Friday, April 9, 2010

Coveted Dessert Plates

This past Easter weekend, I went home first and foremost to celebrate Easter with family but also to celebrate my birthday (2 weeks early) with family. While having the most delicious ice cream cake (a request that is usually not made by me but I saw one on TV and knew I had to have one!) I saw my mom bring out dessert plates that she does not bring out too often. Every time I see them, I am so envious that I do not own dessert plates as pretty and unique as these plates are. However, I should not be so envious because I live in a sorority house and would have no use for a set of gorgeous dessert plates... Oh, but someday I will have a pretty little home all to myself, and I am on a mission to make those plates mine! So here is a picture I snapped while I was home of the famed dessert plates:Aren't they just too cute? Perfect for spring, fall, and winter!
While I was also at home I became even more envious of a new Rugby polo my father was sporting. It was green with a pink rugby player on the left chest and his initials were stitched right underneath. Pink, green, and monogrammed and I don't have one?! How could this be! I know what my next order from the RL Rugby store is going to be..Not the greatest photography skills, but you get the picture. It won't be too weird that my dad and I have the same shirt...right?
As for this weekend, I am headed off to "NOVA" as they call it here in Virginia. I didn't know what that meant when I was headed south for school, so for all you northerners like me, NOVA stands for Norther Virginia. Pretty clever, huh? I plan on shopping until I drop. Oh yes and I guess I will have to attend my sorority convention as well. Pictures and shopping news is sure to follow next week! And coming up will be a blog post on my trip to Charlotte next weekend for a fraternity formal. It is sure to be a very very fun weekend. Next week will be a very fun week as Wednesday is my 20th birthday!!! I cannot wait to celebrate with friends at a delicious sushi restaurant! My birthday week also happens to be Greek Week too, so I have a lot of great things to look forward to!! Have a fabulous weekend!


mFw said...

Oh my word you have so many fun things going on! Have fun shopping this weekend!

Also, I adore that shirt!

Kathie Truitt said...

Ugh! I hate NOVA. I live in Alexandria, but as soon as dear son graduates from high school I am back in ROVA - Rest of Virginia! I have to drive all the way to Richmond before I find that sweet, southern hospitality I love.


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