Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Minnie Mortimer

Scheduled Post number 2 (nyc and beach posts coming soon!!) No, no.. not Minnie the mouse.. Minnie Mortimer, the designer! I am just in love with her clothing line. I had actually never heard of it until recently. I was in a South Moon Under store which I am normally never huge on because things tend to be very of-the-moment/trendy, and anyone who reads this blog knows that I have more of a classic, preppy, young style than a trendy one. So anyways, I kept picking out things that I really liked and they all had one thing in common: the brand. Of course the designer is Minnie Mortimer. So I did a little research and she has a website of course which has her somewhat small collection of pieces available. I love her styling. Her clothes are trendy and young but they definitely have a preppy/classic and almost nautical and school girl flair as well. I checked on South Moon Under's website and they only have one striped dress available which I don't really even care for but when I was in the actual store, they had a larger selection of her collection available. Here are the pieces that I am obsessed with, although this is not a very good obsession for me to develop considering all of her pieces are well over $100 if not into the $200 and $300 range (and with my already rampant Lilly obsession, I am bound to be broke before I even graduate college and get a real job!).A lot of her pictures are artsy like this which I dislike because then you cannot get a very good idea of what the clothes look like, but I just love this dress!

Love this blazer. Has an amazing cut, and the inside lining is just too cute. I actually love the gray one but once again there is not a good enough picture to show you!

Love this wrap dress. I love the pale subdued stripes and the sexy top of the dress, but the dress doesn't come off looking like you are one of those girls that look like they belong on a street corner!
Oh MM, how I love your clothes.. can I please have all of them? Have any of you ever seen her clothes at South Moon Under? I don't have a SMU anywhere near me so it's always fun to stop into one when I am vacationing! Have a fabulous day!

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Annie said...

You must be on vacation in Ocean City! I love South Moon Under but I'm like you - i like their classic things, not the real trendy stuff. I'll keep an eye out for Minnie's stuff next time! :)


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