Friday, June 11, 2010

Duck, Duck, Duck

This post is going to be a house tour of sorts. Only, I will be showing you all of the lovely ducks in our house. The duck motif is featured all over The Official Preppy Handbook. My family has had a love for ducks for ages, especially my dad. My first word as a child was even duck because we had so many ducks scattered around our home! So here are my favorite ducks of the C household. We'll first start off with the Mallard coaster. We have so many different sets of duck coasters that I've really lost track. Although the thing that is great about these coasters is that they go with most decor and are fun for guests to enjoy.Meet doorstopper duck. I remember this is the duck that I "played" with most when I was a child. It has a patchwork pattern that really gives it some character.
These are bone china mugs that I absolutely adore. None are the same design and they are delicate but fun to drink my morning coffee or tea out of.Enter the 3 dimensional decoy. We have so many of these scattered around you'd think we had a large lake in our backyard.This one was hand carved. He still has his little tartan bow on from Christmas. I think it's time he donned a new one!
The classic mallard.
The flying duck drink-ware.
The Tervis Tumbler family of ducks.
This duck serves a purpose- it is a shoe polisher. We also have other feather friends that have a purpose. We have duck bookmarks, pencil sharpener, key-chains, wine bottle corks, etc. If we have it, it's probably in the shape of a duck.
Large China Vase that we house on the built in bookshelves.
A nice little ceramic dish to hold some knick-knacks.
Scenic duck place-mats, one of my favorite duck items to date.

Please tell me somewhere out there, there is someone with as many duck home furnishings as my family and I. I thought this was normal, and then friends started commenting "wow your family has a thing for ducks, don't they?". Well yes, I guess we do.
Have a "ducky" day.


Sweet Southern Prep said...

You should see my dad's study. He is obsessed with mallards. They really are such pretty birds.

Preppy Perfectionist said...

There are definitely a lot of duck items in my house, but not as many as yours! It's normal though- and very preppy! I loved "have a ducky day", too cute! xoxo

Girl with the Curlz said...

No sorry no ducks here. But we all have our things we collect. Some collect ducks some like me collect purses/totes :-)

Katie said...

We have a lot in my house!

YSP said...

I love ducks! You beat me out in a landslide for duck things!



PS I left you an award on my blog!

Holly D said...

love the ducks! we have the same quote too :) AH really is the best <3 followed

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

hahahaha I think you are the Duck Decor winner!

Caroline said...'ve totally inspired me to get some more ducks for the house.
My parents have a really great painting of duck's in flight that I've always coveted and hope they gift to me one of these days.
Happy Summer!


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