Friday, April 12, 2024

Weekend Wish List

It's my birthday weekend so I'm making this brief because I'm hoping to log off a little early this afternoon! We are also headed on vacation soon so I'm trying to get so much done to make sure I can relax! Woo!

Some items of note... 
- I just got this Shell Necklace in pink and it is amazing. So pretty and unique! 

- I see a new pair of these Sneakers daily that I want! 

- I've been reading so many amazing things about this Moisturizer. People in some reviews have compared Augustinus Bader to this and this is less costly. I'm definitely going to purchase this and give it a try once I run out of my other moisturizers!

- It's kind of hard to tell in the photo, but these Bamboo Taper Candles actually look like bamboo! SO neat and a fun Hollywood regency vibe! 

Some items of note... 
- This Vase is inexpensive but looks $$$!

- This Sweater was just launched yesterday in a few colors and I want! The tight crewneck is almost a mockneck- I *love* that! 

- Have any of you ordered anything from the Sephora sale?! It ends Monday! I have been eying this Bronzer.

- These Sunglasses are inexpensive but look like a Loewe pair!

For your weekend reading, here are blog posts you may have missed from this week:

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Thursday, April 11, 2024


New favorite lip color in Miranda! Use code SUMMERWIND at checkout to save!

Birthday gift to myself! Shop similar scarves/shawls, here!

Happy almost weekend. April is the busiest month I've had in recent memory. Lots of work stuff and lots of social stuff to navigate! All great things, but man, I am going to need a nap when things slow down come June! 

I love being busy. However, if the busyness goes on for too long without a breather, I start to panic a little that I'm missing out on life because I crave the feeling of slowing down and having the time to really take it all in. Then, if I slow down for too long, I worry I'm missing out on life because I'm not doing enough. What a catch-22. It's a fine balance. Champagne problems, yes, but life, man. 

Last week, I launched my Beth Ladd collaboration, and thanks to your amazing support, the collection is nearly sold out. I truly did not anticipate that it would sell out. I was shocked, to say the least. Thank you all for your kindness, for shopping the pieces, and for engaging with my content. It means more than you know! We are still hosting a giveaway for The Sizzle in early May. I am currently ordering 'favorite things' to put in the bag, so it will be a good giveaway that you won't want to miss. 

Last Friday, I was on a panel at the University of Pittsburgh's Katz School of Business. They were hosting an influencer marketing conference, and the attendees were graduate students and marketing professionals. I was able to stay for the entire conference, and I loved it. Being on the panel was great, but learning from others was even better. I love to learn, and I can't believe that graduate students and professors are doing research and further legitimizing my career. My job can be confusing to many people. I don't blame anyone nor expect anyone for not understanding because it can actually be complicated and intricate. It was truly a treat to be in a room with people in my industry that 'get it'.

Did you all catch the eclipse?! We had 97% coverage, which was really cool to see. Otherwise, this week, I've been working a lot at my desk. We will be traveling soon, and I'm trying to give myself as real a vacation as I can, so I am working ahead! 

I'm trying to be proactive and start packing now. It's not going well, but at least it's going! It is my birthday on Sunday, so we have lots of plans all weekend to celebrate. I also booked myself a massage that I am *really* looking forward to!

Striped Top (30% off with code SHOP30)// Striped Shorts// Similar Sweater (on sale)

Wearing: Love this stripe set! It's something I will wear so often as it is comfortable for computer days and walks with Henry but looks polished at the same time! Are you following me on the LikeToKnowIt app?! You can shop all of my outfits, favorite finds, and more in the app. I am constantly updating it with the latest! You can also access all of my posts, here, if you don't use LTK!

Drinking: Friday, I went to a friend's 30th birthday party, and it was a bourbon-tasting theme! It was adorable! I'm not a bourbon drinker, but my sister went to the University of Kentucky, so I'm decently versed in bourbon, and my husband loves it we have all sorts of bourbon, but, again, it's not something I drink, really. I will say, I enjoyed tasting many different things side-by-side to get an idea of what I like. I honestly can't say I loved any of it, but this bulleit rye was my favorite out of everything we tasted. Apparently, I'm a 'rye' gal. I can't say I'll be pouring a glass anytime soon but it was fun!

Reading: If you are a big Palm Royale fan, this Bazaar article is a treat! It talks about the costuming and some behind-the-scenes things. After reading it, I promptly added this book to my cart!

Listening: I've been very into Eric Clapton lately. She's Waiting has been on repeat! 
Loving: My neighbor got me this beautiful blue and white planter for my birthday, which was so thoughtful!!! It is gorgeous. Can you believe it was from Amazon?! The quality is amazing. I just love it so much!

I love this pink and green sweater tank! I am eyeing these sneakers. Just got this pink dress and love it!
Pittsburgh: I had an early birthday dinner with my husband and parents on Saturday and finally tried Mola in East Liberty. It was SO good. I'm already planning to go back! We got some of what felt like everything! The gyudon with udon noodles was next level.

Cable Sweater (13 color options)

Amazon Rec: I got this in pink and loved it so I snagged it in white. I pictured it styled with tennis skirts and I think it looks so cute! It's a great price and the quality is pretty good! It runs TTS (roomy). This is me in a size small! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here on my Amazon page where I am constantly updating it with all of my finds and top picks from home, beauty, fashion, and more!

Smelling: I got this hand soap refill on Amazon without smelling it. I need a refill for a specific soap bottle and wanted to try something new and this smells wonderful! It's sweet orange, cedarwood, and sage!

Quoting: 'The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Recent Beauty Favorites

I think that beauty products have become a full-blown hobby for me. I mean, it IS part of my job to test new things and share with you all, but I love to do it. I'd do it even if it wasn't my job. I love to try new products and read about makeup, beauty, and skincare. I'm not a professional with any of it, and it's just fun for me. In the grand scheme of things, I don't even wear *that* much makeup, but I love it all. 

That said, I have a very specific type of makeup I like. I mostly like natural-looking makeup, but I do dabble in heavier makeup for photos/videos/events. I don't do a ton of eyeshadow nor do I experiment with off-the-wall colors. I typically 'stay in my lane'. 

On top of all of that, I am fascinated by the beauty industry. The profit margins are crazy. This is why you see everyone and their mother creating beauty and skincare lines. It's also interesting to see the craze for beauty, skincare, and haircare booming. Have you all seen the kids at Sephora?! 

Anyway, the Sephora sale is currently going on. You can save up to 20% depending on what tier you have. Use code YAYSAAVE at checkout. Dermstore has also given me a code, SUMMERWIND, which works on different brands/products throughout the year and the discount varies for those products and brands. It changes here and there, and I don't have details on that, so I typically just try my code at checkout to see if it works on what I want to order! If it's sold out on Sephora or they don't sell it, check Dermstore because sometimes my code is better than the Sephora discount!

Since the Sephora sale is going on, I'm going to focus on that! Instead of sharing a million products with you all, I thought I would share a very concise list of just a few things that I would highly recommend! 

I ordered two things: this concealer that gets rave reviews and this lipgloss/balm/lipstick hybrid that is supposed to be like the Tarte juicy lip but without the coconut scent. 

L to R: Berry, Rose Nude, Pink

This is a product I have used and shared for years. It is a constant repurchase. It's a bit pricey for balm and so many other brands have come out with competing products but I really do think this is the best! If I could only pick one color, it would be Berry! Berry gives you a pretty good color pay off but the other two I wear: rose nude and pink are very subtle. I even put the pink on as a balm when I'm not wearing makeup, just because it gives my lips a little bit of color that looks good.

Top to Bottom:
Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury, Lawless, Charlotte Tilbury

L to R: 

I've been very into lip liner the past few months. I don't like when you can tell I'm wearing lip liner, I just like that it can enhance the edges of my lips and then I put lipstick overtop. As I age, I see myself using lip liner more and more. It's kind of annoying to use as opposed to just applying a lipstick, but it makes enough of a difference so that's why I continue to use it. My favorite formula is the Sephora brand. I love that I don't have to sharpen it and it has more of a gel-feel so it glides easily. The Charlotte Tilbury liners have nice colors but are stiffer and don't glide as nicely. I *love* the Lawless liner, the only gripe I have with it is that it's so soft that sometimes it isn't as precise at the tip as other liners. The pink sand color is my favorite color out of all 4 of these liners- it reminds me of the retired lipstick from Kosas that I love called Rosewood. 

L to R:
I hesitated to put up these two blush swatches because this photo makes them look very similar in color but in reality, thye're not. They also look like they have orange/coral undertones in the photo, but they don't, so take the ephoto with a grain of salt. I love both of these blushes. Dolce Vita is liquid but it's not like Rare Beauty in that you put a dab on your cheeks and you have SO much color. You can actually use a decent amount of this. I just blend with my finger and it has such a beautiful, dewy finish. I want to try more colors in this blush because of how much I love the formula. The bichette is a cream blush in the prettiest berry red. I have a few WA blushes and this is my favorite shade! It blends like a dream- foolproof and the kind of blush you use in a hurry because there is no need to be precise. 

If you only buy one thing, I'd suggest the eyelash curler. Prior to this, I was using a $5 lash curler so it felt a little ridiculous to shell out $25 for this one because how much better could it possibly be? It is SO good. Well worth the extra $20, in my opinion. It curls my lashes SO well and never hurts. It's worth the hype. Another product worth splurging on over drugstore brands is this lash primer. I used to use the L'Oreal primer and it's a great product but this primer is truly better and worth the extra $$. I have also used brands like Dior and I think this Lancome brand takes the cake! I think Lancome just does mascara really well because I've used a lot of their different mascaras and have loved them. I am currently using this one

Foundation Sticks (I have shade II and IV)

I have shred these a lot over the years so I won't go into too much detail but WA is one of my favorite brands. I have only ever used on product I haven't loved (the highlighter stick) but every other product I have absolutely loved. My sister tried my foundation and ended up ordering it for herself. It's buildable so you can use it for those 'no makeup makeup' days or for those full-glam days. It blends so well and feels like you are not wearing anything. It is never cakey and the shades are spot-on. These are pricey so if you are looking for a good alternative, I'd recommend Merit, they are very similar in formula, in my opinion. I have both brands and use them interchangeably. I actually like that the head of the Merit stick is slimmer than the WA so you can be more precise. In Merit, I use shade Linen and Ochre.

Concealer (in silk)

I just finished the travel size of this concealer because I was trying it out. I love it. It has a medium coverage but you could build it to become full coverage. It's not cakey and blends beautifully. I ordered a new concealer to try out because I like to try new things, but I'll for sure come back to this and get the full size at some point. My undereyes are my pain point when it comes to aging. It's where I notice the most fine lines and I have dark circles and puffiness so I'm always on the lookout for the best of th best when it comes to concealers. I think this one of the better concealers I have ever used as it doesn't settle into my fine lines or get patchy. I also really like the Tarte Cream concealer and the Lune and Aster concealer

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Recent Outfits

I haven't shared an outfit roundup in a LONG time! I have so many that have yet to make it to my site, I will break it up into multiple parts! I didn't shop a ton in January and February, but I've had a lot of events and things on my calendar lately and upcoming, so I've definitely hit full speed ahead with styling! 

I'm packing this Dress for our Mexico trip. We are going for a wedding, and there is a welcome drinks party so this is what I am going to wear. I love the bright colors, and the dress just screams FUN! This dress runs true to size but roomy so you could size down. I am wearing a size small. 

Another Mexico look I was trying on before I packed it! This palm print and pink and green colorway gave me major Palm Royale vibes. I plan to wear a sun hat and white sunglasses as well. This runs very roomy but I don't mind that. I am wearing a small and I like a loose coverup so it's not sticking to my sunscreened skin. I saw someone say that they wore this as a dress. I wouldn't recommend that. It's very much a coverup- lightweight fabric and short!

I wore this dress on Easter. I always envy those in warmer climates around this time of year. It's usually too cold/gray to wear a pretty Easter dress and that was the case this year but this dress worked so well since it has sleeves and is longer! The fabric is so high quality. It feels like the nicest sateen sheets. The detailing around the hem is stunning- much better in person! This runs very roomy. I am wearing a small but could have definitely sized down to XS.

I wore this non-spring outfit this past Friday to a conference at the University of Pittsburgh. I was speaking on a panel and it snowed that day so I really had to pull something together to keep me warm! I love this jacket (runs TTS) and actually love this entire outfit, but I'm just over the winter clothes at this point!

This is one of my favorite Amazon brands because the quality is so much better than the price suggests. It's like Target prices but Lulu or Athleta quality. I have purchased quite a few of these built-in-bra tanks over the past few years. They are SO comfortable and the shelf-style bra has enough compression to create support so I wear them to Orange Theory. This skort is basically just regular athletic shorts but with a drape of fabric over the front making it technically a skort. It's so cute and I love that you can match the top and bottom colors together as sets! I'm wearing a medium in both the top and bottom and would say they run true to size as I often size up in athletic clothes like this! I usually wear a 6 in lulu if that helps! 

Dress (short version)// raffia platform sandals (on sale under $40!)

This is such a fun dress that I'm also packing for Mexico. It runs big so size down at least one size. I love the floral print and the shape. I think it'll be the perfect easy dress to throw on for dinner after a day by the pool/beach!

I've shared these quite a bit but these are the best White Jeans, especially when you factor in price. They run true to size but roomy (as a wide leg pair of pants typically does). They are such good quality, you'd never guess that they are not designer. Also, I included these Orange Sandals in yesterday's March favorites so you all know they're good.  

This tweed/boucle dress is stunning. I love the gold button details. This just looks expensive (but it's under $250). This runs true to size and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone much taller than I am (I am 5'6") as it's pretty short, though not short enough to deter me from wearing. This pairs nicely with a navy blazer or cream cardigan! I think you could even do black tights in the winter. It's a seasonless dress which is always nice.

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