Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have had pretty much the same hair cut and style since I was a junior in high school. That's going on six years of my life, which is just a year short of having the same cut and style for a third of my lifetime. I like the way that I get it cut because that's the way I know how to style it and manage it. It's also the perfect length for me to have it style in most ways such as braids, up-do's, ponytails, etc. My hair has been relatively the same color since 9th grade with slight differences in shades of blonde. I am really pleased with my hair color and have no intentions of changing the color, however, I want to change the cut! Again, I like a longer length hair so I can curl it all different ways and also so I can style it easily. I also am not a fan of layers, but am not opposed to them. I always get my hair cut angled in the front to frame my face and then in the back, I get my hair cut straight across. So readers, my question to you is how do you get your hair cut? What way works best for you and why do you like it? Have you ever had a hair cut that you did not like? I would LOVE for you to share with me any hair cutting knowledge that you may have! Here are some styles that I am loving:
Amanda Hearst seems to have the perfect length of hair with some nice volume as well as it looks like she has a little hint of layers as well!
LOVE Kelly Rippa, and Her hair is great! I love how this cut frames her face so well, however, it seems to be a bit on the shorter side for me.
Of course, I have to include a VS model. They all just have such great hair. I'm not quite sure of the model's name because I've had this picture saved for a while, but her locks are just perfect. Great length, and seems to hold a curl even with some layering!
Heidi Klum also pulls off her hair straight so well. I prefer my hair with voluminous, big waves or curls, however, her cut flatters her!
Here is another with Kelly Rippa. I love how she curls her hair away from her face while still framing her face. Does anyone have the 411 on what kind of hair cut this may be? (as you can tell, I'm hair-cut clueless!)
I can't wait to read your comments on this post because I am thinking of changing it up, it is long over due and my split ends have been begging for a cut for too long now! Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Hi - first - you have beautiful hair!

Next, maybe a few (a few!) layers - similar to the VS model - when it is straight, it doesn't look too "shaggy," but when you want to curl or wave it, it looks fantastic.

I'd definitely have a picture of what you want as exactly as you want it before you go in so the image is very clear with your stylist.

Also, have you ever tried those virtual hairstyle makeover sites? Not sure if that might help you decide. ;0)

Best Wishes,


Sara C. said...

I'm not sure what you would call Kelly's haircut in the last pic but you could always bring in some inspiration pics to your stylist! Good luck, I'm sure you'll look great no matter what style you go with!

Cigar Heiress said...

I wish I could help you out. I am so haircut clueless, I just worry about my color. But great pics...I like the Kelly Rippa one on the bottom.

sSe said...

Like you I have maintained basically the same haircut for about a third of my life, but just recently cut my hair just above my shoulders and are LOVING it! I kept the same color and kept al the same beauty products, there's only one big difference. Now I spend about 1/4 of the time I used to spend styling my hair. Needless to say I love that too, and I think everybody should cut their hair like that at least once.

Christy said...

My vote is for the first one! It's not too drastic of a change so you could sort of try it out to see if it's "you". If you like the layers, then you can always add more, but I always recommend baby steps with hair cuts!

Gracie Beth said...

I think your hair is absolutely beautiful and am hoping to grow mine out so it is long like that!

Annie said...

Girl - your hair is fabulous! I just did a post today (Friday) on a new hair style I've tried that I love. Looks like it'd be perfect for you too since you have longer thick hair! :)

Jenny in Ohio said...

Layers! You are gonna have to do it. And I bet you will love them.


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