Monday, November 28, 2011

Hair Care Update

 About a month ago, Misikko contacted me about reviewing their HANAir hair dryer. I really like the hairdryer I've had since I was a freshman which is an inexpensive Remington brand hair dryer (we're talking probably around $20-$40 inexpensive). It does the job and hasn't quit on me yet, so I was curious about why this hair dryer is $200.... and that's the very low Misikko price. It's originally over $300. I have been using the dryer for about a month now and I can honestly, truly tell a difference with my hair. Some things I like about this hair dryer (Misikko sent me the dryer, but this is my honest review) :
  • It is SO quiet. If you have a roommate this is perfect because compared to any other hair dryer, this one is the quietest I've heard. 
  • There are three heat settings which is great because sometimes my hair can't handle extremely hot heat (especially right after my hair has been chemically treated with high lights)
  • There is a cold option which I had no idea about or why that's good. But after I'm done drying my hair, I'll turn on the cold and it sets my really does make my hair shinier. 
  • There is a long cord, which is great because I can walk in and out of my bathroom while drying my hair, however, it's a pain to store all of that cord (not a huge turn off though). 
I've posted before about my hair, here and here and it is easily the most often question asked by readers. I don't really like using product in my hair at all but Misikko sent me some shine serum and it is SO great. It smells good, is really thin so it's not sticky or heavy. I run it through my hair when wet and then blow dry and I am telling you, my hair is so much softer than ever before. I've used it every day since I've received it.

I was completely skeptical on how a hair dryer could even do anything differently to my hair and how one could be better than the other. The other day I was walking to class and my hair was just so soft, I asked my roommate to touch it and even she agreed that it was softer. bEw even touched it and agreed it was much smoother.
I posted this picture on my blog before, but this just shows how soft and shiny my hair looks. I'm  a college student, so I'm not sure that $200 for a hair dryer is in my budget, however, if you have hard to manage hair or very thin hair and can budget for $200, then I can promise you, you will not be disappointed. It will completely change your hair.
This is from one of bEw's recent fraternity date functions. This is my hair after hours of dancing (gross)... but still, look how it shines!
Here is a picture of me and sorority sister aRs pre-fancy hair dryer. I don't know about you, but I can tell that there is a difference, but that is up to you to judge. Thank you to Misikko for giving me a chance to review the dryer! Have a fabulous day!



Gracie Beth said...

I have this hairdryer too and LOVE it

Emily said...

I could really use this - I have been having problems with my (very expensive) hair dryer damaging my hair, making it fall out, and just making it look blahhh. This looks like it may be a great option when I need a new one!

xx Emily @

Michelle P said...

I need a new dryer!

Portuguese Prepster said...

your hair looks so beyond fabulous! I can't get over it. O my goodness you've given me yet another thing to buy!

janeaustenprepster said...

Your hair looks beautiful! I might add this to my list of things to buy when my inexpensive hair dryer breaks down.

LC said...

OMG I thought you had on a wig in that first picture!! WoW!

Turtles and Pearls said...

My hair has been getting really frizzy recently, so I might need to try this out!


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