Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tea Party

When was the last time you had tea or coffee? I love a good cup of tea or coffee and I especially love it at tea time! As a little girl, I grew up playing "tea party". I can remember having a tea set that looked a little something like this:
Did anyone else have a mini tea set all packaged up in a little picnic basket? My sister and I would even put juice or water in the tea pot and pretend like we were drinking tea. Well now that I'm all grown up, I think it would be just as much fun to have a tea party with all your closest girlfriends.

The other night, I had just gotten home from school for the semester and was having dinner at my Grammie's house and she had her tea set out (isn't it so cute!) and it reminded me of the fun that can come from a tea party. You get to get all dressed up in pretty dresses and eat delicious treats, not to mention as much coffee and tea as you can drink!
I love silver tea sets as well. I know we have one but we don't use it nearly enough! So next time you are thinking of planning a party, throw a tea party. It is perfect for women on a budget or with limited cooking skills because coffee and tea are very inexpensive and finger sandwiches are easy to make and scones and other baked goods can be picked up at your local bakery.
 Don't forget to send out your invitations in advance so people can clear their schedules for your party! I love the above invitation from the Polka Dot Paper Shop! Have you ever hosted a tea party? Have a fabulous day!


Kappa Prep said...

I had a Peter Rabbit tea set when I was little and LOVED putting water in it and playing too!

Muffy said...

Terrific idea, my dear! Love it.

The Mrs.! said...

Super cute idea!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I had a few tea sets growing up that I loved! My grandmother has also always loved for us to go to lady's teas at Richmond's famous The Jefferson Hotel!

Bethany said...

I used to play with my tea set when I was little all the time! My minnies have a little basket trimmed in gingham very much like the one you posted. Have a great day!


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