Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Being a college student, I find myself occasionally road-tripping for the weekend. Going somewhere for just Friday and Saturday doesn't call for me bringing my entire L.L. Bean duffel bag or anything large like that, so here are some options for packing light for weekend getaways!
I use the largest L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bag for mostly every weekend getaway. It's such a great piece to have, and it hols up so well. It is very inexpensive as well and you can of course get it monogrammed! Folded clothing, shoes, my make-up bag, and other beauty products all fit in the largest boat and tote very comfortably. Plus, the way it is structured, you can pretty much find everything in the bag very quickly and makes it easy to pack up when you are leaving your weekend fun!
 I used to be a huge fan of Vera Bradley, but in the recent years, they have become too mass produced and I have noticed that the prints and quality are not up to par as they used to be. However, I have the large cosmetic case and have had it for about 3 years now and I LOVE it. It's not the print shown, it's a red print and I cannot recall the name of it, but it is so perfect for make up storage. I also have the brush set to match and that is so perfect as well and helps to keep all of my make-up super organized. The brush set fits right in the large pouch and I zip it up and toss it right into the L.L. Bean tote! 
 A garment bag is definitely a necessity if you are bringing dresses or anything that could potentially get wrinkled. Mined is actually black and monogrammed, but this Vera Bradley one is also a nice option. I especially like that my black one has several pockets so you can add things in the pockets and potentially only need your garment bag if it's just over night! 

A jewelry case, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity. I don't have this exact one, but a very similar pink and green one with my monogram. It is perfect to hold all of my jewelry that I will need for a weekend. Sometimes I don't even need a jewelry case because pearls are all I need; when this is not the case though, I pack my super cute jewelry case!

What are some things that you use to pack for a short weekend getaway? Have a fabulous day!


ACH said...

I must admit I like my big VB duffel, but you really can't beat the Boat & Tote! :)

Hannah said...

I am in love with the jewelry case!

Amy at inTransit said...

I swear by that Vera makeup bag, too! I'll never carry a bag, but her accessory line is greeeat. :)
ps: I'm a new blogger/follower, so hello! :)

Anonymous said...

L.L. Bean totes are my weekend luggage of choice. I usually can pack everything I need for two days into the large size with zipper.

Carole said...

I use a VB Miller bag (I prefer the old patterns, too), or if I have more things, then I use an LLBean tote.

I love the VB cosmetic cases and even use the small for my earbuds & MP3.


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