Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Little Black Dress

I've always stressed on this blog about how important a little black dress is for any women's wardrobe. Whether you're style is preppy, or any other type, a little black dress is a worthwhile investment. I have received countless e-mails about how I would dress up a LBD or how to make a LBD versatile. Well, I finally decided to do an extensive post on styling a little black dress for any occassion.


There are so many different styles, cuts, and silhouettes for a little black dress, not to mention the numerous fabrics. The cut and fabric is the basis of how dressed up or dressed down you can make the dress. For example, a silk taffeta dress (like the one second from the left) can only be dressed down to an extent and is more of a dressy-dress because silk taffeta is a dressier fabric. But a cotton dress (like the third one from the left) can be dressed up or dressed down and can also be worn during any season. If you're going for something with maximum versatility, a shift dress (like the third from the left)  is the best choice. This is because it is conservative enough for work, but is also classic enough to dress up for a night out. Another reason why the shift is your best option is because you can even wear it as a jumper during the winter and throw a thing turtleneck underneath it for a very casual look. A thick cotton/polyester fabric is versatile because it can be washed in the washing machine and can be dressed up or dressed very down.
Classic with a Pop of Tiffany Blue!

First, the silk taffeta dress above is the dressiest option because of the fabric. It's also a great cut for someone that wants to hide their wider hips or larger bottom. It is also great for larger chested women because it is conservative and also has a sash around the waist to define a small waist. For a classic look, think pearls and simple, understated jewelry. Go with black heels and then add a pop of color with your clutch/handbag. Personally, this is my favorite way to wear a LBD.
Go for the Gold!

summerwind41490 featuring a red cocktail ring
This LBD is short, tight, and has lace detailing, however, it is still conservative because of the neckline. This is inappropriate for most work places, however this is good for a cocktail party or a night out. For this, I paired metallic shoes and clutch for an added dressy touch, and then for color I went with bold, cocktail jewelry. I love turquoise with black and coral looks nice as well.
Old Hollywood Glamour

This set is to illustrate that shoes, jewelry, and purses aren't the only things that can change a whole look. Make-up, hair styles and nail polish can all change the look of anything. For this set, I thought of old Hollywood glamour. I went with diamond jewels, big, voluminous hair, red accessories, and a classic Chanel quilted bag. Adding these red accents can be classic with a twist of sexy. Great for date night, or even a wedding or cocktail party.
Casual LBD

Because a structured shift dress has a little more dressy of a style to it already just from the cut, I thought I would show how to dress down a conservative, shift dress. For a pop of color, throw some flat sandals and a pashmina on. Go easy on the jewelry because too much can give it too fancy of a look. Throw some shades on your head and a big straw tote over your shoulder and your all set for a day of shopping or a lunch date.
LBD 3 Ways

This dress is extremely casual but there is still so many ways to create your look, not to mention that this type of dress can be found at so many different stores. J. Crew has a version, Target, Tory Burch, Forever 21, etc. I love this dress for a bathing suit coverup because when you're wet, you can't tell as much with a black cover up. Dress it up with some fun jewelry and wedge espadrilles for a look appropriate for a casual night out or lunch or dinner with friends. Not to mention this dress is super comfortable. Add preppy accessories to your look with a tote, a headband, and some Jack Rogers.

How do you style your LBD? What look is your favorite? Have a fabulous day!!


Portuguese Prepster said...

Can I just say I'm obbssessed with this post? The second dress-black lace with gold and turqoise jewlery was exactly what I had in mind for my parents formal in September. You brought my fantasy to life! I love the casual options at the bottom too.

Miss Lindsay said...

You can never go wrong with an LBD!!

Caitlin C. said...

LOVE this post! The accessories were perfect and I loved how you dressed up the LBD and dressed it down as well. SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi there - darling combos for any mood or occasion-thanks for sharing! Great, as always!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

I've always loved a good shift dress and love the casual look you put together for that one!

Fashion Meets Food said...

My favorite LBD just ripped over the weekend! I was absolutely devastated and now I am on a mad hunt for a new one!


Southern Belle said...

I love these looks. The Tibi dress is my favorite -- absolutely gorgeous!


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