Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathing Suit Cover-ups

I love bathing suit cover-ups. Like the saying goes "I need one like I need a hole in my head". I have a vast collection of many different styles, colors, and cuts and I can't say I even have a favorite! Some I wear because they match the bathing suit that I am wearing, and some I wear depending on where I am planning to bronzer (my current french course is finally paying off!). Since I can't fit anymore bathing suit cover-ups in my closet, I am hoping I will inspire one of my readers to purchase one so I can live vicariously through you! Here are some options that I am loving and if I could come up with a really good reason, I would purchase them all!Fred Flare Drawstring Beach Jumper $64- Fred Flare usually has extremely odd things on their website so I often peruse their website with no intentions of purchasing, but I often times find myself finding one or two things that are worth purchasing. This is definitely one of them. It's not the usual style for a beach cover-up and the blue hue would look great with a tan!Nordstrom: Echo -$24 ON SALE- Now this may just have to be purchased. Who can't pass up a classic nautical striped cover up that is also a bit trendy because of the one shoulder look!

Marc by Marc Jacobs $248- Usually I'm not into overly trendy, especially when it comes to a swimsuit cover up. But just picture yourself in this cover up while walking to the pool bar in a swanky hotel/resort in Miami. I think the added belt with the interlocking "fish" add to the adorable factor in this piece plus you are being trendy but not flashy or skimpy in any way!
Diane von Furstenberg Zoe $260- Another favorite from Bloomies. The bright colors are remind me of South America. It looks like something that would blend in in Brazil! These bright colors would also work well with your freshly bronzed skin! I also love this one because it looks enough like a dress that you could wear it into a casual restaurant for a quick bite to eat without looking ridiculous.
Do you have any favorite cover ups? Where did you get them? Have a fabulous day!!


Black Labs and Lilly said...

I love cover-ups too! My favorites come from Juicy and Calypso!

Amanda said...

I actually don't own any bathing suit cover-ups, so thank you for the suggestions! I really like the one from Nordstrom!

paintedpreppy said...

The aqua beach jumper is very cute, so is the one from nordies, I am always in need of a cover up living in florida, thanks for the post.


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