Thursday, March 10, 2011

My watch obsession lives on

Long time blog readers know I have a serious addiction to watches. I can't even count how many times I have blogged about a different watch that I am lusting over. Well today is not different. Although I got the above Brooks Brothers watch with changeable bands for Christmas, that one was silver, and everyone knows you need BOTH a silver AND a gold watch with changeable bands... Enter Sasha Rhett:
 I am in love with this gold circle watch and his orange ostrich double wrap strap! Seriously, how perfect is this watch? Have you heard of Sasha Rhett? She may become my newest obsession! Have a fabulous day!


TG said...

love that watch!! the orane ostrich is fabulous!!

Chelsea said...

Ah!! I have the same fetish! Haha
Just found your blog and I really like it!

prince snow farm said...

I think my Gucci with the tan band may be back in style...hooray! My hubs has a fab vintage watch collection.

The Aly Way said...

Just checked out their watches; they are very classic and sweet. Love your gold and tan choice! I have yet to find the perfect watch for myself... I can't get my mind off the Cape Cod watch by Hermes! :)

Martin A. said...

LOVE the duck watch band! What brand is it and where can I buy one???


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