Friday, June 14, 2024

Weekend Wish List

Happy weekend! Thank you all for the sweet comments about Henry; I appreciate them so much! We took him to the vet yesterday, and the vet said she thinks he definitely ate something, but it's passing through him, and all seems to be OK. She took blood, so I'm waiting on those results to ensure it all checks out. But I wanted to update you all, as I know many of you have been so kind and thoughtful! I also ordered him a muzzle that I will try to get him to wear during our walks! Better safe than sorry- I greatly appreciate those of you who sent messages regarding that. I feel more at peace about it!

I did three weekend wish list roundups because I couldn't stop myself. I started going, and I had one item I really wanted to include that wouldn't fit in the first two, so I made an extra this week. Very 'if you give a mouse a cookie' over here! 

Some items of note... 
- It's a personal preference for my shoes to be able to be slipped on. So I prefer slide sandals, mules, loafers, ballet flats, etc. If it has a strap that I have to buckle, I'm just less likely to wear them. Call me lazy. So therefore, I don't spend a ton on sandals with straps but I'm just loving these Block Heel Sandals soooo much! Neutral, the block heel is chic but practical and the gold hardware adds some dressiness. 

- I'm not a big bag gal. I really love totes and small crossbody bags. I have a handful of designer bags that I wear to death and then some nicer leather bags that are not designer that get into the rotation. But I tend to rotate a few bags each season. I have been really loving the Rue de Verneil brand. I think this Canvas Tote looks like Hermes for less. I have also been eyeing this Dragon Diffusion look for less in the jumbo size in dark brown for fall. I really like the Loro Piana Bale bag but I don't know that I'd ever spend that much on a handbag... when we get into those prices, I'd so much rather have jewelry. 

- I love all of the tans and browns I am seeing for summer. I think those are the type of pieces that are easiest to transition into fall.... perfect for those who live in warmer climates to wear in October and November. I could see this Tan Printed Skirt worn now with a white linen shirt and then a darker brown cashmere crewneck sweater in October or November or even paired with boots! 
Some items of note... 
- I love this Custom Dog Charm. I wish it was 14k gold. I've never seen anything like this. Definitely on my wish list. They creat a custom design of your dog so that they can engrave it on the pendant and engrave your dog's name on the back. So soooooo sweet. 

- I just got a discount code for this brand. It's SYDNEYXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping. I just got my first Air Essentials piece and I cannot sing its praises enough. Air essentials is their moniker for a certain fabric that is SO soft. I have a lot of wonderfully soft pieces in my wardrobe as I seek out softness but this is next level. You just wont' get it until you try it. I think it's softer than Varley and I didn't think it could get any better than that. Anyway, I love this Black Lounge Dress done in the Air Essentials fabric. So versatile and easy to wear. 

- My sister has been raving about these Sneakers for comfort/walking and I'm considering a pair. They're a little clunky, but I love a heavily cushioned shoe for outdoor walking. 

- One of you all messaged me these darling blue and white Shorts because you thought they looked like something I would wear. You were spot on because I love them! 

- This Serum is from a newer skincare brand that I have a feeling you are going to see everywhere in the next few days/weeks/months. I think it's going to be like the next Augustinus Bader. I say that as a prediction without having ever used the products. They're pricey. Color me intrigued. 

- I'm into silver lately and I really love these fun Silver Earrings. They're inexpensive and a fun way to add a little sparkle to an outfit. 
Some items of note... 

- I'm so in love with this Cashmere Crewneck. I want the cream but I saw a preview that Alice Walk posted on their Instagram of a striped version that is coming later this summer so I am holding out for that. Just like I am holding out for a hot pink Julia Amory shift dress

- One of you all sent me these Sandals in my DM's because they looked like a pricier pair I shared at some point. They're SO cute and only $25. 

- Love this Ruffled Dress. A good one to have to throw on in the summer heat. I'm already dreading next week's 95+ degree temps. 

- You can't tell in the collage above but this Coverup is seersucker! It also comes in pink but no one is surprised I love the blue best. 

See last week's Weekend Wish List, here!

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Thursday, June 13, 2024


I hope you are all having a great week! It's been beautiful here, but otherwise, it's been a pretty normal week! On Tuesday, we had dinner with my grammie, parents, aunt, and uncle at our club. It was such a gorgeous evening weather-wise, so enjoying a cocktail as the sun set was nice! 

Henry has a GI issue, and I hope to get him into the vet today. I hope everything is OK. He LOVES to eat things. Not inside—he is so well-behaved indoors and has not eaten anything he shouldn't, and I never worry about that! 

But outside is another story. When we are on our long walks, he tries to eat everything from sticks to woodchips to other animal waste and more. He has always been like this since the day I got him. I am assuming because he was a stray at some point and had to eat anything to survive, which makes me so sad. It's exhausting because I have to pay very close attention to him at all times. I swear, there isn't a walk where I don't have to stick my hand into his mouth and pull something out because he snags things so quickly. Plus, our neighborhood has so much wildlife I just never know what he will pick up. Once, he got a dead frog in his mouth, and I pulled it out with my bare hands. It was SO gross. I know a lot of lab breeds tend to eat anything- but it's not 'anything' for Henry. Like I've read, some dogs eat rocks and things like that, but Henry tends to eat more 'organic' matter. He would also never eat an object, like if he saw a small ball, toy car, or something like that outside. 

Anyway, he has a history of doing this. That was probably even worse when I lived in my apartment downtown because he would snag chicken bones and other gross things. So, he is no stranger to the vet for these ordeals, but I try my absolute best to prevent it. I'm finally at my wit's end and considering ordering some sort of muzzle to keep him from eating on our walks. It's been weighing heavily on me, and on one hand, I feel like maybe that's extreme, but on the other, I just want to keep him safe and healthy. I feel like it could honestly save his life, and because of that, it makes me feel like it's a no-brainer. 

Does anyone else deal with this with their dog?! Do you all have any recommendations for a muzzle that would be comfortable for him? 

In this instance, I have no idea if he ate anything or not. To my knowledge, he didn't! Oh, and we have tried our absolute best over the years to get him to not eat things. He is smart, so well trained, and extremely obedient. I could put a hamburger on the ground, and he would know not to eat it unless I told him he could. This truly seems to be something innate in him that we cannot train out of him (he's not anxious or bored or acting out and doesn't have vitamin deficiencies). I'm obviously going to talk to the vet about all of this, but I would love to hear your input if you have dealt with this and found success (or not) with a muzzle on walks and if you have a particular one that you recommend, I would love to know! 

I have worn this top for several years now and it's one of my favorites during the warmer months! I just wore it this weekend for a block party! It's the perfect casual thing to just throw on and feel cute. The fabric doesn't wrinkle! Are you following me on the LikeToKnowIt app?! You can shop all of my outfits, favorite finds, and more in the app. I am constantly updating it with the latest! You can also access all of my posts, here, if you don't use LTK!
Eating: This Truffle Salt is the best thing ever.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and snag a jar. I bought it to put on our popcorn, and I have never tasted popcorn better than this! We air pop kernels in the microwave with this silicone bowl and then top it with a bit of the Graza drizzle and this salt. It's the most delicious thing maybe ever. 

 Still no release date for season 2 of Severance. But at least a little glimmer of hope with this!!! 

Loving: Just got this pullover and it's INCREDIBLE. I was blown away by the material. It's the softest thing I've ever felt. I love the Varley DoubleSoft material, but I think this is even *better*... and I didn't think it could get any better.  

Love this dress for a summer wedding guest dress option, and it's under $200! This is such a cute athletic dress on sale under $60!

Amazon Rec: I'm not a big clothing shopper on Amazon, but these are two good finds. This Coverup is so cute and lightweight. I got a size small and it runs very roomy. This Dress is inexpensive and the quality is OK for the price. It comes in several colors. It looks just like this dress selling on Shopbop for $200++.  You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here on my Amazon page where I am constantly updating it with all my finds and top picks from home, beauty, fashion, and more!

Smelling: This is the best perfume. I constantly come back to it. Unfortunately, it's very pricey, but it's such a treat. I'm on my second bottle! One spritz is plenty, though; it's pretty strong and lasts all day. It brings me so much joy everytime I put it on!

Quoting: "What is not started today is never finished tomorrow"- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe //See more of my favorites, here.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

About Me!

Sandals// Sunglasses (extra 30% off) 
Bag (just $25)

For those of you who may be new here, I thought I would give you a quick little introduction/background of who I am and some quick thoughts/facts about me at the bottom! I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I went to James Madison University in Virginia. I was a ZTA there and got my Public Relations degree with a writing minor.

While at JMU, in my freshman year dorm room, I started my blog and kept it up throughout my college years!

After graduation, I moved back to Pittsburgh while figuring out what I wanted to do. I ended up working for an event planning company. I never set out to be a planner, but it just fell into my lap that way! I kept up with my blog. It was a lot of work keeping up with a full-time job and my blog, as it had turned into a business of its own at that point! 

I switched jobs to a more traditional marketing role in health insurance. I was still keeping up with my blog and social media, but at one point, I decided it was time to quit and pursue this full-time, and I never looked back! 

This is my passion and what I love to do, and I am so thankful you all show up here every day and enjoy what I have to share! 

I have a sweet pup and live with my husband in Pittsburgh, PA! Our 3rd wedding anniversary is next month, and Henry will be 9 in December. Crazy! 

For fun, I like to spend time with family and friends. I'm very family-oriented. I talk to my parents daily; they live just 15 minutes away in the home I grew up in! My younger sister lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband and pup! They come back to Pittsburgh to visit often, and we love to visit Charlotte. 

I've always been into fashion. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little, so I had notebooks filled with sketches of clothing designs. I always clipped magazine articles and photos for inspiration. I loved getting dressed every day in high school and college and never really wore lounge clothes or sweatpants. 

I love classic clothes and traditional home decor—I always have. My tastes have evolved as I've gotten older, but I think I've had somewhat of the same taste my entire life. I feel like it will be tweaked a little here and there, but I think this is just always how I will be and always what I will like! 

- I will eat anything but goat cheese. I cannot stand it!

- I'd much prefer to be the passenger than the driver. I don't like to drive. 

- I love to clean. My favorite thing is fresh sheets on the bed. Polishing silver is so satisfying!! 

- Pickles are a main food group for me. 

- I love shellfish; it's one of my favorite foods, but ironically, I have a slight allergy. I still eat it anyway. 

- I am passionate about dog adoption! We found Henry via an organization called Tracy's Paws. However, I don't shame or judge anyone for getting a purebred dog or anything like that. I believe all dogs need good homes but will always advocate for pet adoption! 

- I think ET is a scary move. I haven't seen the full movie in SO long because I'm so scared of it. My sister won a big ET stuffed animal one year and hid it in my closet. horrifying! 

- I love wine and learning about the different wines, regions, vintages, etc. I love Napa but haven't been in a while, so I think it's time to plan a trip back! 

- I'm a self-proclaimed foodie and love trying new restaurants nearby and far. 

- When someone asks me where to eat in Pittsburgh, my answer is always Pusadee's Garden. 

- My favorite places to travel to in the US are Charleston and Nantucket. 

- People always ask me what I would do for a career if I wasn't creating content. I'd still probably do something in social media/PR/marketing. I think I would have probably formed a boutique marketing firm specializing in helping small businesses. In a completely other life, I think I would have been an antique shop owner, jewelry shop owner, or something to do in the financial sector like an investment analyst. 

- I've always been very Type A. I'm an enneagram 3. My Myers Briggs is ESTJ-A.

- Severance is one of the best shows I've ever seen in recent memory (Apple TV). 

- During the week, if I am not working, I am likely walking or taking an Orange Theory class. I love being active. My husband is big into golf, so he has roped me into playing here and there with him, but I much prefer the driving range. I learned pickleball last year and love to play. I am not good, but it's so much fun! 

- I think there is always room for improvement in any facet of one's life. 

- I love etiquette and manners. Many people are no longer taught these things, and because of that, they confuse them with being snobby and are turned off. Meanwhile, I think manners and etiquette are 'rules' that help people feel more welcome in social situations, small or large. I also think the #1 rule is to *never* call someone out for doing something incorrectly unless you are in a teaching setting or moment. The main goal is to always make people feel welcome, not shame them! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Ten 4th of July Outfit Ideas

This is a new concept for a blog post that reminds me of the old-school Polyvore days. Does anyone else remember Polyvore? I loved that site sooooooo much! I would spend hours creating different outfits! The 4th of July is quickly approaching and it's one of my favorite holidays, especially when it comes to outfits. Red, white, and blue is such a good color trio and there are so many good options out there right now for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc! 

I tried to put together outfits for different occasions, whether you are running a 5k, watching a parade, sunbathing on the beach, having dinner at a country club, lounging by a lake, or hosting a cookout! I also tried to include pieces at all different price points so you can mix and match pieces that you personally love since they all pair together so well! Think of this almost as a personal stylist session! There are ten outfits, so keep on scrolling to see them all!

If you are looking for more outside of this blog post, check out this roundup, here. I'll also have a 4th of July entertaining post next week! You can also check out my flag sweater review post with lots of flag sweater options at all different price points and how I style them! 
Add the sweater over the shoulders for a pop of blue!

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