me Julia Amory vibes, but for much less. 

Gold Earrings// These were in my cart! I don't own them, but I will soon! I love the look of them! 

Truffle Salt// This salt is SO GOOD and coming from someone who doesn't love truffles, that's really saying something. It just makes everything taste better, especially popcorn and corn on the cob or a basic arugula salad. 

Shampoo + Conditioner// A favorite duo! It's so hydrating. If you have thick and/or color-treated hair, you will love this!

Eye Patches// The very best eye patches. I have them on-hand at all times. They depuff my under eyes and lessen the appearance of fine lines! 

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