Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's in My Tote: Fall 2011 Edition

I did this post around this time last year and I have decided to do it again since I have been getting many requests. Not too much has changed from last year however, since I am living off campus, I usually carry around more than I did last year. I always have my rain gear on me. The weather is usually very cooperative here, however, I don't want to be stuck on campus without rain gear and have the possibility of being wet all day and not have a chance to run home and change. I also always carry my sunglasses with a pair of croakies. I have two pencil cases--they're actually supposed to be makeup brush cases, but they work just as well for pencils/pens, etc. One case has pencils and pens and then the other case has markers and twistable crayons. I know, it sounds like I'm a 5-year-old, however, I am crazy about color-coding things and it's also handy to have when class gets boring. I carry around the Kate Spade wristlet and I use this to throw in my purse. It has everything from lip gloss, to wisps, to bobby-pins and band-aids. Having all of that in one pouch makes it quick and easy to change bags. I always have some sort of snack and it's usually sugary because if I don't eat for a while, I get light headed. I usually carry fruit snacks, Mike 'n Ikes, or Nature Valley Granola Thins. I always have my planner which is a Leatherman planner. Most girls I know use Lilly Planners and while I love the look of them, I get too distracted on each page. The Leatherman option has a very clean and organized layout that I love. I also always carry sticky-notes, hand-sanitizer, orbit gum, note cards, a koozie and my wallet (which I 'll have to do a separate post on because it's the best wallet EVER).
I'm currently using a madras J. Crew tote from several years ago, however, at the end of September, I'll change to a more fall appropriate option. Several things that are not pictured include a book or magazine, my school books and folders (of course), my keys on my J. McLaughlin key chain...
This picture was actually taken this summer but how cute is the needlepoint key fob!
What do you tote to class? What are your necessities? Have a fabulous day!


Turtles and Pearls said...

I hate having to tote all of my rain gear around, but its definitely necessary! I have that tote and love it! Mine is definitely worn in, to say the least.

Café Moka said...

I love to see what's in your bag!
So you live off campus this year? Do you have any pics to show of your room? (I'm so curious!)

Emily said...

I carry almost the same stuff! I always have the school essentials for the day and my rain gear- the weather in Boone is so sporadic!

KellieHall said...

Hii! Where did you buy your leatherman planner? I am looking for one :) Thank you!

A. said...

I have that same J. Crew tote and always get compliments on it! I wish they still made totes like that (sigh).


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