Friday, February 18, 2011

Tibi does it again

With NYFW coming to a close yesterday, I reflect on some of my favorite designers that presented their clothing. I would have to say that I am obsessed with Tibi's Spring 2011 line and am loving their fall 2011 line as well. Their fall line is lacking color a bit but I can work with the burgundy, deep blue, and khaki/tan shades. Here is my favorite look from the fall 2011 line:
I LOVE the cut of this dress. You could definitely dress this down with flats and minimal jewelry, however, you could dress this up by adding heels and layers of pearls and a cute little handbag. Plus this color is so interesting, it's not red, not brown but somewhat of a light cabernet.
I am also love love loving their Spring 2011 line. I can picture myself in a lot of this line! here are my favorites:
This is such a fun little black dress. The cut is different than a traditional LBD would be but that's what makes if fun. It also has pockets!
This dress is stunning. You don't even need to accessorize, the dress just speaks for itself. I can just picture myself sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere. Oh how I'd love to be doing that right now!
They call this color 'lily', however it looks to me that it's a creamy ivory with a little pink hue mixed it. Again, the cut of this dress is fantastic, and the one shoulder makes it perfect for a night out.
Same color as the previous dress but different cut and embellishing. Again, Tibi cuts garments that are just perfect for a woman's body and the embellishing on this dress is to die for!
 Obsessed with this turquoise-y green shade and the print is too fun. I think you could start wearing this mid march with brown boots, and then move it into spring with sandals, and even wear it over a bathing suit to the beach. This is definitely a very versatile piece. 

Sorority and fraternity formals are right around the corner along with wedding season... Wouldn't you love to sport this gorgeous gown? If it weren't for the $1000 price tag, this would be all mine. The embellishment is incredible and so unique. You would most definitely be the belle of the ball in this. 
Are you loving Tibi these past few seasons? I know I am! Have a fabulous day and don't forget to enter the Emma Graham Designs giveaway of a Dayna skirt! Too cute to pass up!!! The giveaway ends Sunday! Have a fabulous day!


J Moss said...

I LOVE that one shoulder white dress, it has a lot of cute detail to it! So pretty!

Anya Rudn said...

Love these dresses! Very cute!!

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Merry Monty said...

Great blog; so fun to read! You have wonderful taste; I'm a huge Tibi fan as well!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I totally think Tibi has been getting everything SPOT ON these last few seasons. I'm loving their current line too! Now, if only I had an endless stack of money....sigh.

DB said...

ACK! I adore pleated skirts. It's a sickness, really.

Christina said...

If you really love the bejeweled neckline of the last dress, you can find a plain dress of a similar cut/color, and then either attach your own beads or jewels (from a good quality costume jewelry store) or have a seamstress do it. Voila! Individual style at a more college-appropriate budget. :)


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