Thursday, February 9, 2023


Hope you are all having a great week! This week was good; I can't complain! We are gearing up, literally and figuratively, to go skiing, so I've been running around making sure I have everything. I love skiing, but you have to pack a lot of stuff! The weather has been so mild; I hope the conditions are decent!

I have started to go on the hunt for some cute spring things. We are headed to Charleston in early March, which will be here before I know it! 

I randomly ordered this shift dress this week! It won't ship until early April, so I figured it would be perfect timing for either Easter (April 9th) or my birthday (April 14th), and I will definitely take it with me on our Nantucket trip this summer! I missed out on it last year and was so glad to see it restocked- I LOVE the print, and the cut of the shift is as classic as they come. Thought I would share because the pre-order ends tomorrow! 
Wearing: Lake sent me these kimono-style Pajamas. I haven't tried this style until now. I have always held off because I thought the tie waist would bother me in my sleep. It turns out, it's a non-issue. It's the same fabric as the relaxed pants set. I bought that set a while ago, and it's one of my favorites- so it's not the Pima cotton, it's like a super stretchy soft fabric, more like a jersey material! I am wearing a medium in these pajamas. I would say you could get your true size instead of sizing up like I did because they are so roomy and won't shrink like the Pima cotton. I'm glad to have this style of pajamas because I have a girlfriend's bachelorette party in May, and these are the kind of pajamas you want to wear around people because they are so cute and even a bit elegant! 

Eating: I made these little treats for Henry this weekend. You could eat them yourself, too, if you wanted! It's just mashed banana, Crazy Richard's peanut butter, and glucosamine, all mixed together and topped with a blueberry. I make them bite-sized, place them on a baking sheet with parchment paper, and freeze them. You can store it in a bag in the freezer. Henry loves them, and I feel good about giving him homemade/whole foods as treats versus processed treats. If you read the article below about the oldest dog, the owner says that he always feeds his dog 'human food', and I truly believe whole, real foods are better for dogs than processed kibble. I've always given Henry things like carrots, red pepper, blueberries, bananas, etc. (fruit in smaller doses because of sugar), but he loves it all! I also think things like the carrots help a bit to keep his teeth clean! 
Drinking: My once quarterly McDonald's Diet Coke with 3 lemons. It really hits the spot!

Reading: The world's oldest dog has just been switched to a living Portuguese pup, Bobi! He's 30!!!!

Watching: We haven't watched a great show in a while. We just started New Amsterdam. We are only an episode in, but we are liking it so far. It gives me Grey's Anatomy vibes. 
Sale: This sweatshirt is one of my favorite finds. It's $32 on sale and is a 'scuba' material. It is slightly thick, and the material is incredibly soft and more structured than a typical sweatshirt. I sized up to a medium for a roomy/oversized fit. I would say it fits roomy/true to size if you get your normal size. 

Loving: This is the prettiest dress and would be perfect for a bride-to-be for a shower or rehearsal dinner!

Loving II: I just ordered this custom monogrammed glasses case. It holds two pairs of sunglasses. It's expensive for what it is and totally unnecessary, but I think it's so beautiful. 
Wanting: Have you all heard of the brand Quince? It offers quality items that look similar to the 'designer' brand for a lot less. For example, these slippers look much like the UGG brand but for less! This quilted coat looks so much like Athleta, this crewneck sweater is giving me Jenni Kayne vibes, and this dress looks like the same style of dress I have in a print from Anthropologie! I'm totally intrigued! 

Also... THIS TWEED JACKET. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Amazon Rec: I currently have a zit in the middle of my forehead. It's not often I get zits but when I do, these are my go-to products that truly work. At the very least, they heavily reduce the zit but often get rid of it entirely overnight. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Quoting: 'If you see someone falling behind, walk beside them. If you see someone being ignored, find a way to include them. If someone has been knocked down, lift them up. Always remind people of their worth. One small act could mean the world to them.' // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Favorite White Sneakers: Tretorn Nylite, Veja Campo, and Rothy's Lace Up

My Favorite Pairs of White Sneakers for Women

This blog post is going live today because one of the top questions I get asked is, 'what are your favorite white tennis shoes?' 

I have collected quite a few pairs of white sneakers over the years. My preferences definitely ebb and flow through the years. Currently, my top 3 favorite pairs are:

You can find photos of each style and my opinions on them below...

Tretorn Nylite Canvas Sneaker ReviewTretorn Nylite Canvas Sneaker Review

Tretorn Nylite Canvas Sneaker Review

Tretorn Nylite Canvas Sneaker Review

Tretorn Nylite Canvas Sneaker Review

I consider these the most classic of the three shoes I am covering today. They are a Swedish brand, and this sneaker style has been around since the 1960s. They were also included in The Preppy Handbook. They don't go in or out of style; they're just a constant and timeless. They are canvas and have a thin rubber soles. They're well made, and I think they are the best value for the price! 

I'd consider these the sportiest of all 3 of the shoes, but they are versatile, as you can see in the outfits above. I have worn these for walking long distances for traveling and whatnot, and I think they are comfortable. Still, the sole is pretty flat without a ton of arch support and not a ton of padding, so it's not ideal, but I have never had any blisters or anything like that! 

Someone asked how I wash my sneakers, and I have to tell you, I don't. One thing about these Tretorn sneakers is that the more worn they look, the better, at least in my opinion. 

These run true to size. The same style comes in leather, but I think the true classic is the canvas! 

Veja Campo Women Styled

Veja Campo Women Styled

These are by far the most trendy/popular style on the list. I have a post that reviews these shoes in detail; you can find that here. The post goes over sizing and all of that, so it's worth checking out. 

I have worn these sneakers with a dress, but I prefer these with jeans/pants. They are slightly clunky/substantial compared to the other two pairs in this post. Not in a bad way; they are just a different look. They skew less timeless and more stylish and fashionable. They are very high quality. They are comfortable. I actually ended up gett these insoles for them, and they made such a difference for arch support. They fit inside the shoe as if they were made for them! Otherwise, like other shoes, I don't feel they offer much arch support. I have walked 10,000+ steps in these, and they are great, but that is with the different insoles!

Because the Vejas are a bit clunkier, they are a bit heavier and take up a bit more room in luggage, so if I bring them, I typically wear them on the flight. I also find that I wear these more in the fall/winter and the other two pairs in this post more in the spring/summer. 

Rothys lace up sneakers in bright white

Rothys lace up sneakers in bright whiteRothys lace up sneakers in bright white

Rothys lace up sneakers in bright white

These are the most streamlined-looking sneakers out of the bunch. They have a slim, almost feminine profile. I think they look the most polished out of all three when you wear them with things like a dress! I like the toe. It's rounded but in a ballet-flat way, so I do feel they flatter my legs more than any other shoe in this post! They are made of a stretchy knit material, so the shoes are very flexible. The bed of the foot feels like memory foam, so it is cushioned for comfort. I have walked a lot in these, 10s of thousands of steps, and they are always super comfortable. I never get blisters or anything like that. I will say, even though they are cushioned, they are pretty flat- I have a super high arch, so I notice when shoes don't have much arch support. Still, for walking long distances, this win. 

They are machine-washable, which is nice for travel. For example, I wore them to a golf tournament. We did a ton of walking, but the grass got all over my shoes, stuck to them, and stained them a bit. When I got home, I tossed them in the washing machine, and they looked new. 

They run true to size. 

What socks do you wear with this kind of thing?
I love these no-show socks. They are soft, comfortable, and hold up perfectly in the laundry!

If you could only choose one pair, which would you choose?
I think this is a hard question because I truly feel they serve different purposes/looks! It depends on your lifestyle and what you plan to wear them for. I travel quite a bit and walk a ton, so I'd say maybe the Rothy's, but I wouldn't want to be without my Tretorns- I pack both Tretorns and Rothy's frequently and often leave the Vejas at home. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Decorating Updates

The last time I even remotely paid attention to our home in terms of how it looks, was back in early August when I found my dream dining room table on Facebook Marketplace. I still love it so much. 

When it comes to decorating, I get burnt out quickly. Yet, I have all the patience to wait for exactly what I want/am looking for/can afford, but I find myself doing something small and then not wanting to deal with anything else decorating-wise for a while.

I see so many great DIY projects on Instagram and TikTok, and I so badly wish I was someone that was into DIY, but I am just not!!! 

I've gotten comfortable in our home, and while I could do much more, I'm at a point where it's 'good enough.' I have to admit, it's a little weird to feel this way because, in general, that is not my personality. I'm always trying to do better, be better, etc., but sometimes I just don't feel motivated about decorating! Does anyone else feel this way?

I think I often feel this way because decorating takes a backseat in my life... family, work, social life, etc., come before decorating the house, and I only have so much attention to divide into each aspect! Decorating is lower on the totem pole for me.

But, as I spend more time at home during the winter, I'm starting to look around and think about a few little tweaks I want to make, so I thought I would share with you all the things I have been keeping my eye out for! 
- I've been looking high and low for a dresser for our bedroom. We have one now (photo above). I just want to replace it. I got our current dresser, basically for free. I had just moved into this house and saw a beautiful high-boy piece of furniture on Craigslist. As a side note, do people even use Craigslist anymore?! I feel like Facebook Marketplace has replaced the need for Craigslist, which can definitely be sketchy. The woman who sold me the highboy was moving to Colorado, so she was getting rid of a lot. She had a traditional-style dresser and asked if I wanted it, and I said sure. It's nothing gorgeous, but it works well with my decor, and the size was right (it's a slightly narrow space). I took it because it was basically free, and I needed something to store my clothes in immediately. I figured I would keep it until I found something else. I'm not kidding; I haven't thought about a dresser since! But I recently thought, 'OK, this dresser needs to go.' It's not a high-quality piece of furniture, and it's just very average in the looks department. Anyway, I have just started to look around for dressers. I waffle between wanting something more modern/casual like this or something more traditional. I'm leaning toward the latter. I love this; it's just not the right wood stain for my preference. I will know when I see it, but I'm putting it out there to find a new dresser soon! The only catch that I think will hold me up a bit is that the space is narrow, so I need to pay attention to the dimensions of the pieces that catch my eye. 

- I want to get a roman shade made for our backdoor! I've been meaning to do this since we moved in, but it's just not something I have thought of again until recently! I envision a white linen-type fabric with a high-quality trim. I think it's a relatively inexpensive touch to add a little character. 

- Something I have been looking for since the day I moved into this house: a large piece of artwork for a blank wall. I've searched high and low for years. I want it to be neutral and not really eye-catching but instead add texture and interest. I've had this piece open in my browser for ages now. I like the neutral scheme and the texture, and it is huge. It checks off all my boxes but I think it feels a bit coastal and maybe that is what has been holding me back. A few of you told me about Mural Source and how you can order large samples that are nice for framing and they have quite a few beautiful prints that are only priced at a few hundred dollars! I've thought about this, but I think all of the designs are too beautiful/eye-catching, and again, I want something that blends into the wall more, not for it to be a focal point. I LOVE this Jefferson county one, but it's just not right for the space. 

- A new 3x5 rug for our bathroom. I just want something a little brighter- the one I got years ago has seen better days! There are many options everywhere, and 3x5 is small enough that even the highest-quality rugs aren't pricey. I have decision paralysis with this one. 

- I want to snag some new pillows for spring/summer for my leather sofa. I am looking for a punch of color that will really pop against dark brown leather!

- I think I *might* hang plates around our Frame TV. I cut out paper 'templates' for the plates and stuck them to the wall. I'm living with the paper around the TV for a week or two before I decide. The wall that the TV is on is huge and has always needed something since the scale is just off. I've always thought of plates, but I kept looking around to see if I could find something different. I haven't yet found anything I like more than the plate idea. We shall see. I will keep you posted. Hanging plates on the wall is SO easy, so I do feel like maybe I'm just taking the easy way out with this one. Clearly, I am torn! 

That is all for now! Who's taking bets on how long any of this will take me? I'm not in a rush. One thing I do know about decorating, investing in decor and furniture is not to be hasty!

I was browsing Target's website the other day to see what they had in terms of decor. I'm not a huge Target decor person only because I think the style tends to lean more modern farmhouse, which isn't how I decorate, but lately, I have noticed some more traditional pieces popping up! This would make a darling kitchen counter lamp! Love these baskets because they feel very tailored. See below for more finds!

Monday, February 6, 2023

OOTD: Casual February Outfit ft. Crew Socks and New Balance 327

Shop the Outfit:
I've constantly seen crew socks over leggings lately, and I don't hate it! I figured I would try it out since I already had everything I needed to create this 'trend'... very low risk, ha! 

It gives me late 80s and early 90s Princess Diana vibes. When I shared this outfit on Instagram, someone messaged me saying it looks like something Annie Banks would have worn (the main character in Father of the Bride). I thought that message was spot on and it made me warm up to the whole thing even more! 

Anyway, I think it makes sense for wintertime in Pittsburgh because my ankles are covered and warm! Practicality, I am here for it! 

I also wanted to wear this adorable Sweatshirt that Talbots recently sent to me in the cutest Valentine's Day-themed package! It's so soft and lined with cozy fleece! I would say it fits true to size. I am wearing a size small! I wanted to show it with jeans and leggings because I think it looks cute style both ways!

These are my favorite Leggings for Orange Theory workouts! They are so soft and smooth and sweat-wicking. They are also high-waisted, which I prefer when doing a high-intensity workout. I also wear them casually, as you can see above!

You can see my New Balance 327 review, here. I have been loving them and wearing them more than I thought I would! 

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