Thursday, February 10, 2011

A look into sCe's organization!

 A lot of people have asked me what kinds of things I do to keep my sorority room organized because they have a hard time keeping their small space away from home organized! I am an organization freak...Anything and everything has a place in my room, that way I always know where to find something. Sadly my roommate hopped across the pond for this semester, but the upside to that is that I get my own room which opens up a lot more space for me. I have double closets, double dressers, double desks, and double beds (my little likes to sleep over all the time and it makes a great bed for visitors such as my sister, cCm!).
 I've posted this picture previously, but to store my bows, I clip them onto a large strand of grosgrain ribbon and then hang them on the back of my door next to a storage pouch! This way, it is easy to keep them organized, and they are all laid out for me to choose which one I'd like to wear!
This is my first closet, the furniture is all the same in all of the rooms in the sorority house, but they are actually quite spacious for college living. This closet houses my jeans folded at the top, on the left are skinny jeans, and the right are boot cut. I also have several clutches and purses all folded up on that shelf. Then my clothes are in color order. This closet houses my "day" shirts such as oxfords, and other knit tops. The right half starts in color order again and include most of my "night" tops. Below the hanging clothes, I have sperrys, tennis shoes, duck mocs, cowboy boots, brown riding boots, and black riding boots. Then we are lucky to have a drawer at the bottom where I store all of my linens.
This drawer isn't as organized as it could be, but it houses all of my homework necessities. This is a desk drawer and is right next to my bed, so I also keep things that I wouldn't want to get out of bed for, like advil. I also have my iTouch so I can easily plug it into my computer to charge, or grab it when I'm headed to the gym. The trays are just plastic silverware trays from Target. They really keep things organized. I also found that I left one space open for holding multivitamins. That way, I always can grab one, and don't have to leave the ascetically unpleasing bottle out in the open. I honestly think that keeping them right in my drawer like that helps me to remember to take my multi-vitamin daily!
This is where the two dressers are pushed together to make for one big table-top space. To the right of the black trunk is where the TV sits! On the left, this is actually supposed to hold CD's, however, I think it is great for holding hair products, lotions, etc. It makes them "grabbable" but helps to keep the clutter to a minimum. I am a huge advocate of crystal ring holders. So much so, that I have one at home and one at school. I believe the one pictured is Waterford crystal, and the other one that I have at home is Lenox. I also have a small lamp to light this area because it doesn't get much light and this is where I curl/straighten my hair! The other little silver holder is host to my cotton balls and q-tips, just another way to hide the clutter!
 This is above my refrigerator. This is a go to spot every single morning so I can get my coffee fix! This basket holds my Lilly cups for things such as juice, but also some of my tumblers for tea and coffee. It also holds Splenda and my coffee! This basket matches with the baskets that sit in my hutch above my desk!

This is an example of where I store extra's! In the plastic drawers that you can find at Target. I would usually say that buying those things are cheap and make your room less home-y, but I have yet to find an alternative, so if you know of one, I'd love to know! You can see the entire drawer area in the picture below. The first drawer holds all of my extra make up that I don't use on a daily basis, or refills of my daily make up in case I run out! The other drawers hold things such as chap sticks, hair accessories such as gumbands, and nail clippers, etc. 
These are the baskets that I have atop of my hutch. In the top left I keep medicine, my nailpolish collection, and first aid. The top right bin, I keep computer cords and accessories along with sunglasses, croakies, and a few other random items. The basket next to my printer is for my headband collection! It keeps them organized and hidden away. All I have to do is pull out the basket, and I can see all of my headband choices!
I've blogged about my love for shoe pockets previously and this Laura Ashley number matches well with my room! It has since moved locations since this picture was taken back in August, but it still does its' job!
What are some ways that you organize your room? I am always on the look out for a new way to organize things and get rid of clutter, so I would love to hear your suggestions! Have a fabulous day!


The Aly Way said...

Looks great! I've finally organized my jewelry drawer and it is so much nicer to not have to look for things while putting my outfits together! Fun post. :)

the pink prep said...

oh-so organized and smartly put-together too!

LKO said...

This post just reminded that I need to organize my room. Great tips!

life-love-laughter said...

I always love seeing how other people organize their things. I never seem to figure out just quite the right way to keep stuff but thank you for your organizational inspiration :)

mFw said...

You are SO organized!!! Makes me look like a complete slob!!!

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh you're so organized! I love all of this!


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