Monday, February 21, 2011

Emma Graham Designs Giveaway Winner!

 Can I get a drumroll please........
I am so happy to announce this because she is one of my best friends! She has always joked how she always enters every giveaway that I have and never wins anything on my blog or any other blog, and she finally has! I am so excited for her!
 Thank you to all who entered... there were TONS of entries.. let's just say making a scrap of paper for each entry took quite some time. Have a fabulous night! There will be another giveaway coming very soon, so stay tuned and keep reading!


Virginia said...

Congrats Caroline!! Such a good giveaway, and glad that I know about Emma Graham Designs now! Virginia

LKO said...

You always have such great giveaways!

Carole said...


Sweet Caroline said...

I'm SO excited!!!


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