Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still a child at heart... and at dress

This Christmas my sister got the most gorgeous corduroys and the prettiest skirt from a store that I haven't be outfitted in since I was probably 8. It's called Hartstrings. My mother used to dress my sister and I identically in Hartstrings clothing. Well, flash forward about 13 years and we're back there shopping again. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I am a big wearer of kids clothing. Well, this tops Gap Kids, and any other childrens boutique... Just look at the cute clothes they have to offer!

Pink and green, and bows galore-- It's basically a little slice of heaven. If you are wondering about the sizing, like any children's clothing, it is a little on the boxy side, and of course the dresses and skirts are going to be a bit shorting on a grown persons frame. But I wear a 16 in KC Parker which is a brand that Hartstrings carries and the pants even fit me perfectly. I usually wear a 2 or a 4 in pants and skirts so I would say that's the fit of a size 16. The best part? The prices! They are so inexpensive, the pink and green dress above is only $58-- Talk about an absolute steal! Have you ever tried this out? Have a fabulous day!


Jordan said...

I just bought a sweater from Gap Kids and a dress that I had to unfortunately return. I've had a sweatshirt from there for almost 6 years and it still fits.

Blissfully Enamored said...

okay...precious.....i love it all!!! i am a fan of grabbing kids clothes if i can...and I might have to grab some of these cute finds!!!

Maria said...

YAY! I've never heard of Heartstrings but I'm headed there for my little girl, Elizabeth Rose. I cannot fit into kids clothing anymore but I love the idea! Great post.

Beth Dunn said...

I love that brand, my boys have worn a lot of it!


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